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Summer School Centre Manager - job post

ILH Walhampton
Lymington SO41
£675 a week - Full-time, Temporary contract

Job details

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  • £675 a week

Job type

  • Full-time
  • Temporary

Shift and schedule

  • Overtime
  • Weekend availability


Lymington SO41

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  • Company pension
  • Free parking
  • On-site parking

Full job description

Role: Centre Manager

ILH Centre: Walhampton School

Report to: Coordinator of Summer Centres

Residential/Non-residential: Residential


  • Ensure the well-being and safety of all ILH students and staff at all times.
  • Be responsible for the overall smooth running of Walhampton Summer Centre.
  • Work with the Head of Activities (HoA) to deliver good customer service and ensure the success of the ILH Summer School programme.
  • Coordinate and manage the Teaching Programme and, with the Head of Activities (HoA), ensure the Teaching and Activity Programmes are successfully integrated.
  • Share Welfare and Child Protection duties with the Head of Activities (HoA).



  • Ensure compliance with all of the British Council Accreditation criteria and the successful delivery of the ILH course as set out in the ILH brochure.
  • Maintain the inventory of ILH resources and equipment and make recommendations for further purchases, within the budget, as necessary.
  • Monitor the state of the premises and hired equipment throughout the course and liaise with Walhampton School site manager and report any damage or breakages to the Coordinator of Summer Centres.
  • Monitor and manage the cash float, and together with the Head of Activities, ensure that the budget is adhered to, maintaining accurate accounts and keeping receipts and records of transactions.
  • Maintain records of staff working hours, recording any overtime/absence, and submitting them to the Coordinator of Summer Centres on a weekly basis.
  • Oversee the implementation and success of the activity and excursion programme and liaise with the Head or Activities.
  • Liaise with Group Leaders about any issues that may arise.
  • Keep open communication with the Coordinator of Summer Centres on a daily basis.
  • Brief all staff and ensure they are well-prepared and carry out all of their duties to a high standard.
  • Hold daily morning assemblies with all staff, students, and Group Leaders.
  • Hold daily morning meetings with Group Leaders.
  • Hold weekly teachers’ meetings/workshops.
  • Hold weekly farewell assemblies and organise a Certificate Ceremony, every Friday.
  • Distribute and gather weekly feedback forms from students and Group Leaders, every Friday.
  • Produce end of course certificates.
  • Hold end of course face-to-face appraisals for all staff members.
  • Together with the Head of Activities, share responsibility for the 24hr emergency phone.
  • Be prepared to respond to out-of-hours situations, if required.
  • In an emergency, take part in an excursion.
  • Deputise for the Head of Activities, in his/her absence, as required.
  • Assist with the organising and packing up of your office, classrooms, staffroom, and tuckshop on the last Friday of the course, and the final pack up of the Walhampton Summer Centre on the last Sunday before departing Walhampton School.
  • Provide a detailed report at the end of the contract with recommendations for future years.
  • Participate in a post-course review meeting and set targets for the following year.
  • Carry out all reasonable duties as recommended by the Coordinator of Summer Centres.


  • Act as Director of Studies for the Walhampton Summer Centre and ensure a successful Academic Programme.
  • Ensure that all teaching is delivered in accordance with the British Council Accreditation Scheme’s requirements, and the guidelines in the ILC Staff Handbook and Teacher’s Annex in the ILH Staff Induction Booklet.
  • Ensure that all teachers are familiar with and maintaining teaching records.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient academic resources available, and that teachers are familiar with their use.
  • Support and advise teachers by providing workshops/training meetings as required.
  • Train and supervise teaching staff in the placement testing of new students, and place new students into classes according to their level.
  • Devise and coordinate day-to-day timetabling of classes and assign teachers to classes.
  • Inform the Coordinator of Summer Centres of any staffing issues, in advance where possible.
  • Observe all teachers during the first or second week of their contract and provide both oral and written feedback.
  • Monitor and ensure that student learning is taking place.
  • Liaise with Group Leaders about any academic issues that may arise.


  • Create a positive atmosphere and motivate and support all staff.
  • Implement an ‘open door policy’ inviting open communication, feedback, and discussion between you and all staff.
  • Ensure you have read all relevant ILC and ILH handbooks and are aware of your duties and responsibilities and signed all required documentation.
  • Ensure you have read, understand and are compliant with all relevant ILC and ILH policies, and follow Health & Safety regulations.
  • Ensure all staff and Group Leaders have read their handbooks and are aware of their duties and responsibilities and signed all required documentation.
  • Ensure all staff have read, understand and are compliant with all relevant ILC, ILH and Walhampton School policies, and follow Health & Safety regulations.
  • Ensure all students have received, read and understand the information in their handbooks.
  • Organise inductions for all students and Group Leaders on their arrival at Walhampton School.
  • Ensure all staff, students and Group Leaders are aware of the fire evacuation procedures at Walhampton School and organise regular fire drills.
  • Coordinate the ‘Meet and Greet’ of each group or individual on arrival, managing the implementation of all transfers and liaising with coach/taxi companies.
  • Monitor students’ attendance and punctuality.
  • Check the mealtime supervision roster created by the Head of Boarding (HoB).
  • Confirm students’ and staff dietary requirements with the Coordinator of Summer Centres, and with Group Leaders, and ensure all special dietary requests have been met with kitchen staff.
  • Check with the HoB that Residential accommodation allocations and procedures are in place and adhered to, including room checks, student supervision ratios, fire and emergency procedures, housekeeping and maintenance, student discipline, and evening activities.
  • Ensure all concerns and incidents are reported and recorded immediately to the Safeguarding Lead and followed up within 10 days.
  • Ensure all staff and student’s cultural and religious needs are met and respected.
  • Ensure all students are happy and adjusting to UK life and enjoying their learning experience.

Take part in the induction at Walhampton School on the Friday or Saturday before the start of the course.

  • Assist with the set up before the start of the course at Walhampton School.
  • Successfully complete a short, online Safeguarding course and provide certificate.
  • Successfully complete a short, online Fire Safety course and provide certificate.

Set up and Induction at Walhampton School on Friday 5 July or Saturday 6 July

Summer School from 7 July – 21 July at Walhampton School

SALARY: £675 per week (+ 12.1% statutory holiday pay, paid in the final week).

For attendance at the post-course review meeting, you will be paid at a rate of £19 per hour.

TIME OFF: One day per week (Sunday)

*You are required to be on standby on Saturdays for excursions

If you are unable to carry out your full duties within your contractual obligations, your salary will be adjusted accordingly.

It is the responsibility of all ILH employees to promote and safeguard the welfare of all children and young persons they are responsible for or come into contact with. All employees will be asked to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS).

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary contract
Contract length: 2 weeks

Pay: £675.00 per week


  • Company pension
  • Free parking
  • On-site parking


  • Weekend availability

Work Location: In person

Application deadline: 14/06/2024
Reference ID: ILH Walhampton Centre Manager
Expected start date: 07/07/2024

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