25 alternatives to AdSense™ to generate income online

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 28 March 2022

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Advertising programmes for online content allow website and blog owners to earn money based on the impressions and clicks on their sites. Though AdSense™ is a popular programme, there are many alternatives to consider. If you run a blog or website, learning more about advertising alternatives can be beneficial. In this article, we list 25 alternatives to AdSense™ and detail why you may want an alternative.

Alternatives to AdSense™ to generate online income

AdSense™ is a popular income-generating service that displays advertisements on a website or blog for money, but there are many alternatives to AdSense™. Online publishers use many factors when choosing a program to run ads on their website, including rates, flexibility and type of ad. Here are some other advertising programmes you can use:

1. //Commerce

//Commerce is an advertising program you can use to generate commissions from the products you recommend online. This service offers automated affiliate marketing that works with JavaScript. It focuses on connecting products, content and audiences by working with browsers and social media platforms.

2. Adbuffs

This is an advertising service based in India that uses marketing principles to convert website visitors into customers. Adbuffs offers a creative suite that includes video creators and graphic designers to generate content. The service focuses on using data and marketing expertise to produce results for eCommerce brands.

3. Adcash

Adcash allows you to monetise your website by offering payment for traffic and advertisement exposure. The service connects networks, publishers, media buyers and affiliates using advertising technology. Adcash offers optimised smart advertising that allows publishers to attract global audiences and avoid adblocking.

4. AdClickMedia

This is a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-action (CPA) service that pays affiliates for promoting materials for marketers. The program offers advanced reporting and tracking for advertisement earnings. You can also receive advice and support from a personal account manager when you use AdClickMedia.

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5. AdPushup

AdPushup is a certified Google publishing partner that offers access to more than 30 advertising networks. The service promotes faster page speed, consistent income reporting and ad-blocking solutions. It offers exclusive access to advertising deals and built-in fraud detection that can help adhere to AdSense™ policies.

6. AdRecover

This service focuses on allowing website publishers to monetise their ad-blocked inventory. Ad-blocking programmes can make it where users don't see your ads, and AdRecover offers user-interface-compliant advertisements that work through ad-blocking programmes. It also offers analytics and reporting that assist with business decision-making.

7. Adsterra

Adsterra is an advertising network that began in 2013. The service offers a fast and hassle-free launch and automatic payments twice a month. Payouts start at $5 (approximately £3.68) for the service and they offer various methods for receiving payments. The program also offers personal managers to help with advertising.

8. AdThrive

This service offers payment to independent publishers who connect their sites with the program. It focuses on publishers who create original and engaging content. To use AdThrive, your page earns at least 100,000 monthly page views.

9. Adversal

Adversal is a self-serve program that publishers can use to promote video and display on their sites. This service offers a content management page and default tagging management system. Those with at least 50,000 page views per month can use this service.

10. Amazon Associates

You can use the Amazon Associates program to recommend and promote products and earn commissions when visitors purchase them. The program allows you to copy and insert links to the products and earn up to 10% associate commissions from the purchases. After signing up for the service, it may require that you make a certain number of sales to continue.

11. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network that helps advertisers and publishers collaborate. It's a self-serve platform that offers pre-screened sources and segmentation for traffic sources. Bidvertiser offers fraud detection and creative scanning.

12. BuySellAds

BuySellAds works with publishers and well-known companies and helps them communicate about placing advertisements. It's a self-serve advertising platform that allows you to use big social advertising platforms with ad-blocking recovery. BuySellAds also helps publishers improve e-commerce and affiliate programmes.

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13. Evadav

This service offers machine-learning algorithms that monitor your content to ensure brand safety. It supports fraud safety and allows you to monetise using pop-unders and push notifications. There are no minimum amount of website visitors to use this service as a publisher.

14. Infolinks

The Infolinks advertising program allows publishers to use smart ads. The service focuses on delivering ads to a wider scale of traffic by using search and display. Its advertisements work for smartphones and find advertisements that match with important keywords.

15. Media.net

Media.net has a large pool of advertisers that allows you to increase your monetisation. This service allows you to use display, contextual and native ads on your site. It also offers contextual ads and competitive direct advertisers and demand from search.

16. Mediavine

This is a full-service advertising management service that offers business for content creators. Mediavine caters to all niches, including travel, finance, fitness, food, DIY and fashion. To join Mediavine as a publisher, you have at least 50,000 page views.

17. Monumetric

Monumetric is a program that allows content creators to monetise their blogs or sites. The service offers mobile advertisements and helps users manage high-performing units. Monumetric offers in-image and in-line ads, pre-bid enabled videos and a granular reporting platform.

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18. PopAds

This service focuses on positive experiences for publishers. The program processes payment requests daily and allows you to promote your website to advertisers. PopAds also offer high security, support and a dynamic market.

19. PopCash

PopCash is one alternative for AdSense™, and it's a service that offers pop-under advertisements and fast payments. The service ensures each visitor to your page is shown one pop-under advertisement each day. PopCash offers a $10 (approximately £7.37) minimum withdrawal, 80% revenue share and daily payments.

20. PropellerAds

This is a service that allows conversion-focused campaigns to monetise their traffic. It offers automated advertising optimisation and fraud prevention to promote safe and effective ads. PropellerAds is also a self-serve platform that allows users to complete quick onboarding and real-time reporting.

21. Revcontent

Revcontent is a content marketing platform that focuses on audience and revenue growth. As a digital publisher, you can implement flexible, modern and lightweight advertisements that don't slow down a webpage's loading. Revcontent also offers email and newsletter advertising options.

22. RevenueHits

This program allows you to convert digital assets into income-generating tools through monetisation. RevenueHits offers an intuitive dashboard that allows you to generate profit regardless of your traffic amount. The company focuses on offering timely pay-outs and a reliable cash flow.

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23. Setupad

Setupad is an AdSense™ alternative that offers users the ability to monetise their site through ad-blocking. The service offers mobile site development and customer support. You can provide information about your web page views and sign up quickly using the website. Setupad offers for users to receive their payment within 60 days of signing up.

24. Skimlinks

This is a Taboola company that helps publishers earn money with fewer advertisements on their sites. It's an affiliate marketing service that offers access to more than 48,000 affiliate marketing programmes. It also offers an analytics suite called the Skimlinks Publish Hub, in which you can find real-time clicks information sorted by revenue source.

25. Taboola

Taboola is a website monetisation service that more than 9,000 digital properties use to increase their engagement and revenue. As a publisher, you can use Taboola to gain actionable insights about your content, optimise your paid acquisition and track revenue per visit. Taboola focuses on the ability to personalise the user experience through identifying different types of users, including frequent visitors, readers, video-watchers or occasional visitors to your page.

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Reasons to use an alternative to AdSense™

Here are some reasons you may use alternatives:

  • Meet advertising requirements: If your website doesn't meet AdSense™ requirements, you may choose a different service to use.

  • Generate more money per ad: Some services may offer higher rates per advertisement, so your site can generate more income using them.

  • Use multiple advertising services: Depending on your site and the services, you can use more than one and optimise earnings.

  • Customise your advertisements: Some services may offer more customisation options than AdSense™.

  • Pursue a lower minimum payout: To cash out your money from AdSense™, you earn at least $100 (approximately £73.70), but other services may have lower minimums, meaning you can cash out sooner.

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