20 Fun Team Meeting Ideas To Boost Engagement and Productivity

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 29 September 2021

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Team meetings are an integral part of collaborative work environments. Whether you're a manager, team lead or it's simply your turn to hold a team meeting, it's crucial to keep your attendees engaged to make meetings as effective as possible. If you host team meetings regularly, you can try out creative ways to boost engagement and have more productive meetings. In this article, we explain why it's important to plan new ideas for your team meetings and provide you with 20 fun team meeting ideas.

Why is it good to plan new team meeting ideas?

It's important to plan new team meeting ideas because it can help you keep meetings fresh and engaging. Keeping attendees engaged can make the meeting more productive, and it can benefit your entire company by boosting morale. You can use many unique strategies to make your meetings more fun, including using games and experimenting with different meeting formats.

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20 team meeting ideas

Here are some creative ways in which you can structure your team meetings for optimal productivity and engagement:

1. Rotate meeting leaders

One idea for keeping your meetings fresh is to rotate which team members lead meetings. You can do this by creating a schedule or asking for volunteers. Letting different team members lead meetings can make each member feel valuable, as they can directly contribute their thoughts and feedback.

2. Start with exercises

Another creative way to make your meetings more engaging is to open them with exercises. Physical exercises can help people get energised and ready to participate in a meeting. Consider trying exercises like moving chairs or playing a game.

3. Introduce ice breakers

Ice breakers can also make your meetings more interesting for team members. Ice breakers are games and activities that can create bonds among your team members. It's important to choose your ice breakers carefully, as some are only effective with large or small groups.

Some examples of ice breakers are:

  • Two truths and a lie

  • Describe yourself in one word

  • Find five things in common with other team members

  • Random fact about yourself

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4. Choose different meeting locations

Another strategy for keeping your meetings engaging is to meet in different locations. Consider meeting in creative office locations or even hosting a meeting outdoors. Meeting in a different space can help you cultivate a casual, relaxed environment.

5. Set goals for your team

You can also make your meetings more effective by setting goals for your team at the end of each meeting. To do this, set a goal that resonates with your team members. Having a goal to work on in between meetings can help your team stay engaged and keep the topic of the meeting in mind. You can set great goals for your team by making them SMART:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time-based

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6. Take breaks

It's also essential to make time for breaks. Taking breaks can help your team members stay energised and focused. Especially during long meetings, make sure you offer breaks so everyone in attendance can stand up, stretch, use the bathroom or get a snack.

7. Change your meeting structures

Changing the structure of your meetings can help keep each meeting fresh. By changing the format of meetings occasionally, you prevent monotony. Transitioning from a lecture to an open discussion to a Q&A session, for example, can change the structure of meetings and capture the attention of each team member.

8. Allow flexibility

You can also allow your team members flexibility regarding how they attend meetings. Consider giving each member the option to attend certain meetings virtually. This gives your team the option to implement flexible work schedules, even though they might not be in the same location. This can also help your team members recognise that they're still important members of the team, regardless of their location.

9. Allow time for questions

It's also important to leave time for questions at some point in the meeting. Typically, the end of a meeting is a great time for a brief question-and-answer session. This helps you ensure that everyone understands the important points of the meeting, and it gives you the opportunity to clarify certain points.

10. Open with a positive tone

Another way to make your team feel more connected to your meetings is to open each meeting with a positive tone. This can immediately lay the foundation of a friendly, engaging meeting. Consider beginning by announcing a significant achievement or individual accomplishment, which can establish a positive tone for the entire meeting. This is also a good way to highlight top performers and increase the productivity of those around them.

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11. Change meeting topics

Changing the topics of your team meetings can also make them more interesting. Frequently changing the topics discussed during meetings allows you to expand your team's knowledge of topics outside of what they may already know. Allowing for topic feedback also lets members choose what they want to discuss, and you get the chance to address points that you may not have thought of.

12. Use interactive presentations

Creating interactive presentations is another way to make your meetings more engaging for your team members. Cultivating interactivity encourages team members to be active participants in the meeting. You can make your presentations interactive by adding elements like live polling or quizzing. You can use websites, apps or software to make your presentations.

13. Make time for personal interactions

Especially in virtual meetings, it's helpful to make time for personal interactions among your team members. This helps you replicate the natural conversations that spawn from traditional, in-person meetings. These conversations help members get to know one another, which boosts engagement and morale.

14. Bring food

Another fun way to enhance your meetings is to bring in food. As a team leader, you could get catering for a meeting or ask a different member to bring a snack to each meeting. Bringing food to a meeting is a great way to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

15. Start with a brainteaser

Opening a meeting with a brainteaser is a great way for people to warm up their brains and get ready to think creatively during the meeting. You can search for brainteasers online or in books, or you can come up with your own brain teasers. To encourage participation, you can also rotate which team member prepares a brainteaser for each meeting.

16. Create your own tradition

Another fun way to enhance your meetings is to develop your own traditions. Creating a unique tradition within your company, such as a moment of quiet contemplation or a closing chant, can make each meeting different from those that team members may have experienced at previous companies. Small activities that encourage positive communication can help your team develop cohesion and rapport. It also helps your team switch their focus from their daily tasks to the meeting's agenda.

17. Personalise meetings

Personalising each meeting is another way to make them engaging. Describing a personal story to highlight a meeting topic can help the message resonate with your audience. You can also strengthen the bond between your team by asking questions to engage them on a personal level and promote meaningful conversations.

18. Celebrate wins

You can also keep your team engaged by taking the time to celebrate wins. In each meeting, you can set aside time to talk about a team win or a an individual member's win. This will help your team members feel more connected with the team and get to know each other better.

19. Gamify your meetings

Gamifying your meetings can also make them more fun. Gamification is the process of turning everyday activities into games. There are many techniques you can use to gamify meetings, including asking pop quiz questions and having members keep track of points. Gamification can keep your team members more engaged and active, and you can even offer prizes if appropriate.

20. Use your meeting tools to your advantage

Another strategy that can improve your meetings is to take advantage of your specific meeting tools. For example, if your virtual meeting software has a chatbox, you could use it to allow team members to submit questions as they think of them throughout the meeting. If your software has a polling system, you could use it to make your meetings more interactive.

Team meeting tips

Use these tips to organise your team meetings and make them productive:

Create an agenda

One key tip for hosting a great meeting is to write up an agenda in advance. Developing talking points and the overarching topic behind the meeting helps keep your meeting on track. Having an agenda also helps you keep your meetings brief, which keeps your team members focused and interested.

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Get feedback from your team

Another way to improve your meetings is to get feedback from your team. Be sure to ask your teams what types of meetings are the most enjoyable for them so you can tailor your meetings to your specific team members. Asking for feedback also makes your team feel like their opinions are valued.

Use eye contact and other public speaking skills

It's also important to practise public speaking skills during your meetings, including making eye contact with people in attendance. These traditional public speaking methods help an audience stay engaged. You can improve your public speaking skills by getting practice and taking courses.

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