18 types of daily planner apps (including their features)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 April 2022

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Daily planner apps can help you plan all your daily tasks, from chores to business meetings. An efficient planning program can also incorporate alarms and reminders that notify you at the right time. Understanding the various planner apps available can help you choose one that suits your schedule. In this article, we discuss different planner apps and their unique components and explore how they can help you.

18 daily planner apps

The following list comprises different daily planner apps that can help you manage your routine efficiently:

1. Todoist

Todoist allows you to manage your to-do list and share it with colleagues, friends and family. This sharing feature can increase your efficiency and help people around you accomplish their tasks, too. The application also features recurring tasks, varying goals and subtasks to help you stay organised. A free version ensures that everyone can benefit from Todoist, and two paid packages offer additional benefits.

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2. Friday

Friday is a planning app that aims to increase the efficiency of remote work. It merges with other third-party management and video conferencing tools, such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, to increase its capability as a planner app. The application also has features that can help you customise your background and automate regular schedule updates for an improved user interface. The software can also send automatic updates to your colleagues, saving you time.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an efficient and adaptable planner app that is easy to operate. It has a friendly user interface that allows you to add events and switch between daily, monthly and yearly displays to better view your tasks and appointments. The software also incorporates a feature that can help you send virtual meeting invitations to your contacts.

4. Any.do

Any.do can help you monitor the progress of your work and remind you of pending tasks. You can add intelligent notifications and alerts to ensure you never miss essential updates. The developers of this software allow you to pay for packages monthly, semi-annually and annually, but you can also opt for the free version. This app can also perform the following functions:

  • coordinate your projects and to-do lists according to their deadlines

  • sync your devices automatically

  • automate the creation of recurring tasks

  • create a timeline with key dates

5. Notion

Notion is a planner app with a visually appealing work area that has different themes and adjustable fonts. It also has tools you can use to organise tasks and files, write notes, design projects and prepare presentations. You may use the software for personal errands or requests and invite your colleagues and family to use it for planning events and collaborating on tasks. The following can enhance your experience on the app:

  • effortlessly merge asynchronous tasks

  • comprehensively design a database for you and your colleagues

  • seamlessly track your activities and tasks

6. Things 3

Things 3 is a quality planner app with secure encryptions and payment plans that depend on the device you're using. The program arranges your files and folders in the left column on the user interface, and you can use the section at the bottom to prioritise your important notes. You can use the central area on your screen to write your unstructured thoughts, which you can organise later. This application integrates with other programs, imports your appointments and allows you to access them with a single click.

7. Proofhub

Proofhub includes a variety of functions in a single package that you can use to prepare and manage your tasks. The program has a user-friendly interface, so you can quickly and easily learn how to operate it. Proofhub allows you to:

  • visualise your daily tasks

  • make personalised lists

  • create official reports

  • track your colleagues' progress

  • use the online verification feature to reduce errors in reports

  • manage your time with the timer feature

8. Habitica

Habitica is a free animated planning app you can use to enhance your daily efficiency at work. The software uses animated incentives and penalties to encourage you to complete your tasks. It also provides access to an online community that can motivate and assist you in achieving your targets and boosting your productivity.

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9. Trello

Trello's principal function is to offer a platform for document management and facilitate smooth team integration. It uses a Kanban-style board to help you illustrate projects and optimise work efficiency. You can switch cards between displays to better visualise your work. The Kanban strategy Trello uses primarily suits team projects, but you can also use it for individual tasks.

10. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides a space for individual document and planning management. While Outlook is essentially an e-mail program, it can also help you plan your day through its calendar feature, task organisation, contact management and note-taking components. The app has several additions that can assist you in performing the following tasks:

  • planning e-mail schedules

  • managing tasks effectively

  • organising forums and appointments

  • sending multiple emails with a single click

  • sharing schedules with colleagues and teammates

  • searching for specific emails

  • arranging files and emails from different people separately

11. ZenDay

ZenDay is an app that aims to help you stay calm and relaxed as you perform your responsibilities. The software varies in price according to the features you want to access. It gives you a choice to focus solely on a single activity or view your whole day's activity in the morning. ZenDay has a variety of colour schemes that can allow you to organise critical and casual tasks separately and identify future jobs.

12. nTask

nTask is a task organisation program to help you manage your daily tasks and responsibilities. It allows you to organise your chores, appointments, events and official tasks in a way that's easy to follow. You can also monitor the progress of joint work by setting timelines for each individual through the app.

13. TickTick

TickTick is a time management tool you can use for both business and individual purposes. You can create a list of responsibilities and assign due dates for each task. This planner app also provides notifications and alerts to ensure that you complete your work on time. You can share teamwork projects with colleagues easily with its sharing feature. The following can enhance your experience on TickTick:

  • utilise the voice feature to add tasks easily

  • apply the Pomodoro technique feature to enhance productivity

  • view animated accomplishment scores

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14. Twobird

Twobird is an online tool that helps you plan your day strategically. You can use the application to respond to emails, interact with friends and organise appointments from the convenience of your inbox. The software can also help you plan tasks according to their deadlines and unsubscribe from unwanted emails easily.

15. Calendly

Calendly is a daily planner app that optimises personal and team planning. Its ability to help you in scheduling and organising tasks can help you efficiently manage your time and deliver projects on time. You can start using Calendly by:

  • syncing it to your cloud documents

  • planning your daily activities

  • organising them according to due dates

  • setting alarms for your tasks

  • designing a meeting invitation

  • deciding on your forum's specifications

  • choosing contact addresses

  • sending the invitation to the recipients

16. Evernote

Evernote is an everyday task planner that you can use to organise, schedule and meet deadlines. It allows you to include pictures, hyperlinks, audio notes and video documents as tools to help you remember tasks. You can also allocate tasks to colleagues and friends easily.

17. Infinity

Infinity is a daily planner app that can help you set objectives, complete activities and efficiently utilise your time. It has an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly layout that you can use to create lists, organise folders and customise your workspace. The application also has checkboxes to help you keep track of the projects you've completed.

18. Remember the milk

Remember the milk is a daily planner app that's suitable for you if you feel overwhelmed and constantly distracted. This application can help you design to-do lists you can synchronise on your devices, including smartwatches. You can also receive task notifications through email, text message or the social media app of your choice.

Tips to help you choose a planner app

Knowing how to select a planner app from the wide range available can help you optimise planning, enhance productivity and improve time management. You can also ensure that the app you pick and pay for serves your purposes. The following tips can help you choose a suitable daily planner app:

  • check the app's user interface

  • explore its features

  • review its automation capability

  • look at its capability to synchronise with other apps and gadgets

  • check the price

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