How To Write a Customer Service Professional CV (With Example)

Updated 12 April 2023

A detailed CV for customer service can help you stand out during the hiring process. Learning what to include and how to write your CV is a useful skill that you can use throughout your career. In this article, we explain how to write a CV, discuss some important skills to include and provide a template and example.

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How to write a customer service professional CV

Here are the steps to follow to create a customer service professional CV:

1. Choose a format

The first step to creating your customer service CV is to decide which format to choose. Depending on your education, experience and skills, you could use a format that demonstrates your best qualifications in a logical order.

If you have recent experience relating to the customer service industry, then consider using a chronological CV, which shows your work experiences from past to present, with the most recent experience listed first. However, if you have little experience, then you can choose a functional CV that focuses on your relevant skills. You can also read the job advertisement to see if the employer prefers skills or experience more, then personalise your CV according to their preferences.

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2. Include your contact information

Start your CV by adding your contact information, including your full name, phone number and email address. This information can go at the very top of your CV and can be a slightly larger font so it stands out. By keeping this information organised and easy to find, you can help prospective employers contact you.

3. Write a profile or professional summary

You can write a professional summary to give an employer a brief overview of your key skills and work experience. This section is typically a few sentences long. It highlights your most important qualifications and discusses your career objective.

You can adjust your objectives for each application you make to focus on each employer's needs and requirements. A hiring manager may scan this section to determine whether you're right for the role. With an effective professional summary, you can catch the hiring manager's attention, which may inspire them to keep reading. This can help increase the chances that you receive an interview offer.

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4. Add your work experience

In this section of your CV, you can list your work history. Most experience can show transferable skills and practical knowledge that you can apply to the customer service industry. For example, your work experiences could show how you improved your teamwork and communication skills. It is important to provide specific information for each role, including quantifiable data and metrics to demonstrate your performance. This can assist the employer in evaluating you as a candidate. It is also worth including objectives you may have reached and milestones you achieved to show your exemplary performance.

If you do not have much relevant work experience, think of ways to show you have developed and gained relevant skills from experience that is not within the customer service industry. You can highlight transferable skills within the roles you have had or demonstrate that you acquired these skills through your education, hobbies or voluntary experience.

5. List your education

After detailing your most relevant work experience, you can include a section about your education. Begin with your most recent degree or training program. Include the name of the degree, the school's name and the dates you attended. If you've completed university, you may leave out your secondary school information.

6. Detail your skills

In this section, list a combination of hard and soft skills that you have acquired during your career. Hard skills refer to the technical skills that are required to undertake certain roles, while soft skills are interpersonal skills that you can apply and transfer to several different industries. The skills section is an important part of a CV for a customer service professional because it provides insight into your performance and talents. It is also worth highlighting examples of how these skills affected the company you worked for, and how you were able to improve over time.

Here are some skills you might consider adding:

  • Communication: Customer service jobs often require excellent verbal and written communication to work with coworkers and customers. Detailing your communication abilities in your skills and experience section shows you have this vital quality.

  • Problem-solving: Customer service professionals handle a wide variety of issues regarding the company's products and services, so you need to demonstrate that you can resolve issues efficiently. You should be adept at finding the root cause of issues and selecting the most appropriate solution accordingly.

  • Patience: Customer service professionals may answer questions, solve problems and explain steps for customers. These situations may require a high level of patience to keep the conversation focussed.

  • Empathy: In the customer service sector, empathy is a regular requirement to interact with customers and build relationships.

  • Computer literacy: Many customer service roles involve working with computers. This may include inputting customer contact information, writing reports describing calls and using specialised customer service software.

  • Technical knowledge: In a lot of cases, a customer service professional needs to understand the product or service being offered, including specific technical knowledge to best aid the customer. If applicable, you may include skills related to specific product knowledge.

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7. Consider your interests

A CV may contain an interest or hobby section, although this is optional for some roles. If you're new to the field, a recent graduate or the job posting asks for this information you may include a section describing your interests and hobbies. An employer may use this section to learn more about your personality or work ethic.

Consider including interests that can highlight your relevant skills. For example, if you're a volunteer tutor for children, this can show your communication skills and interpersonal skills, such as empathy and patience.

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8. Include relevant keywords

Before finishing your customer service professional CV, consider reviewing the content for keywords related to the role. Employers may use applicant tracking systems to screen CVs. These software programs scan resumes, looking for keywords. The software then ranks resumes based on these terms.

You can use specific keywords from the job description and the company's website to increase the chances that your CV gets noticed. To do this, review the initial job posting and see what skills and words they notice.

9. Review and proofread your document

A CV is your first chance to show an employer your attention to detail and organisation skills. Leave time to review and edit your document to ensure it's accurate and neat. You may read it aloud to check for spelling mistakes or have a trusted acquaintance review it with you.

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Customer service professional CV template

Here is a template you can use when creating a CV for your next customer service role:

[Phone number]

Summary: [Write a brief paragraph describing your most relevant skills, experience and qualifications]

Professional history (In reverse chronological order)
[Job title]
[Company name]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Degree name]
[Name of school]
[Dates attended]


  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]


  • [Include a list of interests and hobbies]

Customer service professional CV example

Consider using this example CV as a reference when you write yours:

Ava Evans
111 Main Stree, Bristol BS1 3AD
11222 567890

Summary: Organised and highly motivated professional with over four years of customer service experience. Excellent communication skills, including conflict resolution and relationship building. Seeking a new full-time opportunity where I can use my skills.

Professional history
service advisor
Better Way Technology
May 2019—Present

  • Assist customers with technology products and answered questions

  • Market new products and services to customers

  • Train new customer service professionals and assist them with software programs

Customer service assistant
Computer World Desk
June 2018—May 2019

  • Created a follow-up system that increased customer satisfaction rates by 24%

  • Input customer service contact information into a database

  • Maintained customer contact files

  • Wrote customer service reports after each communication

Retail sales associate
The Corner Computer Store
April 2017—June 2018

  • Assisted customers with questions related to merchandise

  • Encouraged customers to buy additional products and service plans

  • Taught customers how to use new technology products

Bachelor of Arts in media and communication
University of Whitby
September 2015—May 2018


  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Empathy

  • Patience

  • Creating customer satisfaction surveys

  • Data entry

  • Technology customer service

  • Sales

  • Conflict management


  • Volunteer tutor through the Reading Helpers Organisation

  • Sports, including football and running

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