What is corporate branding? (And how to improve it)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 8 July 2022

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Corporate branding is essential to a company's marketing plan, as it serves to differentiate a business from its competitors. Effective corporate branding can lead to customers associating certain products with particular companies, which can help boost a company's market share and profits. If you're thinking about pursuing a career in marketing, learning about corporate branding could benefit you. In this article, we answer the question 'What is corporate branding?', discuss why it's important and outline some helpful ways that businesses can improve their corporate branding.

What is corporate branding?

In answer to the question 'What is corporate branding?', it's what makes a business identifiable via associated product names, logos and designs. It's a valuable marketing strategy to establish business identity and maximise customer relations. You can establish a corporate brand identity by using a variety of elements, such as market research, online presence and data analysis. Corporate branding helps establish and maintain a company's reputation and is essential for successful marketing.

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Why is corporate branding important?

Corporate branding can help encourage consumers to purchase a service or product. A well-established corporate brand is essential to increase consumer purchases and a business's profits. An effective corporate brand can therefore result in a successful company. Here are some other reasons why corporate branding is important:

Attract new customers to a business

Strong corporate branding attracts new customers to a business by leaving a positive, lasting impression. An effective corporate brand can allow customers to gauge a business's consistency and dependability, which encourages them to trust the service or product the business sells. Solid, well-established corporate branding can therefore help advertise a business, resulting in new customers and greater revenue.

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Boost business recognition

Corporate branding helps significantly boost business recognition as it can allow a business to become more identifiable to customers. Elements of the corporate branding market strategy, including a business's logo and focal-point colours, can help establish and create a recognisable identity that sets a business apart from its competitors. By distinguishing itself from its competitors, a business can then better its chances of success.

Maintain existing customer relationships

Corporate branding is very important for retaining existing customers. This is because a brand symbolises consistent and high-quality products or services that customers can rely on. To maintain existing customer relationships, it's important to keep the corporate branding consistent and identifiable.

Boost business value

Corporate branding is essential for boosting a business's value due to its impact on keeping existing customers and gaining new customers for a business. This helps a business to increase its market share, which boosts the value of a business. Corporate branding can also boost a business's value by helping the business to strengthen its brand identity and increase the recognisability of the business.

Establish connections with target audiences

Corporate branding is vital to establishing connections with a company's target audience. Companies that use corporate branding to maximise the use of data collection and market research to connect with their target audience are likely to create a strong presence within the markets they operate in. Utilising corporate branding effectively can therefore help a business to become identifiable to its target audience and solidify connections with consumers.

How to improve corporate branding

You can constantly work on improving and developing a business's corporate branding to ensure it's working effectively to maximise sales for a business. Here are some of the best ways to improve corporate branding:

1. Conduct market research

You can improve and develop a business's corporate branding by conducting market research. Conducting market research can help highlight what a business's competitors are doing with their corporate branding. You can consider what's successful about the competitor's corporate branding and note where their branding needs improving. Doing this can help you identify areas you could focus on maximising your employer's branding.

Consider the business's customers and determine what aspects of corporate branding are likely to give the company a competitive advantage. Finding industry demographic and economic information can assist you in producing valuable research, which can help you improve a business's corporate branding.

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2. Take inspiration from other successful brands

Taking inspiration from other successful brands in the industry is a great way to improve a company's corporate branding. Think about why these successful brands are instantly recognisable and consider what tools and strategies they use to establish themselves in this way. You can find inspiration from a simple Internet search that can provide you with valuable articles by leading business experts. This can serve as guidance for improving your employer's corporate branding. Consider the successful brands you aspire to and note what tools and strategies you can apply to your employer's corporate branding.

3. Consider all aspects of the business

Successful corporate branding ought to encompass all the various aspects of a business, as it's about so much more than a recognisable logo. Ensuring a company's brand message and identity gets showcased across all forms of corporate branding is essential to its success. Here are some areas of a company's corporate branding that ought to reflect its brand and identity:

  • The name of the business: Make sure consumers understand what products or services the business sells by selecting a suitable business title.

  • Style of customer service: Having a positive customer service style can help build a positive reputation for a brand, which can lead to a company gaining new customers.

  • Business cards: Make sure any business cards you use have relevant information and branding that encourages customers to purchase the business's goods or services. A business card is an effective way to market a business and increase awareness, so identifiable corporate branding is important.

  • Staff uniforms: If a business uses any staff uniforms, they ought to represent the brand identity of the business. Staff uniforms help identify staff to customers while representing the brand and generating approachability.

  • Business premises: Make sure the business premises contribute to demonstrating a company's corporate branding. Ensure the business's values and goals are easy for employees and customers to remember.

  • Marketing materials: You can even extend the corporate branding to any marketing materials as they can help effectively promote a business and its available products and services. By maximising the marketing materials to boost the corporate branding, you can make a business recognisable to gain new customers while convincing existing customers to continue buying from the company.

  • Advertising: This is vital for establishing and promoting corporate branding. Advertising is vital for establishing and promoting corporate branding, as it helps make the business identifiable. You ought to make any advertising clear, concise and positive to have the best chances of encouraging customers to consider the business.

  • Pricing: Pricing reflects a company's values and its ethos and can contribute to successful corporate branding. By setting fair and acceptable pricing, you can help a business to build positive and loyal customer relations.

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4. Keep the branding simple and consistent

You can improve corporate branding by keeping it simple and consistent. Simplicity is key to making sure customers are aware of what a business offers and ensures the branding is relevant. Corporate branding that's too chaotic and messy can sometimes deter customers from a brand. Consistency is also key to maintaining successful corporate branding to ensure a business remains reliable and appealing to customers. To ensure a company's corporate branding remains consistent across various aspects of its business, consider creating a style guide to clearly detail the company's branding.

5. Make sure you incorporate the brand history

You can improve a company's corporate branding by showcasing the company's history within it. Make it clear to customers the origin of the business, including when the business started, what the business is working on and what the business is working towards. You can significantly improve corporate branding by making the business's history a valuable component of its brand image. This can help encourage customers to establish emotional connections with the business and its goods or services.

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6. Seek professional advice

Occasionally, the best way to improve corporate branding is to seek professional advice or intervention. Professionals can provide advice about a company's logo design, advertisements and overall brand development. You can also hire professionals to work on designing a company's logo and advertisements to make consistent, high-quality branding. Keeping an open mind when working with professionals is important, as it's useful to consider the different approaches you could use to improve your employer's corporate branding.

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