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Senior Producer - German Speaking - job post

3.2 out of 5
London WC2E
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London WC2E

Full job description


This role requires native/fluent proficiency in German language

The ideal candidate possesses extensive experience in TV production.

Senior Producers are the creative leads in our modality and market creative producer team. They work closely with assigned Instructors, alongside Producers and Associate Producers to help generate, shape and develop specific classes, programs and other content plans. They are creative experts with a depth of knowledge and experience around producing including but not limited to; research, brainstorming, scripting and storytelling, development, marketing/promotion, social media and production design.

Senior Producers work closely with all Instructors in their modality or market, providing feedback and guidance. They must have high levels of credibility, resilience, emotional intelligence and exemplary communication skills as part of their interactions. Senior Producers are salaried employees who do not work shifts but provide flexible support as needed to their assigned Instructors, before, after and occasionally during production at a Peloton Studio or elsewhere. They will often work unsociable hours as opposed to regular office hours.

Senior Producers do not require fitness qualifications, however, they need to understand the modalities and production manuals in depth to ensure all content adheres to protocols. Senior Producers ensure that fitness instruction and class plans are clear, effective and safe. Senior Producers must understand the role music / different music genres play in Peloton classes. They must work effectively with the Music team to support Instructors and optimize their use of music.

This role is based in London (international relocation support possible)


Senior Producers lead the process known as "Content Dev 2", adding depth and detail to the framework rolling year plans for each Instructor and modality outlined during "Content Dev 1".

  • Senior Producers review, refine and improve "Business as Usual" content
    • Supervise development and execution of class and series content according to Peloton's programming guidelines
    • Ensure all content is delivered within Peloton's programming guidelines
    • Review assigned instructors' class plans and playlists
  • Attends and engages in assigned instructors' Content Development meetings (Content Dev 2), ensuring there is a clear agenda and objectives (in partnership with the Instructor)
    • Works closely with the Studio Data/Insights team to understand performance and engagement around classes and to address gaps and opportunities
    • Supports Instructors to understand relevant class data
    • Ensure research material/assistance is provided for Instructors (Artist Rides/Themes/Celebrations)
  • Demonstrate expert knowledge of Peloton Production Manual AND Class Plans/Playlists
    • Develops and maintains expert knowledge of Peloton Movements library
    • Aware of relevant competitors and able to draw upon that knowledge as part of Editorial planning and decision-making
  • Review and participate in Instructors' classes, deliver constructive feedback and provide input and ideas with Instructors and relevant stakeholders
    • Watch all assigned instructors' classes and content and provide feedback where required
    • Participate in member classes where possible
    • Lead class reviews with instructors (supporting Producers and Associate Producers where required)
  • Schedule regular 'check-ins' with Instructor Strategy to understand assigned instructors fitness and brand development
  • Organize and participate in regular brainstorming sessions (with and without instructors) for new content/class and programme ideas. Lead innovation and experimentation (via Pitches, Pilots and other "test and learn" methods).
    • Develop and review pitch documents for new series or class ideas
    • Create and maintain creation of wider targeted 'research packets' (ie 90s, Boy Bands, etc)
    • Consume (watch) other instructors' classes and content across the platform and social media channels to ensure joined up thinking and comparative feedback
  • Closely partner and collaborate with the social media team and Instructors to support social content to engage Members and support the instructor brand
    • Partner with studio social media team to ensure there is a clear understanding among producers of the social media strategy and plan for the modality/market
    • Engage in ideation sessions for social media content to support instructor brands
    • Monitor online/social media platforms for assigned instructors
  • Where relevant, support Instructors and relevant teams around extra content requests including TVC/photo shoots
    • Where relevant, attend filming sessions and/or oversee instructor performance/delivery and provide support and feedback where necessary
  • Support team learning and development initiatives
    • Empower and enable junior team members (Producers, Associate Producers and sometimes Live Producers) to take the lead on projects with assigned instructor/s
    • Engage with wider team members to identify learning & development opportunities and where the team need or would like support
  • Collaborate closely with:
    • Executive Producer and Supervising Producer to develop and execute ideas based on strategic programming goals
    • Global Supervising Producers and other Senior Producers in first pass casting meetings, coming up with initial recommendations (e.g. around Artist Series Casting) to feed in to the Executive Producer/Programming SteerCo
    • ERGs to develop and produce content aligned with group priorities
    • Music Supervisors around playlist offerings and Crescendo/catalog updates. Regularly check in with music supervisor to discuss music projects and classes, brainstorm/ideas sessions for artists/music content


  • Essential: Experience working in a daily, live broadcast environment.
  • In-depth experience in Production roles
  • Knowledge and experience in non-studio and outside broadcast/production
  • Experience working with on-screen talent including casting decisions
  • Track record developing leadership and management skills within a team
  • You must be able to show a depth of understanding of fitness training and able to credibly manage team members who are fitness experts (and interact with Instructors on an eye-level around fitness). Willing to work towards gaining specific fitness qualifications. Fitness Qualifications (e.g. NASM/Trainer Licence) especially in strength training are desirable.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, set priorities and successfully manage multiple assignments concurrently.
  • Must be detail-oriented, able to work under pressure and possess excellent organizational skills (but not at the expense of being strategic)
  • Strong proactive problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills, including verbal and interpersonal.
  • Experience managing a project from concept through delivery and ability to hit tight deadlines.
  • Able to make decisions based on clear and ambiguous criteria.
  • Must be an effective collaborator and communicator
  • Experience managing a team is advantageous
  • Video directing skills, audio content creation skills and editing skills are advantageous


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