CV Objectives: Tips and Examples

Updated 22 January 2023

Adding a CV objective is a great way to show your expertise and experience when applying for a new position. You can write the objective at the top of your CV to clarify why you're applying for the job and what makes you a desirable candidate. It's also beneficial to customise your CV statement to the job you're applying for to help set you apart from other applicants. In this article, we explain what a CV objective is, how to write one and provide over 10 examples for specific situations.

What is a CV objective?

A CV objective, also called a career objective, is a two to three sentence outline of your relevant professional skills, career goals and why you're seeking employment with a specific company. You can place it at the top of your CV to capture the recruiter's attention. You want your skills to impress the recruiter on a personal level and also show to them how these skills can benefit the company.

When to include an objective on your CV

It's beneficial to include an objective on your CV as it's considered professional and an important part of any CV. Here are some specific instances where including an objective is important and provides clarity:

  • Entering the job market. For those entering the job market for the first time, an objective allows the person reading your CV to get a sense of you as a person and why you're a suitable candidate despite lack of experience.

  • Making a career change. Changing your career can seem confusing to other people. By including an objective that states why you're making a change and what unique skills and experience you can bring to the new industry, you may be able to get an interview.

  • During a move. When you're moving to a new city, your CV may have your soon-to-be outdated address. By explaining that you are moving you can avoid any confusion and prevent being disqualified for living in another city.

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How to write a CV objective

Your career objective is a way to make a powerful and memorable first impression. Here are some things to remember when writing one:

1. Keep it short

Keeping your objective concise is helpful, as recruiters are often reading many CVs in one day. By making the objective short and strong, you may be more successful in holding their attention. Try removing filler words, such as 'a', 'the' and 'like'. This helps focus the recruiter's attention on the words that really matter.

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2. Make it specific

Write a specific objective for every job you're applying for. Never use the same objective for multiple job positions, as it can appear generic and unimpressive to the recruiter. In order to tailor your objective, carefully read the job description and look for skills that match with your attributes and experiences. Mentioning these skills and attributes can interest the recruiter and encourage them to ask you further question about your experience.

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3. Mention relevant degrees or certifications

It's a good idea to mention any relevant degrees, certifications or licenses related to the position. These requirements may be a prerequisite to getting an interview, and the recruiter may appreciate you placing these at the top of the CV. This is especially important to include if you're new to the job market or you're changing careers or industries.

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4. Explain how you'll add value to the company

The most important point of your career objective is convincing the recruiter that you can add tremendous value to the company. This is your chance to sell yourself as an employee by highlight you skills, experience and certifications. Your objective needs to convince the person reading it that you're ready to move to the next phase in the interview process.

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Career objective examples

Here are some general career objective examples that you can use when starting a new phase in your career:

Recent graduate or entering the job market for the first time

When you're writing an objective as a recent graduate, focus on what you studied and how your recently gained expertise can benefit the company. Even if you have no previous experience in this industry, you may still possess skills and qualifications that can be beneficial to the role.


'Highly driven recent business school graduate seeking a full-time position in finance where I can lend my knowledge of market analytics to help your organisation improve profitability.'

'Focused and aspiring social media manager with proven Internet savvy looking to expand my knowledge of how social media works with brands to attract and keep customers.'

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Career or industry change

When applying to a job in a different industry, it's good to be upfront about this change and mention it in your objective. Highlight your years of experience and explain how you can use your skills and expertise in this new industry.


'Accomplished leader in marketing communications seeking a new career path with a nonprofit organisation. Looking for an opportunity to apply my passion for philanthropy and professional experience to drive positive change in my community.'

'Dedicated product engineer professional with over 10 years of experience. Seeking an opportunity to utilise my extensive knowledge of quality assurance and team management within the field of PR.'

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Seeking advancement in the industry

When writing a career objective that mentions your desire to advance within the industry, focus on your experience and achievements and why it makes you qualified. Explain how, by offering you a chance for advancement, the company may also benefit.


'Dedicated and experienced police constable with a long history of keeping both my community and my fellow officers safe. I am looking to advance to the level of commander where I can put to good use my many years of experience and help train new officers entering the force.'

'As an educator with over 15 years experience at a large city school, I am seeking an opportunity to be the head teacher in my local town. I am excited to use all the leadership skills and educational knowledge I have gained to continue upholding the town's commitment to quality education.'

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Specific CV objective examples

Here are some CV objectives written for specific job titles and industries:

Manager CV objective

'Experienced manager in a large multinational corporation seeking a more local yet still exciting position to apply groundbreaking communication techniques, time-saving scheduling processes and modern efficiency strategies to a growing company.'

HR CV objective

'Friendly, focused and driven HR coordinator with over five years of experience seeks position as an HR manager with a company that values and focuses on diversity and inclusion within the workforce.'

Administrative CV objective

'Strong problem-solver and analytical thinker seeking an administrative position that focuses on improving workflow and efficiency in an office setting. Strong background of over three years of administrative experience and proven communication skills.'

Information technology CV objective

'Experienced information technology professional in search of a position that allows me to apply my management and technical skills to achieve corporate goals, develop improved processes for managing IT requests and accomplish projects more efficiently.'

Flight attendant CV objective

'Friendly, personable flight attendant with four years of experience with a commercial airline seeking position as a flight attendant with a larger commercial airline to provide support and service to passengers on each flight.'

Data entry CV objective

'Hardworking data entry specialist looking for a position in a results-focused workplace that allows me to apply my strong typing, data entry, customer service and administrative support skills. Typing speed is 70 WPM, while attention to detail ensures accurate and efficient data input.'

Finance CV objective

'Highly self-motivated and detail-oriented financial analyst seeking position as a Senior Financial Analyst to apply quantitative and analytical skills, financial modelling, planning, metric reporting, forecasting and other related skills in alignment with the company's financial goals.'

Sales manager CV objective

'Dedicated and skilled individual with extensive experience managing a sales team with proven sales results in search of position that allows me to apply my development, unique sales techniques, management, organisational and communication skills when interacting with salespeople.'

Foodservice CV objective

'Qualified professional with two years of experience in the hospitality industry looking to obtain a position as a food service specialist to contribute my coordination, service, customer satisfaction and distribution management skills.'

Child care CV objective

'Caring, dedicated and reliable child care professional in search of a position that allows me to apply my skills and knowledge to maximise the social and educational experiences of the children for which I provide direct care.'


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