How to introduce two people over email and build a network

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 May 2022

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Networking is not only an excellent way to develop your career but also to support the careers of others within your industry. For example, you might achieve this by introducing two people you know over email. You may connect two people if you're aware of a job opportunity you think one person might be a good fit for, while also leveraging further opportunities for yourself in the future. In this article, we detail how to introduce two people over email, discuss the benefits of doing so and provide a template you can use to help you in this task.

How to introduce two people over email

When considering how to introduce two people over email, there are certain steps to follow. The exact content of the email may depend on the individuals you're connecting with and the reason why you're doing it. Steps to create an introductory email between two parties include:

1. Consider the email subject line

All emails start with a subject line. It's beneficial to create a subject line that's concise and informative. A vague email subject line has the potential to go unnoticed in a busy inbox. The subject line also entices the reader to open the email and provides an incentive for following up on it. Include the names of the parties involved and establish that it's an introductory email.

2. Include a pleasant greeting

Next, create an atmosphere conducive to building a connection between the two parties. Always greet both parties and establish a clear introduction. If you know the parties well, you might refer to a personal anecdote or enquire about something specific in their life. This sets a warm and pleasant tone for the rest of the email. This helps to create rapport and a connection from the very start.

3. Address the connection

The whole point of an introductory email between two people is to serve as the bridge between them and establish a connection. Use a few sentences to introduce each person and how you know them. Describe your reason for introducing the two parties and what you hope to get out of the email. Describe your reasons for taking the time to introduce the two people and why you think a connection between them might be beneficial for both parties. For example, you might discuss how one person may be a good fit for a position within the other's company.

4. Share personal achievements

When introducing someone for a potential job, it's essential to highlight their professional achievements and success. Look to find some common ground with the other party to continue building a strong connection. It's also worth highlighting why you're making the connection in the first place.

5. Demonstrate a connection

The easiest way to build rapport between two parties is to establish a common ground. For example, if you're connecting two people within the hospitality industry, highlight if they've both worked in similar style restaurants or hotels. This makes it easier to establish a strong connection that results in discussions of job opportunities.

6. Add a clear call to action

Near the end of your introductory email, it's vital to include a call to action for both parties. This is a statement or action calling on one party to continue to connect with the other. This might include, for example, suggesting a further meeting or phone call to discuss the job proposal in more depth.

7. Close the email

When closing your email, remember to include a call to action for the parties to put into motion. For example, discuss the possibility of them both discussing a job position further. Thank both parties for their time and restate how you hope you've established a meaningful connection. Remember to mention how you hope that you've helped to create a prosperous professional link for both sides. Finally, close out the email with a sincere sign-off and your name.

8. Consider following up

To ensure that a lasting connection between the parties has been made, consider following up with both parties after some time has passed since your introductory email. Consider messaging the two people to enquire how the discussion developed after your introduction. It may be that a job offer has been made and you're able to follow up with congratulations. If they didn't make a connection or weren't the right fit for one another, you might then consider other contacts to introduce the person to.

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The benefits of introducing two people through email

Introducing people over email may help you expand your professional network. A professional network is a group of peers or superiors in your field. The bigger your network is, the easier it may be to progress in your career in the future. It also helps with side-stepping into a different role. You can use email introductions to help other people progress in their careers, as this makes it far easier for two parties to connect and begin a working relationship. This gesture of helping your colleagues or professional contacts may benefit you later in your career.

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A template to use for introducing two people over email

When introducing two people who've never met before, remember to remain professional and refer to good work email etiquette. This is where having a template to refer to might be beneficial, especially if you're introducing multiple people to each other at once. Below is a template you can use when introducing two people over email:

Dear [First person's name],
[Polite greeting]
[Initiate an introduction using the second person's name]
[Describe the achievements of each person]
[Establish common ground between the two parties]
[Provide a call to action for both to follow]
[Closing statement]
Kind regards,
[Your name]

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An example of a message introducing two people over email

Before introducing two people over email, it may also help to have effective examples on hand before writing your message. This may inspire you with points to include in your own introductory message that you may not have thought of. Below is an example message introducing two people over email:

From: Tanya Green
To: Tim Smith
CC: Karen Charles
Subject: An introduction: Tim and Karen

Hi Tim,

A quick message to introduce you to Karen Charles. Karen will shortly be returning to work from maternity leave and is an experienced restaurant server with over ten years of experience in various hospitality sectors. I personally worked with her for three years and can testify to her skill and unparalleled work ethic. I'm aware that you have a vacant position for a server at your restaurant Le Chateau, and I thought I should introduce you to Karen as I believe she would be an excellent fit for the role.

As previously mentioned, Karen and I spent years working together in the restaurant of the Hotel du Valois and have remained firm friends ever since. We both share a passion for customer service and French food. Karen has worked in many other French restaurants and has tremendous knowledge of the cuisine, which is one of the main reasons I thought she would be a perfect fit for your restaurant.

During our time together at the Hotel du Valois, I witnessed Karen thrive within the role. She put in time and dedication to rise through the ranks, becoming head server and a firm favourite amongst regular diners. Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with, constantly on hand to assist and solve problems. She took busy service periods completely in her stride and kept a calm and level head regardless of the situation, providing unparalleled levels of customer service for the restaurant-goers.

Tim, I would love for you to take the time to chat with Karen via phone call or a short meeting. I think she is your ideal candidate and, personality-wise, would work really well with you and the team as a whole. I know Karen has a real passion for getting stuck into a new role and that she has admired your restaurant for some time.

I'm so happy to have been able to connect you both. I have known you both for years and truly admire your respective work ethics and career goals. I feel this is common ground between you and, therefore, a perfect fit.

All the best,
Tanya Green

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