What is a utm generator? (With tips for using them)

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Published 8 April 2022

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UTM generators can be a time-saving and valuable resource for any company. They can allow advertising networks, search engines and even other analytics programmes to track data from their websites. Understanding a UTM generator can help you make business decisions and create effective marketing campaigns. In this article, we answer the question 'what is a UTM generator?', discuss how it works and explore the types, tips and benefits of using UTM generators.

What is a UTM generator?

To define what a UTM generator is, understand that the acronym 'UTM' stands for Urchin Tracking Module. The Urchin tracking module is software that you can install on your servers to record details of your traffic. UTM software installation can happen on any website you want to track. You simply add tracking parameters to the URL. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo support UTM codes. The typical UTM generator can find more sources than just these search engines, which provides more UTM codes options.

UTM generator also includes the ability of the user to edit their codes for it to suit their needs in their marketing campaign better. They usually comprise an attractive visual interface and customise the UTM codes. It adds the code generated to the website. Typically, the user interface of the UTM generator usually comprises a form that the user fills with the details that they want their UTM code to contain. It can give the user an option to choose which type of UTM code they want.

How the UTM generator works

The UTM generator works on a few simple principles. First, the user fills out the form about their social media campaign and gets a number code. The number code is a unique string with all information about what campaign it belongs to and how many times it works. It also tries to ensure that only one user can ever use this code. The UTM generator can also update how well or poorly the users received the campaign. It can send you emails that contain analytics of their performance during specific periods, such as day and night.

A UTM generator works by plugging its codes into various social media website campaigns. The user can first use the generator to save time by having a number code ready. The number codes can help you do future campaigns faster and ensure that they are not doing something wrong in their campaign. You can have an easier time running your social media campaign using a UTM generator.

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When to use UTM generators

Many people use a UTM generator because it can be very helpful in their work activities. The user can input all the campaigns that they run and then the UTM generator can gather data for them and check if the campaigns are running correctly.

The user can also use a UTM generator to save time when setting up a new social media campaign. You can also use one of the codes from a UTM generator to manage the social media campaign. The UTM generator saves time and energy and organises its data and statistics.

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Types of UTM generators

There are two types of UTM generators that you can adopt. They include:

Manual UTM generator

For a manual generator, type in your link, the website where you want to promote it and what asset you intend to use to promote the link. Examples of assets that can help you promote your link include email and paid banner ads. The generator then combines all this information into special codes and adds them at the end of your link. You can then copy it and put it in a URL shortener that converts it to a short link. It is also possible to use the URL as it is.

Automatic UTM generator

An automatic UTM generator does everything for you automatically in one place. It lets you build a UTM parameter library in it to avoid typing your parameters every time. The automatic generator also allows you to add various custom tracking parameters. It lets you grab the link instead of typing or copying and lets you automatically add all your parameters with a few clicks. You can do multiple links simultaneously, which can save a lot of time. The automatic UTM generator can also generate the tracking link and shorten it simultaneously.

Tips for using UTM generators

Here are some tips to help you maximise the benefits of a UTM generator:

Unique Trackable URL

One of the most important things to remember when using a UTM generator is that its URLs are unique. Typically, optimisation experts use these codes on their websites. So if, for instance, you already have an existing page about your product or service and you want to add a trackable URL, insert another unique code. If it is something other than what you have already created, then there is a possibility that one may steal your entire blog or domain names and take them as their own.

Use of keyword in UTM code

Writing keywords on your UTM code is vital. Your keywords usually relate to your product, service or company. Keywords make it easier for people to find your brand online.

Utilise social media platforms

Social media platforms provide a huge customer base and instant communication for better customer service. Nowadays, many businesses use social media sites to reach out to their customers and entice them more into their products and services. Assess which platforms have most of your customers before using a UTM generator.

Date and time on UTM code

It is important to add a date and time to your UTM code. Date and time allow you to know how long your campaign generation takes. It can also help you track how long the people visit your blog or website.

Use many platforms

Using multiple platforms increases your customer reach. UTM generators can use several platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. The key is to determine which ones can deliver the right audience right at the right time.

Add UTM tags to your website

Having their URL codes on every site page is vital as you use a UTM generator. The essence of this is to have an easier time for your visitors to find your blog or website on search engines. Add the code to the head of every page. You can also make sure you have it somewhere in the main content area. Adding the tag is essential because most browsers show each page as a new window when you open it and viewing the header information may be what some people want to see.

Benefits of a UTM generator

Here are some benefits of using UTM generators:

Tracking value of social markets

UTM generators usually have a tracking system that is easy to read and understand. It usually adjusts the tracking system to match the user's needs. You can customise the tracking systems of these UTM generators. It lets you adjust different options on aspects like the tracking period and range. UTM generators can help calculate conversion rates and identify the optimal time for any campaign. These UTM generators make it easier for businesses to use them by previewing what they look like across various platforms.

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Quicker process for marketing your business

Using set parameters created from the UTM generator saves time and effort in marketing. It can also mean additional research on the topic is unnecessary. The information makes it easier. Researching and determining how everything works together to market your business or product effectively is unnecessary, making the process quicker.

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Automation of social media marketing

UTM generators help you automate and manage your platform in a way that ensures you are getting the most results possible. It can also help the industry to develop around this idea. If you can use automation for something, it's easier for others to pick up on it and make the transition from automation to more advanced things.

Save time and manage everything in one place

Automated UTM generators help marketers save time and manage everything in one place. It manages campaigns, links, tracking codes and reports. Time is essential in business today. Any set of tools that can help you save time is an advantage. UTM generators can let you manage multiple accounts under one platform rather than multiple accounts from different platforms, which takes a lot of time.

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