Eyelash technician resume keywords (with usage tips)

Updated 20 December 2022

When you're hoping to work as an eyelash technician, it helps to ensure your CV has the correct keywords and terminology to distinguish yourself from other candidates. A hiring manager might scan your CV quickly to narrow down the list of potential hires and they may be explicitly searching for specific keywords which demonstrate your skills and knowledge. This means that knowing these words may increase your chances of getting the job. In this article, we look at eyelash technician resume keywords to use in your CV and explain how to get this job in four steps.

Eyelash technician resume keywords

Understanding the right eyelash technician resume keywords to use in your CV helps hiring managers to locate the most important information quickly and summarises your essential skills and knowledge. Employers often prefer concise CVs that clearly state a person's abilities but it may be difficult to impress with such a limited space. Every word in your CV potentially affects your success, so it helps to use this space to your advantage.

Certain words indicate you have a thorough knowledge of how eyelash technicians operate and how you use these words similarly demonstrates your independence and competency. This may even extend to how you present certain skills or responsibilities, as these suggest what you believe are the role's most important duties. Here are some examples of common keywords which you may use to further enhance your eyelash technician CV:

Eyelash skills

Many of the keywords you use are likely to revolve around your ability to work with eyelashes and your familiarity with a wide range of techniques, styles and approaches. Depending upon your employer's expectations, they might deliberately search for experience in specific types of eyelash work, so it helps to mention those most relevant to the position. Common eyelash skill keywords and key phrases may include:

  • ability to tint eyelashes for excellent colour results

  • several years of experience in lash perming

  • proficiency in applying eyelash extensions

  • knowledge of how eyelash shape affects extensions

  • ability to perform Yumi and LVL lash lifts

  • experience in using eyelash enhancer serum

  • proficiency in both classic and Russian lash styles

  • expertise in providing hybrid eyelash extensions

  • understanding the different eyelash volume options

  • knowledge of the many curl options, including B-curl, D-curl and L+ curl

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Organisation skills

Hiring managers may look for highly organised candidates who can help create an efficient workstation for applying lashes. By emphasising your devotion to organisation and sanitation in your CV, you demonstrate your commitment to providing a high-quality experience and maintaining the industry's high standards. Specific keywords which showcase your organisation skills may include:

  • maintain strong attention to detail throughout appointments

  • frequently clean and sanitise workstations between customers

  • familiarity with the usual workplace sanitation techniques

  • coordinate and schedule consultations between staff members

  • regularly check tools to make sure they're functioning properly

  • memorise service prices and any available discounts or offers

  • return equipment to its correct place at the end of a shift

  • frequently sterilise equipment to maintain health standards

  • document customer preferences for future reference

  • check stock of specialist products regularly

  • order additional amounts of certain products in advance

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Interpersonal skills

Eyelash technicians frequently work around people, which means soft skills such as communication are amongst the usual requirements for the role. You may use your experience in jobs entirely unrelated to eyelash work, as many customer-facing positions equip you with skills for this service-oriented role. There are many ways you may showcase your interpersonal capabilities and these are typically pivotal to the customer experience. Examples of interpersonal skills keywords include:

  • represent the company at events

  • advise customers on the eyelash styles that suit them

  • engage with customers throughout their appointments

  • explain procedures to clients, so they know what to select

  • de-escalate situations involving aggressive customers

  • empathise with customers who might discuss their problems

  • resolve customer queries in person and over the phone

  • educate customers about products and possible alternatives

  • greet customers and clients as they enter the shop

  • answer any questions customers have about their lashes

  • support other staff members throughout long work hours

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Time management skills

Working with eyelashes involves good time management, as each technique or procedure may take a different amount of time to complete. Hiring managers value eyelash technicians that manage their time effectively and accommodate clients at regular intervals without significant delays or lapses in scheduling. This soft skill is another you might develop entirely outside of eyelash work but helps you guarantee a strong service. Specific time management CV keywords include:

  • exercise time management to limit the chance of appointment delays

  • maintain a strong level of punctuality when conducting home appointments

  • note the usual time that each procedure takes and modify appointment times to reflect this

  • assess the possibility of completing walk-in appointments before the next scheduled customer

  • practise my technique whenever possible to reduce the time that certain procedures take

  • delegate tasks to other team members depending on their availability, expertise and skills

  • manage stress levels to maintain a calm demeanour when facing a high volume of customers

  • complete various tasks with the same deadline, prioritising them appropriately

  • prepare products and tools in advance to make sure they're ready for an appointment

  • make suggestions on how to streamline lengthy work processes

  • group similar tasks together to complete them more quickly

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How to become an eyelash technician

Using the right keywords in your CV is only one step towards becoming an eyelash technician. This job is usually quite competitive, so it helps to make sure you follow as many of these steps as possible before applying for these roles. Different organisations have their own unique requirements, just as they often respond better to specific keywords but it still helps to strengthen your applications in the following ways. This is especially true if you don't have much experience. With this in mind, the usual steps to becoming an eyelash technician include the following:

1. Pursue qualifications

Many courses are available that teach you how to work with eyelashes, such as a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in eyelash extensions. These courses give you thorough instructions on eyelash work, including how to apply extensions, give advice to customers and notice when someone is unable to receive extensions. NVQ courses have strong practical components that allow students to develop hands-on experience. The Guild of Beauty Therapists has accredited courses that meet their standards, so it's a good idea to select one of these rather than the institution closest to you.

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2. Develop your training

After completing your initial course, continue with your training so you may cover even more types of eyelash treatment. Working with Russian lashes, for example, may require another course, which may be more expensive than your initial qualification. Having more certifications means you're able to prove your aptitude in various eyelash treatment styles, so this is a worthwhile investment that allows you to develop your skills even further. As you become familiar with more techniques, note them on your CV to increase the chances of a hiring manager noticing your application.

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3. Keep practising

Outside your courses and formal training, keep practising and consider asking friends and family members if you might work on their eyelashes to refine your technique. By continuing to practise, you complete extensions to an even higher standard and potentially quicker than before, allowing you to establish yourself as somebody with a good service to offer. You may also build a social media profile or put together a physical portfolio to show the quality of your eyelash work to hiring managers during interviews. This may be more useful than a simple description of your skills.

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4. Apply for roles

With qualifications, training and enough practise, you're ready to write an eyelash technician CV and apply for roles. Following the typical structure and keyword rules when writing ensures the hiring manager gives your CV a second look. If your skills and relevant experience impress the employer, they might ask you to attend an interview. Make sure you recheck the job posting beforehand, as this may give you an idea of what questions to expect, allowing you to prepare appropriate answers. For example, they might ask about certain skills they previously highlighted in the job description.

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