How to get a Salesforce admin certification in 5 steps

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Published 28 March 2022

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Companies use customer relationship management (CRM) systems to monitor customer interactions. Salesforce is an integrated customer relationship management system that helps organisations streamline processes, build customer relationships and increase profitability. Getting the Salesforce administrator certification equips you with CRM knowledge and increases your chances of developing a career in customer relations. In this article, we explore how to get a Salesforce admin certification, discuss certification preparations and detail why the certification is useful.

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What is a Salesforce administrator?

Before addressing the steps to obtaining the certification, it's worth defining a few key terms related to it. Salesforce recommends a variety of resources for aspiring administrators, and these resources make heavy use of such terms. They include:


Salesforce is a software cloud computing service (SaaS) specialising in customer relationship management. Its main services entail case, task and issue management tools. These services allow businesses to use cloud technology to understand their existing and potential customers, connect with them and grow their customer base. Many companies have adopted Salesforce, triggering demand for Salesforce administrators.

Salesforce administrator

A Salesforce administrator is someone who performs administration duties and responsibilities in this service. They're responsible for establishing Salesforce in organisations and ensuring it functions effectively. Their knowledge enables them to answer questions, develop processes, organise data, compile reports and train others to use the platform.

Salesforce administrator certification

A Salesforce administrator certification is a professional credential for someone who's mastered the core administration features on the Salesforce platform. proctors this certification and gives you a choice to take the exam online or in person. You can't refer to hard-copy or online materials during the exam. If you take the exam online, you can download software that allows Salesforce to view your screen as you complete the exam.

You can learn the course content on Salesforce's free online learning platform, Trailhead. Trailhead is a personalised platform that offers bite-sized conversational content by simplifying complex topics for users. The certification exam costs between £150 and £300, while retakes cost £75. The certification exam is a 105-minute session consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 65% and above.

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How to get a Salesforce admin certification

If you're interested in customer relations, you may have wondered how to get a Salesforce admin certification. To pass the exam and be accredited with the certification, you can enrol on a number of training courses. After completing a course, you practice what you've been taught and schedule the exam. Follow these detailed steps to become a certified administrator:

1. Acquire Trailhead training

Trailhead is Salesforce's own training platform, designed with training modules, community discussions and custom learning paths known as Trailmix. It also has diverse online and instructor-led training courses, such as extensive 35-hour training materials. You can access the learning materials online through the Trailhead portal.

2. Undertake training from instructor-led courses

If you prefer a traditional learning approach, various learning platforms offer long-term instructor-led courses. These courses include scheduled live sessions with your instructor to ask questions and get responses. Some of these instructor-led courses include:

Administration essentials for new admins (ADM 201)

ADM 201 is a five-day course for new administrators where the instructors guide you on the most important tasks and features that Salesforce administrators encounter daily. Tasks include creating, configuring and maintaining an organisation's applications. The course covers basic administrator application navigation, managing data, restricting feature access and automating functions.

Administration essentials for new admins in Lightning experience (ADX201)

This five-day class guides new administrators on Lightning experience tasks and features. You learn about the software's architecture, managing users and maintaining organisational security. You customise and establish automations to improve efficiency, create reports and develop dashboards for data analysis.

Intellipaat Salesforce certification training courses

Intellipaat training classes allow you to complete the certified administrator and certified platform app builder exams. During the courses, you master the Salesforce software, its data model, app builder, Apex and the Visualforce framework. These courses aim to build your technical skills in addition to your administrative abilities.

Janbask Training certification training courses

Janbask Training is an online training provider that offers courses in data management. The instructor-led live sessions and real-world case studies help you achieve the certification goals and make you job-ready. The courses offered cover the concepts of Salesforce administration and development while focusing on areas such as sales and service clouds, Apex programming, Lightning and Visualforce.

3. Training from online courses

If you have a busy schedule, you can enrol on a number of shorter online training courses. These courses consist of pre-recorded videos, readings and assessments that you can complete in your free time. They include:

Certification preparation for administrator (CRT-101)

This virtual course takes one day and is vital in preparing for the certification exam. You're given a range of business issues, and your task is to suggest practical solutions to these problems in the Salesforce portal. These problem-solving exercises also correspond with the topics covered in the certified administrator exam.

Salesforce proficiency pack for administrators

This course lasts 30 days and requires one or two hours of daily commitment, meaning it's ideal for full-time employees with minimal free time. You learn to understand various organisational security options that you can use in your employment position. The course also includes free vouchers for your exam, included in your course fee.

4. Practice for the exam

Salesforce offers an online mock test. To access these mock tests, you can register through Kryterion and pay £15 to access them. Kryterion is a global testing solution that conducts the administrator exam at its testing centres or online. Once you complete the mock test, you get a pass or fail grade and a report on your best and worst-performing areas.

You can use flashcards as an alternative studying method. A flashcard breaks down questions and enables you to learn in steady intervals. You can find useful flashcards on Quizlet. Though not an official training material, Quizlet has an extensive collection of additional learning tools such as flashcards, mock questions, answers and interactive quizzes.

5. Undertake the exam

When you're ready to take the exam, open the Trailhead portal, select your role and register for the test. The system provides you with login credentials to access the certification exam during registration. You can either take the exam online or in person at a testing centre. 65% is the minimum pass score to earn certification. Afterwards, you're required to renew your certification each year since Salesforce undergoes regular changes and improvements.

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Preparing for certification

When preparing to get administrator certification, an accredited administrator assists you in navigating the platform. This helps you learn basic knowledge about the platform. They execute the following tasks:

  • Find or use an object, field or training feature**:** The first phase of your training involves interacting with the platform. This helps you familiarise yourself with it in preparation for the hands-on sessions.

  • Develop custom workflow rules that notify you of case closures**:** You learn to automate workflow rules such as sending e-mail alerts, assigning tasks and updating fields on trigger criteria-based requirements. An administrator can assist you in creating personalised processes that alert you when a case is complete, such as a customer purchase confirmation.

  • Create custom report types for sales region**s:** This involves selecting and linking objects with a relationship, such as an account and its ID database. Custom report types enable you to create dynamic reports that aid in getting analytics from the system.

  • Give you user permission**:** User permissions specify what tasks you can perform amongst other accessible features. An administrator grants you user access when you've fully familiarised yourself with the platform.

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What are the benefits of Salesforce certification?

Getting the administration certificate is essential since it indicates that you possess job-fit skills, expertise and knowledge. These skills and knowledge enable you to perform system administration duties effectively in your job. Other benefits include:

  • Career opportunities: As a certified administrator, you can qualify for employment positions such as sales engineer, since data analysis is crucial in an organisation. Sales engineers help build and maintain systems that qualify leads, support the sales team's customer service activities and identify data that can help improve their customer service.

  • Improves organisational productivity: Getting training and obtaining a certificate equips you with the necessary knowledge to monitor and handle customer relationships. It improves an organisation's productivity which leads to its growth.

  • Better salary: Having the administrator certificate diversifies your skills, and you can earn a higher salary in your role, unlike uncertified administrators. Possessing updated certification can also help you get better career opportunities.

  • Improves analytical skills: Certification helps you understand the sales trends through the customisable, detailed sales insights available on Einstein Analytics. This application visualises your environment's activity to give you data insights into the daily users of the software.

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