How to Write an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter (With Examples)

Updated 29 March 2023

When you apply to be an administrative assistant, you want to show your potential employer that you're the right candidate. A vital part of this is writing an effective cover letter that illustrates your key skills and experiences. With many other candidates potentially applying for the same position, your cover letter needs to stand out from the competition and persuade the reader you're the ideal candidate. In this article, we explain the steps to writing an effective administrative assistant cover letter and provide you with a couple of examples.

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How to write an administrative assistant cover letter

Administration professionals possess a useful array of transferrable skills that help keep work progressing. Knowing which ones to focus on and highlight within your cover letter can sometimes be a challenge. The easiest way to address this is by familiarising yourself with the requirements in the job advertisement. This gives you an idea of the company's priorities regarding your position. The primary role of your cover letter is to persuade a potential employer or hiring manager that you're the best candidate for the position. To write an effective administrative assistant cover letter, follow these steps:

1. Research the company

After you've acquainted yourself with the specific requirements listed in the job advertisement, it's usually a good idea to do some additional research into the company itself. Try to find out what their goals and values are, besides any other information that might be useful to your application. Not only does this help you tailor your cover letter more effectively to the job and company, but it also shows the recipient that you're serious about the position and willing to put in extra effort.

2. Address the reader directly

One piece of information your research may have revealed is the name of the person who is going to receive your cover letter. This may be easily found within the job advertisement, or it may require you to do some extra research. Your cover letter ought to address this person by name at the beginning. This shows them that you've taken the time to tailor your cover letter and also differentiates yours from the many others that start with a generic heading like 'To Whom it May Concern' or 'Dear Sir/Madam'.

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3. Talk about the job you're applying for

Within the first line or two, specify which position you're applying for. You can state that you're eager to submit your application and inform them of where you came across the vacancy. You can also talk briefly about why you're interested in this particular vacancy.

4. Talk about your skills and experiences

To persuade your reader, talk about your relevant qualifications and align them with the needs of your potential employer. Mention additional skills that you possess that would be desirable in an administrative position. A lot of this ought to focus on your soft skills in particular. You can also mention software or language proficiencies. When you talk about your skills and experiences, conveying the information through examples is often more effective than just stating facts.

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5. Thank the reader and conclude

When you're satisfied that you've effectively made the case for your candidacy, you can add a few more words about how enthusiastic you are about the position and that you look forward to the opportunity to talk about it. Thank them for their time and consideration and close the letter politely. Leave your full name at the end, with any other necessary contact details.

6. Re-read and assess your cover letter

Companies expect administrative assistants to be diligent and have great attention to detail. This needs to be evident in your cover letter. Taking the time to proofread your cover letter allows you to address any spelling or grammatical errors. You can also improve the formatting and language of the cover letter by reviewing your writing before submission, and you can assess how persuasively you've written. If you have any doubts, ask a relative or friend who has relevant experience to read your cover letter and give you some constructive criticism.

Review this checklist to assess your administrative assistant cover letter. These are three of the most important features of a good cover letter. When you're conducting your assessment, ensure that your cover letter is:


Try to tailor the cover letter to the specific job and company you're applying to. While it is quite common to use templates or master copies if you're making several applications, the final cover letter that you send ought to be unique. Re-acquainting yourself with the job requirements or company values can help you make your cover letter more relevant if you feel it is generic.


An effective cover letter only needs to be a single page long at the most, even if you account for extra spacing. Being able to write clearly and concisely, while relaying all necessary information, is a useful skill for an administrative assistant. Your cover letter is therefore an advertisement for your skills. Keep your paragraphs to four or five lines at most and ensure that your sentences are reasonable.


You submit your CV and other supporting documentation to provide potential employers with evidence of your qualifications, whereas your cover letter actively persuades them to hire you. One of the best ways to assess the persuasiveness of your cover letter is to read it from the perspective of a hiring manager, and ask yourself if you would hire this person. If the answer is no, then revisit the parts of your cover letter that you felt were not persuasive enough. This is also a good time to ask friends or relatives with relevant experience to give you their input.

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Examples of administrative assistant cover letters

Below, find two examples of administrative assistant cover letters written based on the steps and guidelines provided. You can use these as a general template or for inspiration when writing your own. Remember to keep your final version unique and to assess it before you send it . The examples are as follows:

Example 1

Consider this first example when writing your cover letter:

Dear Ms Davidson,

I am writing to you regarding the administrative assistant role at MacQuoid Finance I saw advertised on the Indeed website. I wish to submit my application for this position, and I am eager to talk about why I feel I am the candidate you are looking for.

With more than five years of experience in both England and Wales, I have developed solid experience working in an administrative capacity at two very different companies, besides a good working knowledge of the Welsh language. This has granted me an intimate understanding of the specific needs of both the financial and retail sectors. I understand that MacQuoid Finance is currently undergoing significant expansion, and I am eager to lend my support to your company during this exciting period.

I have completed two courses in office management in the last two years, besides being well-acquainted with the most popular office management software packages. I am a diligent and effective communicator with a very organised mindset, both of which have earned me recognition on more than one occasion. I also take my work very seriously, and worked late frequently to meet deadlines.

Thank you very much for considering my application. I genuinely feel that I have a lot to offer your company, and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further.

Yours sincerely,

Lewis Evans
0111 2222 333

Example 2

Use this additional example to help format your own cover letter:

Dear Mr Richardson,

I am writing to apply for the position of administrative assistant at your company. After reading the job advertisement, I feel I am an excellent candidate for the position.

At my current place of employment, I have provided solid support to the entire team for three years now. Thanks to my excellent organisation and communication skills, I have effectively handled travel arrangements, meetings, paperwork, and office supply needs. In my second year, I played a significant role in digitalising our office's processes by handling all relevant paperwork and trialling different office management solutions. I have become very familiar with the most popular software packages as a result, and how to implement them in a new environment.

I have also managed to develop excellent working relationships with all of my colleagues, and department heads have come to rely on me for my ability to effectively communicate their needs with others and for my organisation and discretion.

I very much look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further, and would like to thank you for your time and consideration.


Olivia Jones

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