How to write an impactful career objective (plus examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 4 July 2022

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To make the best impression on prospective employers, it's important to write a focused professional objective that they can remember you by. As hiring managers review a large volume of applications for vacant positions, capturing their attention within your first introduction can improve your chances of receiving an invitation to interview. Understanding what a career objective is can help you develop your own. In this article, we explain what they are, show how to write one and share examples of objectives to help guide your writing.

What is a career objective?

A career objective, also known as a personal statement or professional summary, is an optional element of CVs that briefly introduces a candidate. It briefly describes the skills, qualifications and experience candidates offer. The objective is typically placed at the top of a CV just beneath basic contact details and is usually brief, with only two to four concisentences.

As hiring managers receive a large volume of CVs, they often scan them briefly to pick out the key information about each candidate. Your objective makes this process easier for hiring managers as you tell them exactly the information they're looking for. It's important to tailor the objective to the position you're applying to by identifying keywords and skills from the job listing or job description and including them in your objective.

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How to create your own career objective

Follow these simple steps to write your own objective:

1. Make it concise

Try to keep your objective within four brief sentences to ensure the hiring manager can quickly get an idea of who you are as a candidate. If you need to shorten your objective, review it for filler words that you can cut out. Try to compound multiple pieces of information, such as the number of years of experience you have, the school you graduated from, your current role and the industry you work in. For example:

Having gained six years' experience since graduating from Bond University, I'm currently working as a senior events manager within the financial services industry.

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2. Adapt your objective for each position

Hiring managers want you to assure them that you're a perfect fit for the position. So tailor your objective for each role you apply to. Review the job description and listing to identify the skills, experience and qualifications they're looking for, then include them within your objective. For example, if a prospective employer is looking for a candidate with at least two years of experience and a particular qualification, open with this information in your career objective to tell them you have what they're looking for.

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3. Highlight your strengths

The objective section of your CV can help you stand out from other candidates by telling hiring managers what you're best at. Include the skills and qualities that make you unique to show prospective employers why you're the best fit for the job. Examples of popular skills include:

  • critical thinking

  • problem-solving

  • data analysis

  • public speaking

  • collaboration

  • conflict resolution

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4. Mention certifications or training

Some positions require applicants to hold a particular certification or qualification. If this is the case for the role you're applying to, ensure you include this within your objective so the hiring manager knows right away that you have the necessary training for the role. Any other relevant degrees, courses or licenses that help you stand out from other candidates may be worth including, but as there may be a training and education section further into your CV, you can prioritise the most important points in the objective.

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5. Explain your value

Employers want to understand the unique value you can bring to the company. Within the final part of your objective, explain how you can contribute to the business's success. If you have quantifiable examples of times you've accomplished something important for your current employer, briefly mention this. Alternatively, if you don't have a specific example, share your career aspirations or personal passion for your industry to tell hiring managers you're dedicated to the field.

Example objectives

While objectives are typically industry- or occupation-specific, here are some generic phrases to inspire your writing:

  • an organised and hard-working professional, seeking an entry-level position to gain practical experience.

  • an enthusiastic graduate looking for a challenging role to utilise my training and skills developed during university.

  • seeking a career opportunity with an ethical organisation to utilise my skills, training and values tocontribute to the success of the business.

  • seeking a position within a customer-focused company so that I can use my strong interpersonal skills to improve customer satisfaction.

Below are further examples of objectives for a variety of occupations:


A patient-care focused healthcare professional with six years of experience working as a nurse in fast-paced medical settings. With a proven ability to stay calm and work well under pressure. Looking to utilise medical background and interpersonal expertise to improve patient satisfaction by at least 20%.

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Marketing specialist

A resourceful marketing professional with extensive experience implementing successful marketing strategies, improving search engine rankings and boosting organic traffic. Seeking an opportunity to work with an e-commerce company, maximising brand awareness and improving audience engagement through focused digital marketing communications.

Entry-level accountant

A dedicated chartered accountant with extensive experience preparing tax returns for both personal and commercial clients. With a proven commitment to accuracy and client satisfaction, I'm seeking an opportunity to join an established accounting company to further develop my expertise.

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Data entry clerk

Recent graduate of Falmouth University, with experience using all functions of Microsoft Office. Detail-oriented, with strong oral and written communication skills and a determination to always exceed expectations. Seeking an opportunity to utilise 85 words-per-minute typing speed to improve the data processing efficiencies of your organisation.

Waiting staff

Enthusiastic server with four years of industry experience, including one year of management and hostess responsibilities. Confident assisting with food preparation, catering and bar service. Hoping to bring my committed work ethic to your catering team, with ambitions to improve customer satisfaction, upskill the current food service team and grow your customer base.

Sales manager

An experienced sales manager looking to take on a new challenge as a regional sales manager for the southeast region. With over seven years of experience in sales, I hope to bring my people management skills and industry expertise to identify sales opportunities and grow your client base. With a proven track record for exceeding sales targets, I look forward to generating high-quality leads for the department and successfully converting them into sales.

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Project manager

Certified project manager with a master's degree in project management. During the past 11 years, developed expertise working within the construction industry and consistently delivered construction projects on time and under budget. Seeking an opportunity to utilise my proven ability to oversee all phases of large-scale construction projects, with a particular focus on building sustainably.

Human resources specialist

Personable and driven HR specialist looking to secure a role within the financial services industry. Extensive experience as an HR assistant, with responsibilities including helping conduct interviews, preparing employment contracts, writing job listings, running background checks and preparing onboarding materials for new starters. Particularly interested in improving the onboarding process to ensure new employees have the best possible start with the company.

Information technology support technician

Reliable IT support technician with extensive experience providing technical support to an e-commerce company. Having spent 11 years developing technical expertise, people management skills and a strong understanding of a variety of software and systems, now seeking an opportunity to manage the IT department within the e-commerce industry. With a proven track record for developing and implementing solutions to technical problems, I'm confident in my ability to continue to grow and overcome challenges as they arise whilst maintaining a positive attitude.

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An energetic and committed teaching professional with over seven years' experience working within secondary school environments. With a passion for teaching English, strong subject knowledge and excellent classroom management skills, I'm seeking an opportunity to step up to the challenge of a head of year position to utilise my organisation and leadership skills.

Supply chain operative

An efficient supply chain operative with extensive experience in EU exports, looking for an opportunity to utilise the skills and knowledge gained during BA supply chain management studies. Having spent two years working as an export assistant, I'm a dedicated logistics professional seeking a challenging new role within the exports department of a freight forwarding agency. My expertise lies within customs entries and the transportation of dangerous goods. To strengthen this knowledge, I intend to undertake further dangerous goods training alongside my next position.

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