How to write a content creator cover letter (With example)

Updated 6 March 2023

When applying to creator roles, you may want to include a cover letter with your application to encourage hiring managers to consider you. Cover letters provide you with an opportunity to explain your experience and provide examples of how you can perform the job better than other candidates. Learning what to include in your cover letter can help you get more interviews for creator roles.

In this article, we share a list of what to include in a content creator cover letter, provide steps on how to write your cover letter with an example and tips to improve your letter and make a great impression on employers.

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What to include in a content creator cover letter

A content creator cover letter includes all the basic information that a cover letter for any other role does, but there's specific information to include to highlight your skill and qualifications as a creator. Consider the following when writing your cover letter:

Creative skills

Your CV contains a larger list of skills, but you can also mention your most relevant skills in your cover letter. Review the job description to determine which skills the role may require. Common creator skills include:

  • graphic design

  • copywriting

  • content strategising

  • digital marketing

  • drawing

  • videography

Online portfolio

For creative roles, hiring managers may want to see examples of your work. An online portfolio showcases your projects and is easily accessible. You can link to your portfolio when sharing other contact information in the heading of your letter.

Try to update your portfolio regularly to reflect your current skill level.

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Experience in content creation

Include experience creating content. Consider the role you're applying for and which of your previous roles relate most closely. For example, when applying to digital content creator jobs, share the experience you may have in graphic design, copywriting or video editing.

How to write a cover letter

Including a cover letter with your job application to be a content creator can help you make a great first impression and highlight your skills. Here are steps to help you write a cover letter:

1. Create a heading

The heading of your cover letter includes your name, location and contact information. As a content creator, be sure to include a link to your online portfolio. If you have a preferred title, include this with your name. You don't need to add your full address, just your city. Underneath your location, include your phone number and an email. Provide contact information so that a hiring manager can message you to invite you to an interview.

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2. Address the hiring manager

To begin your letter, address the hiring manager. If you can determine who may read your letter, address them directly, but if you don't know who the hiring manager is, you can address your letter generally. Sometimes job postings name who's hiring for the role. You may also be able to find information about the hiring team on the company's website.
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3. Share a summary of yourself

The first paragraph of your letter is an introduction. Share a one or two-sentence summary of your qualifications and try to highlight why you're the best candidate. Mention the position you're applying to and why you're interested. You may also share a personality trait or special skill in your introduction to make an impression on the hiring manager.

For example, you can use the company's website to determine the workplace culture and choose one of your personality traits that fit the culture.

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4. Provide specific details

In the body of your letter, provide specific details about your experience and skills to demonstrate that you can perform well in this job position. If possible, quantify your skills with specific achievements. For example, you may include how many words you can write on a daily average. Another good example may be a result you achieved for a client, such as increased sales or organic traffic.

When sharing your experience, outline your most recent or relevant roles. You can share your job responsibilities, especially if they're similar to the job duties of the role to which you're applying.

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5. Create a call to action

At the end of your letter, you can summarise why you're a great candidate for the role. Be sure to thank the reader for their time and consideration of you for the open position. It's polite to recognise that the hiring manager is taking time to review your application and this can make a good first impression.

Include a call to action in your conclusion as well. A call to action asks the reader to perform a specific action after reading your letter. For example, you may write that the hiring manager can call you with further questions about your qualifications. You can increase the likelihood of the hiring manager taking action by providing additional information on how and when to contact you. For example, include your phone number again and share when is a good time to call.

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6. Sign-off

Choose a professional sign-off, such as sincerely or kind regards. You can also add your signature to the bottom of the letter. If you're mailing your application, you can physically sign the letter, but if you're applying online, use a software application to add your signature. Many candidates may just type their names, so you can appear unique by providing your own signature. As a creator, this can benefit you by showing your creativity and technical skill.

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Example content creator cover letter

Use this example letter as a guide to write your own:

Nancy Byers
07700 002255 | | Edinburgh

14 December 2022

Brantley Marketing

Dear Ms Brantley,

I'm a content creator with four years of experience in copywriting and designing digital content for marketing. I am interested in the Digital Content Creator role at Brantley Marketing and think my prior experience creating marketing content makes me the perfect candidate.

As copy editor and writer at Writing Centre, I produced marketing content in high volumes, which helped our client maintain their industry leader status. I originated 2,000 words of content daily which included time for researching and optimising content to rank in search results. In this role, I was responsible for upholding editorial standards, our brand voice and tone and giving and accepting feedback to help other writers improve.

I also have experience leading creative teams and training writers. As a Content Creator for Lights Plus, I developed and ideated content for various media types, including blogs, websites, social media, podcasts, and product descriptions. I managed all consumer communications and planned content to align with our growth goals.

In addition to my content marketing experience, I also have a passion for learning which I consider a huge asset for myself and the teams I work with. I would love to discuss what I can bring to the team as Digital Content Creator. You can call me any weekday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at 07700 002255.


Nancy Byers

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Tips for writing an effective cover letter

Here are tips to ensure that your cover letter represents you and makes a great impression on employers:

Research the company

When applying to an open position, research the hiring company to learn more about their clients, culture and goals. You can use your research to ensure it's a company that you actually admire. You can also use your research to make a connection with the hiring manager in your cover letter.

For example, you may mention a goal the company has and how you can help achieve this goal. This is a great way to show your investment to the company and assure the hiring team that you're a candidate who has a real interest in the role and the company.

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Be confident

Show confidence in your cover letter by sharing your achievements. Being confident can give the hiring manager more confidence in your abilities and increase your chances of getting an interview. Your tone when writing can assist you and make the impression you intend. A positive tone can show your excitement for the role and make the hiring manager feel assurance about considering you for the role.

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Be sure to proofread your letter when you finish. Re-read the letter out loud to find grammar mistakes and also check your spelling. By re-reading your letter you may also make revisions to ensure that you say everything you want to share with an employer.

You can have a second person read your letter too, if possible. Share your application with a friend or colleague before sending it to a company. This enables you to gather valuable feedback and have another proofreader to ensure that your letter has no mistakes.

The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.


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