What is a marketing specialist? A comprehensive guide

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 July 2022

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A marketing specialist can influence the success of a company's promotional campaigns. The effect of their actions can help scale up a company's operational standards, increasing the company's value. If you intend to choose a career path in marketing, it's important to know the techniques required in this field and how to excel as a marketing specialist. In this article, we answer the question of what a marketing specialist is, how to become one, the duties and skills needed and an example of a market specialist job description.

What is a marketing specialist?

A marketing specialist is an individual who specialises in a particular marketing niche. These speciality areas can be in SEO, advertising, copywriting, branding, field and event marketing, promotion and sales, paid media, content marketing and digital marketing.

A marketing specialist focuses on an area of marketing within a larger team. This can create the opportunity for that individual to have a vast knowledge of that particular niche. They eventually grow to become professionals in their niche. For example, a person focused on social media marketing can build expertise in developing the right content and campaigns to help increase engagement on different platforms. In contrast, a general marketer is responsible for all the activities on the marketing platform. They can diversify in product marketing, communication, sales and branding.

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How to become a marketing specialist

Becoming a marketing specialist can be easy when you take these practical steps:

1. Obtain a degree

A marketing specialist who desires to succeed in the marketing sector may consider going for an associate degree in marketing or a bachelor's degree in a similar field. The requirements of the job can also influence the choice of degree. As a marketing specialist, you can consider pursuing additional disciplines that can help you boost your CV, such as public relations, communication, advertising and branding.

2. Develop work experience

Experience of at least three years or more in marketing is an ideal standard for a marketing specialist position. As a marketing specialist, you can begin your career by taking up entry-level positions such as an internship, support role or marketing assistant. Working as an intern or in a support role can help improve your skill set, attain a high level of work experience and distinguish you from your competitors.

3. Earn professional certifications

Taking courses in sales, business administration, SEO/SEM and digital marketing can help increase your knowledge of the field. You can also get certifications like IPA Foundation Certificate, CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing and IPA Excellence Diploma. Getting these professional certifications can help to show your level of competence and prove your interest in becoming the best at what you do.

4. Develop your CV

It's important to have a professional marketing specialist CV that shows relevant information about you. Ensure you list your relevant certifications and your working experience. Also endeavour to fill in your work history, including the company's name, the date of employment and an overview of your duties, accomplishments and experience/skills gained over the period.

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5. Start searching for jobs

After successfully compiling a professional CV with all the relevant certification and information, you can apply to current job listings. You can apply for the position that best appeals to you online or around your local area, but be sure to apply for positions that suit your CV in terms of education and work experience. You stand a higher chance of being hired over your competitors when you specialise in a particular niche.

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Duties of a marketing specialist

Below are some examples of marketing specialist duties:

  • searches and analyses strategic marketing platforms that can promote company products and send messages across to customers

  • carries out market research and surveys to observe customer trends, demographic data and competitor offerings within a particular locality

  • provides support in sales presentations, campaign updates and project management to reach their target goal

  • partners with creative teams to produce excellent branding ideas, advertising copies, graphic designs and promotional materials to attract customers

  • manages the company's websites and all social media accounts

  • examines the accomplishments and strategy of a company's marketing campaigns by experimenting with key performance metrics systems

  • assists in outdoor and indoor marketing activities by showing the required skills in different areas such as events sales, planning, digital skill set, optimisation, advertising and content development

  • builds and strengthen relationships with existing and new customers through networking and appropriately conveying relevant information

  • set goals, objectives and targets to meet deadlines build customer relationships through appropriate marketing channels.

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Skills needed to excel as a marketing specialist

A marketing specialist requires different skills to help them excel in their careers path. Here are some of these skills:


Communication is an important skill necessary for effective communication between a marketing specialist and their clients. It helps you to show empathy and emotional intelligence when communicating with or attending to customers' needs. Your ability to speak and participate in active listening is critical and can promote healthy relationships. Communication can also extend to targeted advertising campaigns on different online platforms. You can positively influence your team members and produce a tangible result for the company.

Time management

Time management is an essential skill that helps with tasks that have deadlines and specific dates. As a marketing specialist, your job description may require you to track campaign engagements, perform field surveys and reports, engage in different projects simultaneously and be able to use digital tools efficiently. All these require time management to achieve success and meet goals.


Organisation can help you stay focused as a marketing specialist. It shows your ability to keep necessary records, perform tasks dutifully and coordinate events as they unfold. An organised marketing specialist can produce a primary and backup marketing strategy and the steps to implement those ideas. This portrays a high level of excellence and the ability to work under pressure and at the required time.

Technical skills

A marketing specialist who possesses a level of digital skills can thrive in the marketing sector. Technical skills can help a marketing specialist operate digital marketing tools to keep track of different campaign components. Among the many tools marketers can use, SEM, SEO, Social Media, CRM and emails are necessary daily. With the help of these tools, you can appropriately keep track of the effectiveness of your campaigns, discover your areas of strength and improve on weaknesses.

Master PPC advertising

As a marketing specialist, a significant amount of your budget and time are assigned to managing PPC campaigns. It's important to get acquainted with the different types of campaigns you can run and compute them and analyse results rightly. Sometimes a team can have only one PPC campaign running. Hence, it's essential to master the skill of PPC advertising.

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Marketing specialist job description example

Bart & Barnes Finance is seeking to hire an experienced marketing specialist to improve our overall marketing scheme. This position aims to analyse and develop a marketing strategy and campaign ideas to improve brand awareness and market our products. Our prospective marketing specialist excels as a skilled expert in identifying and implementing new customers trends and can create innovative ideas from these trends.

This marketing specialist is fully responsible for generating marketing strategy implementing ideas and practical steps to attain results. Bart & Barnes Finance isn't fixed only on annualised returns. It seeks an active marketing specialist to plan and execute training, programmes and projects that can boost its reputation and yield more financial increase.


  • plan and supervise market research on new customer trends

  • provide a brand-consistent message

  • expand on innovative ideas for strategic marketing campaigns

  • set and meet daily goals that fit into the company's vision and execute campaign and enhancement plans

  • assist in marketing activities by using expertise in areas like content marketing, advertising and sales

  • relate with salespeople to organise and plan promotional campaigns and events

  • work with our marketing team to implement brand awareness

  • aim and execute targeted goals to reach audiences through various platforms

  • assess campaign results, success rates and website traffic to improve subsequent market strategy


  • expert in marketing data analysis

  • possess digital skills, including word processing, Microsoft Word and marketing software like SEMSEO

  • have sufficient knowledge of coding language and use web development tools

  • highly organised, reliable, productive and result-oriented

  • a creative and deep thinker

  • have obtained a bachelor's or associate degree in marketing or a similar discipline

  • skilled in communication, written and verbal

  • can work under pressure and manage time

We're also interested in marketing specialists who possess skills in B2B and have gained credible success in developing and executing strategic media advertising campaigns. Possess distinctive traits such as positive thinker, integrity, resourcefulness, building credible relationships, leadership qualities, innovation and ability to follow instructions.

Our marketing specialist is versatile in handling digital marketing tools on online platforms. Demonstrate expertise in email automation, handling paid social media advertising, SEO and blogs. They can perform A/B analysis and maximise ROI reports, learn new things and grow on the job and become acquainted with new digital skills and technology. The candidate can adequately contact prospective clients and retain new and old customers.

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