12 project dashboard software systems for your business

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 April 2022

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Project dashboard software helps businesses track progress, motivate teams and monitor their overall performance. Dashboard tools allow organisations to make more informed decisions based on real-time data to meet their long-term goals. There are several project dashboard software solutions on the market, ranging from complete business intelligence solutions to metric-tracking tools. In this article, we discuss what project dashboard software is and outline some top dashboard tools to help your business succeed.

What is project dashboard software?

Project dashboard software is a business management tool that encompasses a series of data, charts and other information on a project's performance. Marketing teams and various business departments use them to track key performance indicators (KPIs) on their latest projects. Project dashboards can also alert businesses to areas of concern and display weekly progress reports. This allows teams to monitor their schedule and prevent problems from imposing further risks.

Some companies utilise project dashboard tools for other reasons. For example, they can also help to evaluate the performance of individual employees, communicate with staff, monitor budgets and organise project timelines. Whatever your goals, project dashboards can provide useful and relevant metrics for your business.

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Top project dashboard software solutions

There are different types of project dashboard software solutions, all of which are customisable, user-friendly and adaptable. Consider choosing a business dashboard software that aligns with the size of the company, your business goals and your top priorities. Here are some of the most common dashboard applications:

1. Scoro

Scoro is a work management software that aims to help businesses streamline projects and optimise utilisation. As an end-to-end management software, Scoro lets you oversee every aspect of your business in one place. This makes it easier to track and monitor projects in real-time. You can also use Scoro to automate billing processes and monitor your team's productivity. The dashboard is completely customisable with an unlimited number of widgets. If you want to set parameters for team members, there's a permission section that allows you to limit user access to specific information.

2. Monday.com

Monday.com allows users to set up their project dashboard instantly with free access to hundreds of visual and customisable templates. The management software also integrates with other popular management applications. This software is good for business that work in teams, as managers can use the platform to allocate tasks.

You can also use it to automate repetitive workflows to avoid human error and focus your energies on more important matters. The dashboard gives you access to maps, timelines, calendars, charts and more. Teams can use filters to sort visual data based on several variables, such as location, time, people or status.

3. Project Insight

Project Insight is an award-winning project management software that's easy to use and centralises all your projects. The platform is great for first-time management software users, as its visual interface makes it easy to navigate between dashboards and menus. You can benefit from a completely free expandable version that also helps you track costing and budgeting initiatives.

Project Insight has since added several other features. These include dashboard animations to facilitate team training. The platform also aggregates work from your finance, CRM, warehouse, support and HR software so you can keep all your information in one place.

4. Datapine

Datapine offers interactive business intelligence (BI) dashboards that give teams secure access to all relevant KPIs in a central location. Some key features of Datapine include intelligent alarms, automated reporting, custom formulas, advanced analytics and interactive dashboards. You can also use Datapine to identify data trends and eliminate guesswork when making decisions. It enables all team members to generate actionable insights with self-service analytics that allow them to make more meaningful contributions. As a scalable SaaS solution, Datapine is a flexible dashboard software that users can access on any device without compromising the data.

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5. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity application that provides businesses with onboarding sessions according to the service they require. This makes it a great option for scalable businesses and those that are new to project management software. The dashboard application is free and highly customisable. and it provides users with a variety of dashboard reports and project views. ClickUp provides in-depth information on various business tasks, such as full project planning, business process design, pre-deployment testing, discovery workshops, data migration and integrations. You can upgrade to a paid plan that allows you to communicate with team members as well.

6. InetSoft

InetSoft offers its users project dashboards, real-time reporting and cloud-flexible analytics. Some key features of InetSoft include dashboard and visualisation annotations, end-user data mash-up and professional atomic data block modelling. The reporting component delivers paginated content, which is especially helpful when dealing with voluminous details and reports. It allows you to seamlessly collect data from disparate sources to supplement your business decisions. Management can selectively grant team members access to various self-service components for data preparation, visual analysis, dashboards and reporting.

7. ProjectManager

ProjectManager provides a flexible approach to organising, planning, collaborating, accelerating and facilitating project delivery. ProjectManager allows you to view the tasks of each employee and ensure they remain on schedule while reorganising timelines and reallocating resources. This platform is particularly useful for businesses looking for a dashboard tool that provides real-time data and business intelligence metrics for all types of projects. The kanban boards allow you to manage work with drag-and-drop cards, making the management of workflows simpler.

8. SimpleKPI

Simple KPI is a project dashboard software that allows businesses to track KPIs, monitor metrics and data, and report on their findings. The platform is useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially start-ups that plan to grow in the future. Some exclusive features of SimpleKPI include interactive charts and graphs, shareable reports, dashboards and analytics, team tracking capabilities and customisable KPI reports. Businesses can tailor their dashboards in line with their branding, which adds a personalised touch to the platform. SimpleKPI can also turn spreadsheets into dashboards for greater cross-application functions.

9. Wrike

Wrike's dashboard helps you streamline your processes and gain visibility at every stage of your project. You can also keep tabs on the development of your project in real-time and use these insights to set realistic timelines. This project dashboard software is useful for businesses working on multiple project integrations at once who want to view data in various formats. That is because users can view the information in tables, lists or kanban view. You can also use Wrike to customise request forms, workflows and progress reports.

10. Bilbeo

Bilbeo is a project dashboard that helps you control the way your business performs. It helps you discover your business strengths and weaknesses through advanced data visualisations, smart alerts and intuitive drill-down capabilities. Bilbeo is a web-based project dashboard software that uses intelligent business metrics to automatically reveal weak spots in your business.

The software features unique algorithms that auto-populate your dashboard based on the specific data you select. Users also have access to custom reports, unlimited dashboards and collaborative features. There's no setup process required, which means businesses can bypass design and coding stages to immediately begin monitoring their performance.

11. Tableau

Tableau helps you see and understand data and use it to drive business decisions. It helps large organisations by providing insights into data trends, errors and team performance. You can seamlessly add users as your business grows, which means Tableau is suitable for scalable businesses who want to grow larger in the future.

This software allows you to link other applications so that you can automatically refresh data from these platforms on your dashboard. You can publish a dashboard within seconds to share it live on the web and mobile devices. This gives team members access to real-time reports and self-service data.

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12. Deltek project and portfolio management

Deltek provides users with an open-source dashboard that allows them to discover new opportunities and streamline their business development. It delivers information solutions that improve project intelligence, management and collaboration. This means you can maximise productivity at every stage of the project lifecycle and manage projects more efficiently and cost-effectively. Deltek also offers the opportunity to track your team members so you can better cultivate and retain top talent. It also offers a holistic view of your projects so that you can measure and track performance in real-time.


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