How To Write a Customer Service Cover Letter (With Examples)

Updated 17 May 2023

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An illustration shows hands typing on a laptop, with the screen reading, "A cover letter for a customer service role should highlight:

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Patience

  • Product knowledge

  • An optimistic approach

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Multitasking ability

If you're thinking about applying for a job in customer service, then a well-written cover letter can contribute to securing the role. A well-written cover letter can display to the recruiter that you possess the necessary skills and personal attributes to be effective in the role. Like all cover letters, it can be tailored to the specific position and company that you are applying for. In this article, we discuss the things to include in an effective customer service cover letter, how to write one and give some examples.

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Why is a customer service cover letter important?

Your customer service cover letter is an important way of both expanding upon your CV and also communicating your abilities to a recruiter. Just because many people work in customer service doesn't mean it is a job that anyone can do. To be effective in customer service, you must be a capable communicator, have plenty of patience and be able to perform under pressure.

Many people will simply write one cover letter for multiple roles. Consequently, recruiters receive a lot of generic cover letters. If you want to stand out from the competition, write a tailored cover letter that addresses the role requirements and preferences of the company. This increases your chances of both securing an interview and eventually getting the job.

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How to write a customer service cover letter

Whether you are applying to a local retailer or an international corporation, communicate your desirable skills and attributes in your cover letter. Your cover letter is also an opportunity to show how organised you are, how well you communicate and how persuasive you can be. Here are seven steps to writing an effective customer service cover letter:

1. Identify the format

Different vacancies have different application procedures. For many roles, you'll go through an online application process with several steps. One of these will be writing a cover letter, usually through a dedicated text box. In this case, just make sure you break it up into readable paragraphs.

If you're attaching your cover letter to an email or even sending it by post, you'll be required to include additional information. This will include the date and your contact information. Including a handwritten signature can often be a nice touch, and will help it stand out from others.

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2. Address the recruiter directly

Do some research about the company and find the name of the recruiter, or whoever will be receiving your cover letter, and address them directly by name. Based on who they are, address them as “Ms", rather than "Mrs" or "Miss".

If you are unable to find the name of the recruiter, then you can address them as “Dear Hiring Manager”. This may help you stand out from the many other candidates who started their cover letter with a generic “Dear Sir/Madam”.

3. State the role you are applying for

After addressing the recruiter, include the vacancy you want to apply for in your first line. Recruiters receive cover letters regularly and will be grateful if you're direct. You can also add your general interest in working for the company in general, and mention how and where you came across the vacancy.

4. Tell them why you want the job

Having stated your interest in the role, now explain why this particular role and company interest you. Focus on the relevant experience you hope to gain from it, the career prospects of working for the company and how your principles align with theirs.

Do some research about the company to do this effectively. Find out about their principles and company culture, especially where they overlap with yours. This will allow you to tailor the cover letter for the specific position, and the effort will show how serious you are.

5. Tell the recruiter why they should hire you

In this part of your cover letter, you'll be relying on two things: first is your research into the company, and second is your ability to sell yourself. Check all of the required and desired qualities in the job advertisement and make sure you highlight those that you possess. Display your soft skills, such as your ability to communicate and be persuasive.

Create a short list of some skills or attributes of yours that you feel are both rare and would help in the role. This could include extra courses or relevant training, additional languages and experiences related to the role.

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6. Conclude your cover letter

Within your cover letter's final paragraph, thank the reader for their consideration and time, as well as reiterate your enthusiasm for the job. Follow this with an appropriate closing statement and your full name. Depending on the format and context, you can include additional information like your email address or phone number after your name.

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7. Re-read your cover letter

Before sending your cover letter, make sure you re-read it. If possible, do this some time after you have finished writing. This will allow you to catch any grammar or spelling mistakes, typing errors and any other errors. Read it from the point of view of a recruiter and try to assess how persuasive it is. If you can, ask a friend or relative with relevant experience to read it and offer constructive criticism and feedback. Once you are happy with it, you can send it.

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Customer service cover letter examples

Cover letter examples can act as general guides or templates when you come to write your own. Here are some example customer service cover letters:

Example 1

Dear Ms Jones,

My name is John Scott, and I am writing to you because I wish to apply for the position of customer service representative at McAlpine Boutique, having come across the vacancy on the Indeed UK website.

I have recently concluded my sales and marketing studies and look forward to getting hands-on experience in this field. I have previously worked part-time as a customer service assistant, and now wish to start my career with your company. I have learned to handle customers in all manner of situations, and have always maintained my professionalism. I always make sure I am very well-informed of the company's services so that I can give customers the best, most relevant advice.

I have a very strong work ethic, backed by excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I believe that customer satisfaction is key to success, and I have managed to turn many first-time customers into returning ones in the past. This customer-centric approach is important to me and is why I feel I would be a great fit for your company.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I would be very appreciative of the opportunity to further discuss what I can do for your company, and look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

John Scott

Example 2

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to you with regard to the customer service advisor role at Moondoe's. I was referred to your company by a friend who used to work there, and would like to register my interest in applying for the position.

For the past four years, I have worked as a customer service representative at El Litoral Coffee. In this position, I have maintained a very high standard of customer service, and I am looking to expand my horizons with Moondoe's. I am a very capable communicator with a problem-solving mentality. I also work very well with or without oversight, and respond well to pressure. I have always exceeded my performance targets, and have even helped newer colleagues learn how to deal with customer service queries in a professional and timely manner.

I feel like I would be an excellent addition to your team, and that I would learn a lot working for your company. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you further, and would like to thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

William Johnson
0111 2222 333

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