14 easy certifications you can earn to improve your CV

Updated 25 July 2023

There are several easy certifications you can pursue to improve your CV in almost every field of work and at almost every level. Since many certifications are available online, it can be easier to obtain professional certificates to develop your skills in a short amount of time. Learning about which qualifications you can pursue can help you advance your career. In this article, we explain what certifications are, discuss their benefits and list 14 online certifications that are easy to get.

What are easy certifications?

The process for earning easy certifications often involves learning at home in your free time. These certifications take less time to earn than others. The job market is becoming more competitive, and employers are looking for better ways to evaluate candidates. When you choose online certifications in your field, you typically get an official document that proves your capabilities and qualifications to an employer.

Benefits of adding certifications to your CV

The number of certifications available in the workforce is growing exponentially. There are certifications for practically every job and industry, and it's important to be aware of these opportunities and explore them for experience to add to your CV. Here are five reasons:

Expand your skill set

If you're already working in your chosen field, certifications are a great way to gain more knowledge and skills to advance your career. In addition, obtaining a certification can lead to more opportunities that may have been previously unavailable to you. Learning new skills you can apply to your job can help you advance your career and secure a new position or promotion. The more you know about the industry, the more opportunities there are for you to grow your career and increase your salary.

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Gain credibility

A certification can help establish you as an authority in your field. For example, you might practise massage therapy and have a thriving business. Once you gain certification, doctors feel comfortable referring patients to your clinic, and your business increases.

Be able to compete

Certifications help employers better assess a candidate's knowledge to ensure they're the best person for the position or promotion. Certifications distinguish you from the competition, prove your worth and show that you can succeed. Having a certificate might be what influences a hiring manager to interview you.

Work at your own pace

The rise in popularity of online courses and the availability of online platforms that offer professional certifications have made it easier for you to get professionally certified while at home during leisure hours. Depending on where you register, the certification programme might proceed without deadlines so you can complete them in your own time. Many are inexpensive or free.

Increase potential earnings

Companies excel when they stay current with developments in their fields. They're looking for employees with similar mindsets and are willing to pay more money for them. With a relevant certification, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary.

14 easy certifications for jobs

If you're looking to advance your career, there are various certifications available online that you can accomplish from home. These types of credentials improve your employability and can help you find an excellent workplace. Here are 14 certifications you might find useful:

1. IT support certifications

The information technology professionals who work with computer systems are the same as computer support technicians or system administrators. Computer systems are essentially hardware with software components, and IT professionals help manage both with the ultimate goal of maximising productivity. This certification is helpful if your job requires you to assist with software installations, upgrades and computer repairs.

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2. Human resource management certifications

If your role in an office overlaps in some capacity with human resources, acquire your own HR certificate. Companies are more likely to hire you for a position in HR if you can show that you have an understanding of the role. Professional HR certification can teach you the theory and practice of human resources and allow you to move forward in your field.


If you have an undergraduate degree and speak English fluently, you can pursue a certificate to teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). It specialises your teaching abilities to enable you to help a range of people, from those who are beginners to those who wish to have a better professional vocabulary for their careers. This certificate is available online and prepares you to teach from within the UK or go abroad and teach English as a foreign language.

4. First aid in emergency certifications

First aid is a range of measures taken to minimise injury and to protect life after an accident or during a medical emergency. The demand for first-aid certification has increased in areas where people work with the general public. Here are some roles for which first-aid certification can be helpful and might be a requirement:

  • healthcare worker

  • firefighter

  • coach

  • volunteer

  • teacher

  • flight attendant

  • government worker

  • shop assistant

  • emergency technician

  • librarian

  • child care provider

  • personal trainer

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5. Project management processes certifications

Project management is the act of overseeing a project lifecycle. The job includes coordinating resources, prioritising tasks, and managing expectations in all types of corporate settings. PMP certification in project management gives you the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to be successful in this field.

6. Software design and architecture specialisation certifications

Earning a software design certification specific to your field helps you boost your skills while also showing employers your dedication to learning the latest technologies. You can learn many programming languages to program software at your own pace. Even if that's how you started, a software design certification can prove your abilities to a future employer.

7. Regulatory compliance certifications

These certifications can help with general job searches in risk management. Employers look favourably on regulatory compliance certifications as they're a way to candidate knowledgeable in various areas of organisational compliance. These certifications work for non-profit and private companies as well.

8. Notary public certification

Notary publics are solicitors who are qualified to verify documents for accuracy and ensure that they represent the original intent of the parties involved. Notaries also serve as witnesses to various legal transactions. This certification can be very useful to help maintain confidentiality, as managers can come to you instead of going outside the organisation to a notary public with contracts and agreements.

9. Forklift license

Forklift operators are responsible for moving heavy objects around in factories and warehouses. The forklift operator license is usually obtained after completing an approved forklift training programme. The license shows you're aware of the guidelines in place to operate the machinery while ensuring your safety and that of others.

10. Introduction to computer programming certifications

There are many different computer programming languages to learn, and the best way is through a programming certification. If you're already working in computer science, this certification is almost indispensable to advance your career. Programming can be a lucrative career field in which you learn the basics of various coding languages for computers, mobile devices and other devices that use computer technology, like robots, cars and drones.

11. Marketing strategy certifications

Marketers help promote the products and services of corporations and organisations. With so many aspects of marketing to choose from, you can consider certifications that focus on traditional or digital marketing strategies. They also handle content marketing and branding. It's a full approach that shows you how to bring each element together.

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12. Data analytics certifications

Large companies use the results of data analysis to form their marketing plans. If you like big data and enjoy helping people uncover the reasons behind purchase decisions, look for certification in data analytics. If your current job is in marketing, a data analytics certificate could make you more valuable to your employer and you might even start a new role.

13. Bookkeeping basics certifications

A bookkeeper can be a valuable asset to any small business as they track revenue and manage inventory. Many small businesses turn to bookkeepers when they need extra help with their finances. If you work in retail sales, a bookkeeping certificate can help you reach a managerial role.

14. Sales operations certifications

Sales operations certificates are for sales managers. The certification process teaches them how to manage and compensate a sales team. If you're already working in sales, this certificate can increase your chances of promotion to a managerial role. Sales managers also work to keep morale high with effective training in sales tactics.


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