How To Write an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated 9 July 2022

Once you've found the perfect administrative assistant position and updated your CV to submit your application, you still need to write a cover letter. Your cover letter must captivate the recruiter by highlighting your skills, background and achievements. It must convince the recruiter that you're the perfect candidate for the administrative position. In this article, we consider the steps you can follow to write your cover letter for an administrative assistant with no experience role and an example of such a letter.

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How to write a cover letter for the role of an administrative assistant with no experience

You can follow these steps to help you create an impactful cover letter for an entry-level administrative assistant role:

1. Follow the formatting principles of a business cover letter

You can show your professionalism and provide details of your clerical and organisational skills to ensure that your cover letter makes a favourable first impression. You can use these formatting rules to format your cover letter:

  • Use a business letter format by aligning your content to the left. Alternatively, you can have your cover letter address formatted similarly to your CV header for consistency.

  • Apply a one-inch margin on all sides of your cover letter for an office assistant role.

  • Choose a legible font, such as Arial or Helvetica, at a size of 11pt or 12pt.

  • Use single line spacing in your cover letter.

  • Keep your cover letter for the role of an administrative assistant with no experience to a single page.

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2. Create a professional header for your cover letter

It would be good to match the header of your cover letter with that of your CV for consistency. In your header, include your details first. After this, leave a space before adding the date. Leave another space and add the contact details of the recipient. Include the organisation's name and address in the recipient's details. Here is an example you can use:

[Your name and surname]
[Your job title or brand statement] (This is an optional item)
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]
[The link to your professional networking profile]

[Date of writing the cover letter]

[Recruiter's name and surname]
[Recruiter's title]
[Organisation's name]
[Organisation's street address]
[City, post town, postal code]

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3. Introduce yourself and mention which administrative office position you are applying for

You can start your letter by addressing the recruiter by name to get their attention and entice them to continue reading the letter. Mention the details of the specific position (entry-level administrative assistant) for which you are applying. Then you can list your general office skills and professional background if you have any experience. Here is an example:

Dear [Name of recruiter],

I was so happy when I noticed the job ad for the [name of the position advertised] at [organisation name]. I recently completed my schooling and have skills in [list several skills and experience, if you have any]. I believe that my background, experience and skills make me the perfect candidate for this role.

4. Highlight relevant administrative skills and strengths

You can use your next paragraph to show how you meet the role's requirements. You can do this by looking at the job requirements in the job advertisement and explaining how you meet the job-specific skills and other requirements. Give examples of your previous experience, if applicable. When you apply for the role of an administrative assistant with no experience, mention that you are willing to undergo training and learn new technologies and office procedures to become better at your tasks. Here is an example for you to consider:

The job advertisement stated that you are looking for [the name of the position as in the job advertisement] with no work experience. While at school, I worked in the school library where I was responsible for [list your past responsibilities and tasks). In addition, I have several accomplishments, including [provide details of one or two of your achievements]. I am confident that I can help [organisation name] achieve similar results.

5. Provide reasons for applying for the role of an administrative assistant with no experience

In this paragraph of your cover letter, you can compliment the organisation or position to help the recruiter see how you fit in with the organisation. You can mention that you don't apply to every administrative assistant job but are interested in this particular role by explaining why this role appealed to you. It's best not to give generic reasons, but to provide organisation-specific reasons instead. Here is an example for you to follow:

I am impressed by [organisation's name] dedication to [something you value about the organisation]. Your organisation's values and mission statement match my own values and beliefs. I would love to join [organisation's name] as an administrative assistant to contribute to the teams' progress towards achieving the organisation's objectives.

6. End your cover letter with an interesting call-to-action and professional sign-off

End your letter with a call-to-action, such as requesting a phone call or a face-to-face meeting. You can reiterate why you believe you are the best candidate for the role of an administrative assistant with no experience. You can use this as an example:

I would appreciate it if we could set up a phone call or meeting to consider how my administrative skills and previous experience can help [organisation's name] achieve its objectives in the next few months.


[Digital or handwritten signature]

[Your name and surname]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

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Examples of cover letters for the position of an entry-level administrative assistant

Here are two examples you can use as inspiration for when you need a cover letter to apply for the role of an entry-level administrative assistant.

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Example cover letter for a candidate with some administrative experience

In this cover letter, the candidate has some administrative experience.

Peter Chambers
Administrative Assistant
1 Morell Road

01234 555 666

June 20, 2021

Martina Smith
General Manager
ABC Office Services
17 Canal Street

Dear Martina,

I recently graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in English. I am detail-oriented with a knack for scheduling, organisation and ensuring proper documentation and record-keeping. I have transferable clerical skills from my three years as a librarian's assistant. I am confident that I am the perfect candidate for the administrative assistant position at ABC Office Services.

In the job advertisement, you stated you are looking for a candidate who can organise an office, including filing documents, planning and scheduling meetings and events, and liaising with clients daily. I had similar tasks in my work as a librarian's assistant where I had to assist the librarian with the organisation of books, filing book orders and other library documents and scheduling training sessions for students. When I consider the job tasks you listed in the job advertisement, I am confident that I can meet the position's requirements if you appoint me in the role.

I would be happy to meet to discuss your objectives and ideas for your office, including the role I can play as an administrative assistant.


Peter Chambers
555 555 5555

Example cover letter for a candidate with no formal work experience

You can use the following letter as inspiration when you apply for a position without having previous work experience.

Maria Cao
Administrative Assistant
2 Church Street

01234 999 999

June 20, 2021

Martin Smith
Office Manager
ABC Legal Services
21 Curvy Street

Dear Martin,

I have been a stay-at-home mum for the past five years. I love organisation and have a keen eye for detail. Although I don't have formal work experience, I have administrative skills from being the secretary for the local sports club for the past three years. I believe I am the right candidate for the administrative assistant position at ABC Legal Services.

In the job ad, you stated you are looking for someone who can answer phone calls, do basic budgeting and develop a filing system. As the secretary for the local sports club, I have been handling similar responsibilities as I was responsible for the budgets and record-keeping for the club. When I consider the job functions in the job advertisement, I know I can help make a difference in the administration of your organisation if I am appointed in this role.

I would love to set up a call with you to discuss my ideas for your office, including the role I can play as an administrative assistant at your organisation.


Maria Cao
01234 999 999

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