11 of the best time management apps for scheduling work

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 26 April 2022

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Professionals with busy working lives often balance hectic schedules, tight deadlines and long hours with their personal lives. Therefore, it's essential that professionals can plan and control how much time they spend on activities to work smarter and be more productive. If you struggle with organising your time in this way, time management applications might help you optimise your time and complete your tasks on schedule. In this article, we list 11 of the best time management apps to help you stay efficient.

11 of the best time management apps

Time management apps are an easy way of establishing how effective you are at managing your time and identifying where to make changes to keep your workflow steady. Here are 11 time management apps, some of which are free, to increase your productivity:

1. TimeTree

Price: All features are free.

TimeTree is a time management application that allows you to share and customise schedules, calendars and appointments with your team. The platform also supports multiple calendars that you can toggle to be visible simultaneously. TimeTree further allows you to save memos and lists that allow you to track your tasks. It also has functionality for commenting on, liking and sharing events and event updates. The application is available for free on iOS, Android and in your web browser, so you can access it on a variety of devices both in the office and on the go.

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2. Todoist

Price: The base version is free and upgraded plans begin at £2.26 per month.

Todoist is a project-focused task management application that has a free base version and upgraded plans. It features a reminder system linked to your to-do list, which can trigger reminds across all your devices even when you're using them offline. The platform focuses on organising and prioritising tasks and setting clear goals and deadlines for projects. It also supports measurement and reporting and allows you to delegate tasks to other users. The interface operates similarly to a Kanban board, which can help you navigate tasks easily across platforms.

The base version allows you to use the software's basic task management features. The upgraded plan increases your available numbers of projects, collaborators, file uploads and filters. It also allows you to use the reminder system, auto-backups and unlimited activity history, while a business plan further adds collaboration and billing functionalities.

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3. Remember the Milk

Price: The base version is free and the Pro plan is £30.16 per year.

Remember the Milk is a time management application that focuses on helping you organise both your professional and personal life with tasks and to-do lists. It separates personal and business tasks by default, but you can make smart lists that use criteria you define to link tasks together. Remember, Milk also updates lists automatically when there are changes in tasks. The app uses a simple virtual assistant to add tasks, divide projects into sub-tasks and set deadlines for task completion. The Pro version further adds features such as subtasks, colour coding, app widgets and unlimited sharing.

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4. Focus Booster

Price: Users get 20 free sessions per month and can upgrade to unlimited sessions with extra features for £3.76 per month.

Focus Booster is a cross-platform time management application that prioritises enhancing focus and eliminating anxieties over time pressure and deadlines. The Pomodoro Technique guides the software by dividing your work time into 25-minute intervals separated by five-minute breaks using a timer. The paid version syncs all of your sessions across your devices to help you keep track of your activities on the go. Focus Booster's platform also uses an on-screen timer, lists of tasks in progress or completed and client portfolios to help you keep track of billable hours and facilitate dashboard reports.

5. Evernote

Price: The base version is free and upgraded plans start at £5.99 per month.

Evernote is a note-taking application that helps you save time by saving websites and notes and allowing you to create agendas, schedules and reminders. The application works across all platforms and has a browser extension for taking notes on websites. You can also use the application to scan documents and save them across devices and record interviews, meetings, minutes, speeches and ideas with text or embedded audio. Evernote is especially good for collaborating with teams, as users can share notes and boards easily. Upgraded plans include offline access, PDF markup, document searching and integration with other applications.

6. Toggl

Price: The base version is free and upgraded plans begin at £6.79 per month with flexible pricing options.

Toggl is a popular time management application that is based on a simple interface that focuses on real-time tracking and ease of use. You simply toggle the start button to record time and toggle it off when you're done to track your time spent on tasks. The app has both a desktop application and extensions for browsers, which allow you to integrate Toggl's timer into any web application to help you track productivity. No matter which version or extension of Toggl you use, Toggl stores all the data in your account. Upgraded plans allow you to plan projects with teams.

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7. Focus@Will

Price: A one-week trial is free and plans start at £39.59 per year.

Focus@Will is a time and focus management application based on eliminating distraction and boredom with music and sounds. The app plays either music or relaxing sounds that studies show may have a positive effect on your focus and concentration while working. The app features an exclusive selection of music tailored to helping you focus in different situations and moods. You complete a short personal profile with some details about yourself so that Focus@Will can play music that suits your working situation well.

8. RescueTime

Price: A two-week trial is free and premium plans start at £4.90 per month.

RescueTime is an application that monitors your computer use to calculate the hours you work in a day. The application tracks activity in all your active windows and programs. It further measures your time spent in meetings and phone calls and can monitor the breaks you take between tasks. The application then generates graphs and charts based on this data, which you can use to view your productivity as an individual or as part of a team. The application also offers on-screen reminders, coaching features, daily goals and a personalised website blocker to help you focus.

The application offers a free trial to test out its main features. RescueTime Premium allows you to use the app's full functionality.

9. Harvest

Price: A 30-day trial is free and plans start at £9.05 per month or £8.15 per month if you pay annually.

Harvest is a simplistic time management application with a clean and engaging user interface to help you manage your time and stay focused. The interface is intuitive and allows you to start new timers and set tasks quickly. Harvest's dashboard further allows you to view individual timesheets, weekly overviews and task breakdowns. You can further view tasks and timesheets for a wide team as part of a project. Harvest also supports project management such as tabs for reports, budgets and invoices for expenses and timesheets.

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10. Timely

Price: A two-week trial is free and upgraded plans start at £18.85 per month.

Timely is a modern time management application focusing on smart capabilities and flexible layouts. The interface is based on a drag and drop system that allows you to display data by projects, hour or team members. The platform can also produce reports on productivity to help you with project planning and budgets. Timely's most unique feature is its separate automatic tracking module for different operating systems. This module uses AI to track your activity across your computer and integrate with other applications.

11. Forest

Price: All features are free.

Forest is an award-winning free time management application for mobile platforms with creative and engaging minimalist visuals. The app takes an alternative approach to focus management by structuring the app around a one-click system. When you want to focus on a task, you click a button to plant a tree and the longer you stay away from your phone, the tree you planted grows taller. The app is designed to be entertaining, social and addictive, so it is especially popular with students who struggle to stay focused and stay off their phones.

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