How To Write an Effective CV For Part-time Job Applications

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Updated 24 November 2022 | Published 30 August 2021

Updated 24 November 2022

Published 30 August 2021

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It's important to tailor your CV to the potential part-time role you're seeking. This provides clarity to recruiters and hiring managers on how much time you can dedicate to the role. Understanding the proper elements required for a part-time CV puts you in a favourable position when looking for a job. In this article, we explore what a part-time job is, why a part-time job CV needs to be different and provide you with a sample CV for part-time job applications.

What is a CV for a part-time job?

A CV for part-time jobs is a type of CV adapted to highlight the fact you're only seeking to work on a flexible and limited capacity basis. Recruitment for part-time jobs is just as competitive as full-time jobs. Job posters normally outline candidate requirements and whether the position is full or part-time in the job description. Therefore, it's important to review and update your CV for part-time job applications, making sure it aligns with the role profile and job description.

Why does a part-time CV need to be different?

For those seeking full-time employment, perhaps after graduating, a standardised CV is sufficient. When applying for part-time roles, the individual circumstances can vary, so tailoring your CV to the role is best practice. Some may look to earn an income whilst studying, others may want an additional role alongside their start-up or childcare needs. Whatever the circumstance, it's important that you update and tailor your part-time CV to accommodate these circumstances.

Your part-time CV needs to be just as professional as a full-time CV, outlining your availability, flexibility and skills. Even though less time is to be provided to the organisation you're seeking to join, it's important to display the same motivations and characteristics of a full-time employee. You still need to have relevant experience and show how you're a good cultural fit for the organisation.

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How to write an effective part-time CV

A part-time CV follows the general template of any other type of CV. There are some nuances to consider, such as your availability and how many hours per week you can provide. Below are some steps on how to ensure your part-time CV is fit for your purpose:

1. Include a CV Headline

A CV headline is a one-line sentence that is added at the top of your CV, just below your personal information. The CV headline summarises your profile and immediately shows recruiters and hiring managers you're the appropriate candidate for the job. This places you at an early advantage against your peers, despite being part-time. A well-presented CV headline shows how your appointment brings value to the company.

2. Be clear on your personal statement

The personal statement is usually a paragraph ranging between 50 to 100 words, summarising your background skills and experience. If you're looking for part-time work, it's worth mentioning the reasons behind this and the hours you can provide. For example, you're looking for work whilst you study at university and have availability on weekends. This helps a recruiter understand your motivations and assists them in making an informed decision on the job post.

3. Include a cover letter

To make the most out of your application, include a one-page cover letter alongside your part-time CV. A CV is more succinct and focuses on part-time role requirements, whereas a cover letter allows recruiters to get to know you more. A professional cover letter with relevant keywords and calls to action strengthens your application for any role you apply for.

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4. Highlight your skills and achievements

For your education and work experience sections, outline any notable skills and achievements. This makes you stand out and shows recruiters how you can bring additional value to the organisation. Always review your CV and tailor your skills and achievements to the role you're applying for. For example, if you're applying to a sales and marketing role at the same time, ensure you cover sales achievements for one and any social media successes for the other.

5. Review your social media

Given that many jobs applications are done online, it's important to ensure that you keep your online professional networking accounts up to date. Carry out an audit of your social media footprint and ensure it meets the professional standards your potential employer would expect. This ensures that when you apply for jobs online, there is alignment between your CV and social media.

6. Have a clear format

There is competition for any part-time roles you apply for, with many other CVs being reviewed alongside yours. This competition, coupled with the fact that you're looking for a part-time role, makes it even more important that you have clarity in your layout and format.

Follow these general formatting rules when writing:

  • Ensure your personal information is up to date. From location to dates, always make sure your CV is true and accurate.

  • Include a chronological layout. This ensures the presentation of your CV is attractive, starting with your most recent professional experiences first.

  • Use an appropriate font. Choose one of the popular basic fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri or something similar. Keep the font size between 10 and 12.

  • Use bullet points. When outlining your skills or work experiences, write them as a bullet-pointed list.

  • Use bolding. Bold any information that you feel is relevant to the application, making them stand out to the reader.

  • Edit and proofread. Once drafted, carry out a full line-by-line review of your CV. Writing with perfect grammar and spelling means you're starting from a sound position.

  • Save as a PDF. Always make sure that you save your document as a PDF and the information is clear and legible before sending it to potential employers.

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Part-time job CV sample

Below is an example CV of a university student that you can use:

John Smith

+44 (0) 7843645034

55 Porch Close, London, E12 3AS

Customer Services Representative With a Proven Track Record Across a Range of Industries.

I am an energetic, focused and adaptable first-year student at the University of Portsmouth studying Business Management. I recently moved to Portsmouth and am seeking part-time opportunities available in the local area that I can accommodate alongside my studies. I have a few years of experience across a variety of customer service and sales roles that have provided me with transferrable skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving and customer communication. I am available to work for 16 hours with a pretty flexible schedule during the week, including weekends.

Sales associate (part-time)

Phones4All, London

May 2021–August 2021

  • Working in a busy environment providing clients with suitable sales and closing deals.

  • Building rapport with customers to ensure all their needs are met.

  • Accomplishing sales targets and achieving good customer feedback.

  • Exploring the needs of customers to identify sale opportunities.

  • My biggest achievement was achieving the most weekend commission sales ever in the London branch.

Digital marketer (part-time)

London Boards, London

December 2020–March 2021

  • Working against a strict deadline to deliver a London underground marketing campaign.

  • Project manager for the entire planning and implementation process.

  • Building rapport with senior stakeholders to ensure all their needs are met.

  • My biggest achievement was delivering a major project on time, despite major setbacks.

Receptionist (part-time)

Smile Bright, London

September 2019–December 2020

  • Working in a private dental treatment centre.

  • Utilising my strong interpersonal skills for high net-worth clients.

  • Handling the phone and emails of the practice, ensuring queries were dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Exploring the needs of customers to identify sale opportunities.

  • My biggest achievement was automating the diary and schedule processes for the entire team, now making online bookings very easy.


  • Strong salesmanship

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Communication

  • Customer service


University of Portsmouth

BA (Hons) in Business Management September 2021–June 2024 (expected graduation date)

London Sixth Form College

A-Levels: Religious Studies (A), Media (B), Business (B)

GCSEs: 9, including Maths (A) and English (C)


  • BTEC in Customer Management

  • Certified First Aider

Hobbies and interests

  • I enjoy a variety of different sports such as karate and track running.

  • I have a large interest in charity and have volunteered for the Red Cross for the last 5 years. This has given me a variety of skills in communication and being adaptable to emergency scenarios.

Other information

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