Health Care Assistant Cover Letter: Tips and Examples

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Updated 21 November 2022

Published 25 June 2021

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A health care assistant (HCA) cover letter provides recruiters with further insight into who you are as a potential employee. While your CV provides a list of your relevant skills and qualifications, a cover letter allows you to demonstrate your personality alongside what makes you are the best candidate for the role. A well-written cover letter can leave a potential employer excited to find out more about you and schedule a job interview. In this article, we share with you some tips and examples to help you draft a great cover letter to secure your next HCA role.

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How to write a health care assistant cover letter

Healthcare assistants are a vital part of the medical team responsible for delivering high-quality patient care. Therefore, your cover letter must be also of high quality as well. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to help you craft a successful health care assistant cover letter:

1. Include a greeting

Your cover letter is your first introduction to the organisation, so you want to ensure you make a great first impression by starting with an appropriate greeting. Where possible, try to address your cover letter to the recruiter reviewing your application by name, using a common business greeting such as "Dear [Title] [Surname]". If you're unsure of the recruiters name the phrase "to whom it may concern" can be used as a salutation instead.

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2. Use a powerful opening statement

In the first paragraph of your letter, be sure to mention the job you're applying for and the location of the vacancy. Show enthusiasm when explaining why you're applying for the role. If you were referred by a current employee or someone within the industry, mention that connection from the outset to strengthen your application. While it's important that you clearly explain the purpose of your cover letter, you can also inject some creativity with an anecdote relevant to the job, highlighting your passion or experience as a healthcare assistant.

3. Explain what makes you suitable for the role

When writing a cover letter for a health care assistant job, it's important to customise its content for each specific role. Read carefully through the job description and make note of keywords and phrases that you can mirror when describing the skills and qualities that make you a great candidate. The recruiter wants to see that you can add value to their team, explain how you are qualified for the role and use examples of key accomplishments that strengthen your application.

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4. Stay concise

Aim for your cover letter to be three to four paragraphs spread over a single page. Keep the topics you discuss focused and concise. It can be tempting to list all of your accomplishments to date. However, it's beneficial to keep some details for the interview stage of your application.

Bullet points are a great way to make your cover letter look more dynamic while explaining key points to the reader. Remember not to simply copy your CV. Instead, discuss your achievements succinctly but in enough detail to influence the recruiter that you are right for the role.

5. End with a call to action

At the end of your cover letter, thank the recruiter for their consideration while encouraging a further meeting to discuss your application in more detail. Provide details of your availability, or advise the recruiter that you can follow up with them in a few days to schedule an initial meeting. This conveys confidence while also establishing your expectations for a response. You can also express excitement to learn more about the role and show passion for the position, employers are looking for individuals that share the organisations' values and be an inspiration to other employees.

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Skills to include in a health care assistant cover letter

As a health care assistant, there are various skills required to effectively support people with day-to-day tasks both in a hospital or community setting. Here are some examples you can use when drafting your cover letter:


Delivering care with compassion is a vital skill for healthcare assistants. Demonstrate to the recruiter that you can relate to your patients and show understanding of their situation. Compassion makes HCAs more aware of their patient's needs. In your cover letter, provide a story demonstrating how you have used empathy and communication to deliver outstanding patient care.

Physical stamina

The job of a health care assistant can be physically demanding and often involves standing and walking for hours at a time. Demonstrate that you have a good level of endurance and are willing to take on the role's physical demands. You can mention the type of shift rotation you have worked on before, or list the types of physical tasks you would regularly carry out.

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Working in a healthcare setting can at times be unpredictable. Being able to problem solve and take initiative in unforeseen circumstances is a valuable quality. Reflect on a time where you had to unexpectedly adjust your workflow to accommodate change while keeping a positive attitude, this can demonstrate to employers that you can be relied upon even in times of change or crisis, an invaluable trait in the medical profession.

Emotional resilience

Working in healthcare you can sometimes encounter moments of sadness, but being able to control your emotions and support the relatives of those who have passed away is a necessary skill for HCA's. Being able to continue with your day despite emotional setbacks is something recruiters are looking for. You can share a story of a particularly difficult moment that tested your emotional control and describe the way you overcame your sorrow to continue your job effectively.

Attention to detail

Keen observation skills and strong attention to detail are necessary when working in the medical profession. When handling patient charts, recording medical notes and distributing medication accuracy is key, show that you understand the importance of completing tasks free from error. Health care assistants can often follow instructions from physicians and it's essential that show you can do so meticulously.

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Cover letter formatting tips

To ensure your cover letter looks refined and professional, make sure that you format it correctly. If using a word processor to write your cover letter, set your margins to 2.5 cm so that the content fits neatly on the page. When emailing your cover letter you can omit the recipient's contact details and include your contact details at the end within your digital signature. It's best to keep your cover letter to under one page. If you've written too much, reread it to find areas that you can edit or cut to make it read more succinctly.

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Example of health care assistant cover letter

Here is an example cover letter that you can use to help you write your next healthcare assistant cover letter:

Dear Mr Jones,

After hearing about the health care assistant vacancy at Lister Hospital from my old colleague and friend Matron Susan Davies of your geriatric ward, I knew I had to apply. I have a particular passion for elderly care and have always been impressed by Lister's commitment and compassion to their geriatric patients. As a health care assistant with more than 10 years of experience in a variety of health care settings, I feel I have the necessary values and skills that make me the perfect candidate for the role.

I am adept at phlebotomy, charting and performing electrocardiograms with keen attention to detail while ensuring my patients remain calm and comfortable. During my time at Bedford Hospital, I was responsible for delivering a wide variety of patient care, from bathing and grooming to feeding, ambulation, toileting and attending to any of their specific needs. I endeavour to take the time to talk to patients and help ease any feelings of isolation and loneliness while effectively organising my day to make certain all tasks are completed as scheduled.

Highlights of my experience that make me particularly suited to the job include:

  • Liaising with external caregivers and support services to ensure appropriate patient follow-up and treatment upon discharge.

  • Ensuring that all health and safety and cleanliness standards are met.

  • Providing hands-on assistance to physicians carrying out procedures and treatments.

  • Completing general housekeeping tasks such as changing bed linen and replenishing supplies

I take pride in my dedication to delivering outstanding patient care while remaining empathetic and calm under pressure. Please find my CV enclosed. I am available at your convenience to discuss my application in more detail. I can contact you in a few days to arrange a suitable time for an interview if you feel I am a suitable candidate. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Angela Robins

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