How to use YouTube for marketing (benefits explained)

Updated 17 November 2022

When it comes to developing a marketing plan, company owners and marketing experts have a variety of possibilities. One such possibility is YouTube videos, as including videos in your marketing plan, may have a significant impact on the outcome of your marketing initiatives. For this reason, utilising YouTube for marketing purposes is becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we go over how to use YouTube for marketing, including the advantages of video marketing and how to personalise your YouTube brand for your business.

What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is the practice of promoting your company image, and your goods and services, to clients across a range of platforms by using videos. Since people are spending so much time on the Internet and viewing videos, using videos in your marketing approach has become more vital. YouTube marketing may help you build genuine and meaningful relationships with your consumers, communicate your business's message and improve brand awareness.

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How to use YouTube for marketing

If you want to increase your video views, knowing how to use YouTube for marketing is essential. How you choose to market and promote your YouTube channel may vary depending on your target audience. You can promote your YouTube channel by doing the following:

1. Share the videos on social media

Sharing your YouTube videos on social media is a simple way to add depth to your content and connect with your audience. YouTube makes it easy for you and others to share your video on other social media platforms. Simply click the 'Share' option beneath the video to share it.

You may choose where to promote the video from there. For easy sharing, YouTube even gives a shortened URL for your video. Find the ideal marketing plan while advertising your YouTube videos on social media platforms. It's possible that simply posting the movie to your timeline or feed won't be the most successful strategy.

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2. Share the videos on your website and blog

Use your website to promote your YouTube videos. To begin, include a YouTube follow button on your website so that your audience may simply locate your channel. Second, include videos on your website that are relevant. Consider making a YouTube video to support a certain blog article or posting video reviews from customers on your website. This can help you promote your YouTube videos, and it may also help you increase visitors to your site.

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3. Collaborate with other individuals

If there is a tie between your business and another organisation that has a strong YouTube presence, you could invite them to work with you. Collaboration with others is a great method for both platforms to reach a new audience. Together, make a video or a mixtape. There are many opportunities to cooperate creatively with other businesses, just ensure that their target demographic and aim are similar to yours. Ensure your marketing plans are in sync with the collaboration.

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4. Engage with viewers

Reply to comments, address questions, solicit feedback, and express gratitude to viewers. This is an easy job to overlook or neglect. Set aside some time to monitor video interactions and reply to users.

The benefits of YouTube marketing for your business

You may utilise video to provide information to customers in a variety of ways. It exists in a range of formats and may appeal to a wide range of viewers. It may quickly draw your viewer's attention and encourage them to interact with your business. To boost your digital marketing efforts, you may benefit from YouTube in the following ways:

Posting on YouTube can help you appear in searches

When you use YouTube for marketing your business regularly, you enhance your chances of appearing in web search results. As a company, it's important to strive to maximise your Internet visibility to the greatest extent possible. Google favours businesses that utilise its tools and may increase the search engine ranking of businesses that engage with YouTube.

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Videos have increased conversion rates

According to some studies, people are 12 times more likely to see video material than text. Furthermore, videos can elicit emotion unlike any other kind of Internet material. They can influence how you feel and think. That is far more than the majority of other forms of web marketing can claim.

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YouTube can introduce you to a larger audience

Keep in mind that YouTube is just becoming bigger. Annually, more and more individuals devote more time to it. Unlike other sites, YouTube has a very diverse audience. People of different ages, educational backgrounds, and economic levels from all over the world use the platform. They use the service for a variety of purposes, including education and entertainment. Regardless of what your company is attempting to market or what your objectives are, there's a good chance you may be able to accomplish them with YouTube.

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How to personalise your YouTube brand for your business

It is important to treat your YouTube channel as if it were a part of your brand. Follow these YouTube brand rules when you construct and personalise your channel so you may correctly define your channel's image and begin to attract followers:

  • Connect every video you upload with your channel name. Make sure it's correct and matches your other social media accounts and branding.

  • Use a picture that is 800 × 800 pixels square or circular, so your channel symbol looks like a profile photo on social media. Consider using a corporate logo or an expert headshot if you're a public personality.

  • Upload a 2560 × 1440 picture that looks great on a desktop, tablet, phone, or television.

  • Include more information about your organisation in your description, and an explanation of the sort of video material you want to provide. When choosing how to position your profile, browsers look at your description, so include important keywords in your summary.

  • Ensure that you inform viewers about your YouTube channel and what they can expect to see in your videos. Ads don't disrupt your trailer, keeping the visitor focused on why they could view more content from your company.

  • Aim for personalisation. If you have above 100 subscribers, a channel symbol, and your channel is more than one month old, you may be eligible for a personalised URL.

  • Link to all other social media pages and related websites from the 'About' area of your channel. Make it simple for your clients to connect with you on other platforms.

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Tips on shooting quality YouTube marketing content

When you are ready to start recording a video, if you don't have access to a high-end camera or the funds to rent one, smartphone cameras have improved to the point that it is now feasible to create amazing footage with only a phone. If you're using a phone to shoot your YouTube marketing video, make sure it's turned horizontally and in landscape mode. When you submit the video to YouTube, filming in landscape mode will avoid uncomfortable cropping or framing. These ideas can make your video seem professional and entertain your viewers no matter what you're recording with:

  • Make sure you draw the audience's attention to your message rather than the camera's shakiness. Place your camera on a tripod or some other flat surface for static images.

  • Adjust your camera to full manual mode if possible. This can enable you to fine-tune the focus and other parameters as necessary to ensure that your images are correctly exposed and focused.

  • Make sure you shoot from a few different angles for each episode so you can cut between the footage. If you're recording an interview or a clip on a single person, this may imply turning the camera away from the setting and filming from an angle of 45 degrees.

  • It's always possible to edit out the video, but it's not always viable to go back and collect more, so shoot many takes of each scene to ensure you have all the footage you require. Count down from five before you begin the scene and before you finish recording to ensure you miss nothing.

  • If you want to include audio in your video, make sure you capture it with a high-quality microphone. There are a variety of microphones available that record audio independently from the camera.

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