7 best CV writing services to consider (With key benefits)

Updated 9 December 2022

A curriculum vitae (CV) is an important document that can help you attract the hiring manager's attention when you've applied for a job. Strong CVs show your skills, personality, experience and qualifications. Using a professional CV writing service can help you make sure your CV meets all the requirements of a formal document and serves to demonstrate you're the right candidate for the job. In this article, we explore the benefits of using a CV writing service and list seven of the best CV writing services.

What are CV writing services?

CV writing services are services that companies or freelancers offer to job seekers. By using these services, you can improve the quality of your CV and make sure you demonstrate your skills and experience in a concise, interesting way. Most commonly, professional CV writing is a paid service. Companies and independent contractors often charge clients at an hourly rate, but it's also possible to find a service that charges per project or CV.

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Benefits of using a CV writing service

If you prefer communicating in person, then writing about your experience and skills may not be something you want to do. Here's how working with a CV writing provider can be beneficial for you:

Saves you time

One of the key benefits of using writing services is that doing so allows you to save time. Writing a CV may be more challenging when you're new to the workforce, as you don't have that much experience with interviewing yet. This means that creating a CV as a beginner can be time-consuming. By using a writing service, you can spend less time thinking about the way to demonstrate your qualifications. In addition to that, most services also offer you expert advice, which you can use to develop your CV writing skills.

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High-quality writing

Working with professional writers is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your CV or cover letter. Thanks to their years of experience, these writers know how to present your skills, experience and background in an interesting yet concise way that attracts hiring managers. A significant benefit of this is that when recruiters see that your CV contents are expertly tailored to the job, they may perceive you as a highly professional candidate who knows how to approach recruitment.

ATS optimisation

If you're applying for a job online, applicant tracking system (ATS) optimisation is your key to success. Hiring managers use these systems to automatically scan and analyse incoming CVs and select those that appear interesting to the software. A professional CV writer knows which keywords and phrases to use to make your job application stand out to software programmes and recruiters.

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CV writing services to consider

Various CV writing service providers can help you improve your CV, write an engaging cover letter, and make your candidate profile more attractive to potential employers. Some of the best services and platforms that offer CV writing include:

1. Indeed

Indeed is a worldwide employment website for job listings and career development. It features free access to upload CVs, search for employment opportunities and job listings, research companies and read through career-minded articles and skill development guides. You can use its CV service to get an instant CV report, choose a video review option by a professional writer or elect to have a complete review and rewrite. Here are some examples of the insights you might glean from using this CV writing service:

  • tips to optimise keywords to bypass applicant tracking systems (ATS)

  • best practices for layout, design and formatting

  • excellent word choice and sentence structure to highlight your achievements

  • how to handle employment gaps or career changes in your document

  • how to tailor your CV and keywords for a specific job or company

  • how to demonstrate your skills, capabilities and qualifications thoughtfully

2. My Perfect CV

My Perfect CV is an online service that helps you create an attractive CV by giving you step-by-step advice for showcasing your skills. The service allows you to build an interesting CV in just three steps, which involve selecting a template, writing your CV contents and, lastly, downloading your CV. Throughout this process, My Perfect CV provides you with expert advice in the form of bullet points, which guide you on the type of content and wording you can use to attract recruiters' attention.

3. Purple CV

Purple CV is a paid online service that allows you to get access to your CV writer. It has several CV writing packages available to you, depending on your situation and experience. In addition to CV writing, this company also gives you an option to use their additional services, including cover letter writing. They may also help with building your profile on a professional networking website.

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4. Top CV

Top CV is a company that claims that its writing services can help you land more interviews and get a job faster. Similarly to some of the other service providers, they offer clients various CV packages, including:

  • Professional growth: This package gives you access to 1:1 support from a professional writer who can review, edit and format your CV. It also includes keyword optimisation, which improves your CV's digital readability.

  • Career evolution: In addition to all services from the professional growth package, this service also includes cover letter writing and a 60-day interview guarantee. The guarantee means that if you're not receiving more interview invitations after using their services, Top CV would write your CV again for free.

  • Executive priority: This package gives you access to the best 10% of Top CV's professional writers, who'd review your CV, help you write a cover letter and optimise your application. The executive priority package also includes a professional networking profile makeover.

5. CV People

CV People offers professional career and academic CV writing to clients from all around the globe. The company claims that using its services helps job candidates receive four times more interview invitations than before. The company employs a few dozen professional writers and several interview coaches who can help you improve your job application and improve how you perform during an interview. This company offers services to professionals on all levels of seniority, from students and recent graduates to managers and senior executives.

6. CV Knowhow

CV Knowhow provides clients with CV writing and career advice services. The company allows you to upload your existing CV, after which their team of experts reviews your documents and gives you personalised recommendations on how to improve the quality of your CV. In addition to this basic service, they also offer more advanced packages, including full CV and cover letter rewrites or professional networking profile makeovers.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that acts as a hub for connecting clients and freelancers. Many professional writers are marketing their writing services on the platform. You may consider this option if you're interested in working one-on-one with a specific expert, as you'd be in control of choosing the person who edits your CV. Freelancers offering their services on the platform often have various service packages. For example, they may be able to improve the quality of your CV writing while making your CV template look attractive.

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Choosing a CV writing service provider

There are various successful companies on the market that focus on helping job seekers improve their CVs. Here's how you can decide which one to use:

  1. Consider your industry: Some CV writers and companies specialise in particular sectors, such as IT or business. Choosing a service provider with expert knowledge of the field you're in or want to enter can be highly valuable.

  2. Determine your needs: Some job seekers only require that the service provider guide them on improving their job application, whereas others want a professional writer to create a CV for them from scratch. By identifying your needs, you can quickly source companies and decide if you want to actively work with a writer 1:1 or fully outsource the task to someone.

  3. Read reviews: Reading reviews from providers' past clients can give you a general idea of how effective these companies are. It also helps you determine what it's like to work with them.

Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.


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