How to import bookmarks in Firefox: a step-by-step guide

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Updated 10 October 2022

Published 2 May 2022

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There are many Internet browsers available to suit users' specific needs. Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers, especially for users who value security and privacy. If you're thinking about switching your default web browser to Firefox, you may wonder how to transfer your bookmarks from your current browser to Firefox. In this article, we explain how to import bookmarks in Firefox from other web browsers using its import wizard or an HTML file and review some frequently asked questions about bookmarks in Firefox.

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How to import bookmarks in Firefox from popular web browsers

When you want to change your default Internet browser to Firefox, you may want to know how to import bookmarks in Firefox from those you saved to your previous Internet browser. It's best to import your bookmarks to Firefox to avoid disruption to your Internet browsing. Follow these steps to import your bookmarks from a variety of alternative web browsers to Firefox:

1. Download Firefox

First, download and instal the Firefox browser on your Mac or PC. Once you've completed the installation, set Firefox as your default web browser. Then, you can open your Firefox browser application on your Mac or PC.

2. Open import menu

Go to 'File' in the top menu bar of your Firefox window. Select 'Import From Another Browser'. A shortcut you can use on a Mac to access the bookmarks on Firefox is 'command' + 'shift' + 'B'. On a PC, you can use 'CTRL' + 'SHIFT' + 'B' to get to the bookmark import options in Firefox.

3. Use import wizard

Then, select the 'Import Data from Another Browser' option at the bottom. Once you click on the bookmark import option in Firefox, the import wizard window pops up. You can select to import bookmarks from various web browsers, such as Brave, Chrome or Safari.

4. Select browser

Select the browser, then click on 'Continue'. Firefox automatically selects the checkbox to import bookmarks. From here, you can click on 'Continue'.

5. Open Firefox

Once Firefox completes the process to import your bookmarks, you can select 'Done'. Your bookmarks may not appear in the Firefox bookmarks immediately. Close the Firefox browser and open it again to see all your imported bookmarks.

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How to import bookmarks in Firefox from lesser-known web browsers

Firefox's import wizard allows you to easily import your bookmarks from widely used browsers Chrome, Safari and Brave. If you're using another, less well-known browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi or Oprah, you can import your bookmarks to Firefox by using an HTML file:

1. Create a bookmark backup

If you already have bookmarks in Firefox, first create a backup of these bookmarks. You can do this by clicking on 'Bookmarks' in the top menu bar of the Firefox browser. Click on 'Manage Bookmarks'. On the screen that pops up, there's an icon comprising up and down arrows in the menu bar. When you click on this icon, a 'Backup' option appears. Clicking on this option opens a new screen to pick the location for your backup file. The downloaded file is in JSON format.

2. Download bookmarks

Download your bookmarks from your previous Internet browser to your Mac or PC. Make sure that the file you download is an HTML file. Note the downloaded file's location to help you find it for the import into Firefox.

3. Import bookmarks

You're now ready to import your bookmarks into Firefox. Firefox adds any imported bookmarks to your existing bookmarks in Firefox and you may end up with duplicate bookmarks. To import your HTML file, click on the 'Bookmarks' menu in the top menu bar of Firefox. Then, click on 'Manage Bookmarks', where you can find the icon comprising up and down arrows in the menu bar of the new screen.

When you click on this icon, you can see an option to 'Import Bookmarks from HTML'. Click on this, then navigate to the HTML file you downloaded from the other web browser and select it. When you open this file, Firefox can then import your bookmarks to your new bookmarks library.

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Frequently asked questions about bookmarks in Firefox

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about bookmarks in Firefox:

Where are bookmarks stored in Firefox?

If you want to view, add or delete your bookmarks in Firefox, you can find them in the bookmarks library in Firefox. To locate your bookmarks, click on the 'Bookmarks' option in the top menu bar in Firefox. When you click on the 'Manage Bookmarks' option, it displays the locations of all your Firefox bookmarks.

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How do you add a bookmark in Firefox?

When you're browsing the Internet with Firefox and want to save a webpage as a bookmark, you can click on the star icon at the top of your screen next to the website address bar. When you click the star icon, you can also edit the name and location of the bookmark to make it easier to find again in future. You can also delete a bookmark from here.

How do you access your bookmarks in Firefox?

There are many ways to see your bookmarks in the Firefox browser:

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the Firefox browser to open where you can see 'Bookmarks' in the list of options. If you click on this option, a list of your bookmarks appears on the screen.

  2. Click 'Bookmarks' in Firefox's top menu bar and then click on 'Manage Bookmarks' to open the bookmarks library, where you can see your bookmark locations. You can click on any location to access your bookmarks for the specific location.

  3. Alternatively, you can access the bookmarks saved to the bookmarks toolbar by clicking on the 'Bookmarks' option in the top menu bar. The bookmarks toolbar is one of the menu options displayed in the list that appears.

  4. If you use the Mac shortcut of 'shift' + 'command' + 'B', or 'CTRL' + 'SHIFT' + 'B' on your PC, you can quickly access your bookmarks saved to the bookmarks toolbar. The bookmarks toolbar appears under the address bar in Firefox.

How do I delete a bookmark in Firefox?

You can access the 'Manage Bookmarks' option by clicking on the 'Bookmarks' button in the top menu in Firefox to open your bookmarks library. Select 'All Bookmarks' to see the locations of all your bookmarks. Then, select the location you want to review. Scroll through the list of bookmarks saved to this location and find the one you wish to delete. Right-click on it and choose the 'Delete Bookmark' option to delete it.

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How do I edit a bookmark in Firefox?

To open the bookmarks library, click on the 'Bookmarks' option in the top menu bar and then select the 'Manage Bookmarks' option. Select 'All Bookmarks' to display all your bookmark locations. From here you can choose the location of your bookmark. Then, select the bookmark you want to edit from the list of bookmarks in that location. When you click on the bookmark, you can see its name and URL at the bottom. You can edit any of these details. You can also add tags or keywords to the bookmark.

How can I organise my bookmarks in Firefox?

You can organise your bookmarks in Firefox by creating folders by topic, task or date. To do this, open the bookmarks library using the steps outlined above. Select 'All Bookmarks' to see all the locations where you have previously saved bookmarks. When you right-click on the location you desire, a list of options appears. You can select the 'Add Folder' option to create a new folder in the location. After creating one or more folders in a location, you can either move existing bookmarks to these folders or save new bookmarks to them.

Can I sort my bookmarks in Firefox?

Open your Bookmarks Library in Firefox using the steps outlined above. Select 'All Bookmarks' and choose the location of the bookmarks you want to sort. If you have multiple folders in this location, choose the folder you want to sort. You can then click on the views option in the menu bar. Here, you can see the 'Sort' option. Through this option, you can sort your bookmarks using a variety of sorting options, including alphabetically, by date, by tags or most recently visited.

When you sort your bookmarks in a location or folder, the browser creates a temporary view based on your sorting criteria. It does not change the order of bookmarks in the toolbar or library permanently. As soon as you leave the sorted view, the order of the bookmarks reverts to their previous order.

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