CV profile examples (with definition, elements and benefits)

Updated 16 March 2023

Writing a strong CV profile is essential for securing a new role in almost any industry. This is due to it being one of the first things that recruiters or hiring managers see when looking at your application. Looking at examples of CV profiles can help you to create an effective professional summary for your CV and establish yourself as an attractive candidate. In this article, we discuss what a CV profile is, review the benefits of looking at CV profile examples, look at the elements to include in a professional summary and list several examples of CV profiles.

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What is a CV profile?

A CV profile is a brief introduction at the top of your CV that introduces who you are and outlines your personal characteristics. It's also known as a professional summary and it serves to inform the prospective employer on what kind of person you are, the qualities and attributes you possess and the work experience you have. A successful CV profile gives the recruiter a few insights into your motivation and identity. They're typically short statements that only mention the necessary information to gain the hiring manager's attention. When writing your CV profile, ensure the following:

  • It's no more than six lines.

  • It contains some real-life examples.

  • It's relevant to the job to which you're applying.

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Benefits of looking at CV profile examples

Looking at CV profile examples can give candidates a better insight into the information to include in their CVs when applying for jobs. You can use these detailed examples as a guide for creating effective CV summaries that capture the interest of recruiters and hiring managers in your field of expertise. By referring to an example when writing your own CV profile, you can ensure that you create a unique summary that includes all the necessary information to boost your chances of securing a new role.

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Elements to include in a CV profile

There are three main elements to include in your CV's professional summary, which include:

Personal qualities

Personal qualities are the attributes that describe your personality and character. They include the traits that outline who you are as an individual and are part of your identity and nature. Some common examples of the personal qualities you can add to your profile include:

  • creative

  • honest

  • self-motivated

  • an eye for detail

  • resilient

If you're unsure of the personal qualities you possess, consider how you approach things in your personal and professional life, your core values and how you interact with others. Alongside this, you can also consider asking close friends or family members, which can be a great way of gaining a less biased perspective.

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Skills refer to the expertise and talent required to do a job or task in a specific field. Normally, when applying for a job, you establish the majority of your skills in your qualifications, so it's unnecessary to mention them in this section. Instead, highlight the other skills that you possess, but ensure that they're relevant to the job to which you're applying. For example, if you're applying for an administrative position, state that you have excellent communication skills, which are usually vital for this role. Other examples of skills you can mention include:

  • design skills

  • management skills

  • problem-solving

  • teamwork

  • critical thinking


Experience refers to your work record in a particular area of expertise. Some recruiters want candidates with a proven track record in the specific field, while others only consider applicants that have worked in the industry for a set amount of time. Below are some common examples of experience that you can include in your personal profile:

  • three years of experience in coding

  • extensive background in accounting and finance

  • previous work experience in law

  • excellent track record of meeting sales quotas

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Examples of effective CV profiles for various job titles

Below are some examples of CV profiles for various job titles, which you can use to create your own:

Example 1: business management

A highly motivated and ambitious business management graduate with an eye for detail and exceptional problem-solving skills. Has over three years of experience in managing, overseeing and leading small and large teams across multiple sectors, including the automotive, healthcare and real estate industries. Assisted companies in implementing strategies that ensure productivity and workplace flow and have an excellent track record of helping businesses meet their bottom line. Eager to learn and help make companies successful.

In this example, the applicant mentions critical personal skills, such as problem-solving and collaborative skills, that are vital when managing a business. This helps to demonstrate to the recruiter that they're qualified for the role. They also detail their ability to work across multiple sectors, which indicates that they have enough knowledge and expertise to work within numerous job fields. Additionally, mentioning their eagerness to learn shows that they're willing to change and adapt to suit a hiring organisation's requirements.

Example 2: IT professional

A competent and skilled IT professional with seven years of experience in managing the IT infrastructure within an education establishment, which includes providing desktop, network and server support. Possesses advanced knowledge in technology and software programs, alongside expertise in managing servers and technical projects. Can communicate well with different departments within an organisation and enjoys working on challenging tasks.

Here, the profile indicates the candidate's ability to work with others to reach a shared goal and highlights their technical skills and abilities as an IT professional. It also outlines the specific technologies the candidate uses and indicates their proficiency in software programs. This profile is highly effective as it provides examples of the individual's personal qualities, skills and experience.

Example 3: fashion designer

A creative fashion designer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for making unique and trendy clothing. Possesses five years of experience in pattern cutting, sewing and knitting, with a proven track record of creating intricate patterns and vintage clothing. Previously worked as an assistant fashion designer, which included helping to design lingerie wear for their clothing line. Looking for an inspiring work environment that provides a flexible space where I can express my creative freedom as an artist.

In this example, the candidate gives a specific example of their previous work experience to show the hiring manager that they have the required knowledge and skills in fashion design. They also mention their ideal work environment, which tells the recruiter whether they'd be a good fit for the hiring organisation's work culture. This profile also highlights the candidate's personality traits and what they enjoy doing, which is creating and designing clothing in accordance with modern trends.

Example 4: accountant

A skilled and competent accounting specialist that's resilient, hard-working and motivated. Has a solid, proven track record for preparing and maintaining financial reports, alongside preparing tax returns for large organisations. Possesses strong analytical skills, which allow for the successful evaluation of an organisation's financial operations. Can identify potential financial issues and provide solutions, which ensures that organisations run efficiently. Possesses advanced knowledge of using accounting software programs and tools, in addition to an excellent understanding of maths and finance.

Here, the candidate highlights their relevant accounting skills, such as maths and finance, and mentions references to their previous work experience. This outlines the value they can bring to the hiring organisation. Additionally, this profile addresses common pain points for companies by mentioning that the individual can develop solutions to potential problems before they occur.

Example 5: administrative assistant

A hard-working, enthusiastic and motivated administrative assistant with previous work experience in administration. Provided support to three executive professionals by performing an array of clerical tasks, including answering phone calls, sending emails, scheduling meetings, printing and photocopying. Highly trained in using various administrative software and tools, in addition to proficiency in data management systems and spreadsheets. Have a keen eye for detail to ensure the smooth running of a business.

In this instance, the applicant provides detailed examples of the various administrative tasks they've previously performed to show the hiring manager that they possess the necessary work experience. The applicant is also aware that working in an administrative role requires the use of technology, so they clearly outline that they possess the technical literacy required to complete assigned tasks. This makes them an ideal candidate for an administrative assistant role.

Example 6: writer

Creative copywriter with five years of experience in SEO and content creation. Previously wrote content for marketing campaigns, online businesses and companies with social media profiles. Published blogs and articles that consistently rank on the first page of search engines. Helped new businesses to increase their brand awareness by 30%. Can create unique, informative and entertaining copy that captures the attention of a client's target audience.

Here, the candidate highlights their knowledge, expertise and experience in creating various forms of copy, including blogs, social media content and web landing pages. This indicates that they can write content that's tailored to the client's requirements. The profile also clearly outlines the candidate's accomplishments and what they can do for an organisation. For example, the candidate can help a hiring organisation to improve its search engine rankings and increase its brand awareness.

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