How To Write an Electrician CV (With Template and Example)

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Published 19 July 2021

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A well-written and thorough curriculum vitae (CV) can help you get noticed by potential employers during a job search. As an electrician, a CV serves as a historical account of your professional experience, education, certifications and skills used when applying for positions or educational apprenticeships. Knowing how to structure your CV can help you craft a powerful document that may stand apart from other candidates. In this article, we explore what an electrician's CV is, what to include in it, how to organise and write one, and we share a template and sample CV to help inspire as you write your own.

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What is a CV for an electrician?

A CV for an electrician is an electronic or paper document that outlines your qualifications, skills, experience, education and professional activities as an electrician. Updating your CV throughout your professional career allows you to showcase new credentials, certifications, recent jobs and other accomplishments.

Most CVs follow a traditional layout that includes these sections:

  • Name and contact information

  • Professional summary

  • Education and experience

  • Certifications and licences

  • Professional and community activities

  • Skills

  • References

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Tips on writing an electrician CV

Here are three tips and suggestions to keep in mind when writing your electrician CV:

  • Keep formatting consistent and neat. Choose a readable font and use italics sparingly. List dates as MM/YYYY (10/2020) or Month/Year (October 2020) and ensure dates, fonts and formatting are consistent throughout the document.

  • Spell out acronyms. When you first reference an organisation, include its full name with the acronym in parentheses. You can use just the acronym for any further references.

  • Review and save your CV regularly. It's often easier to update your CV immediately after something happens, so consider updating it after major projects, milestones or new employment. Save and date each reiteration of your CV to use former versions as a foundation for improvements and updates.

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How to write an electician CV

Consider following these steps to write a well-rounded CV that helps establish you as a qualified electrician candidate:

1. Choose a layout and header

Choose a layout that is easy to read with simple colours, basic designs and professional typefaces, like Arial or Times New Roman. This can help recruiters scan your document to note your qualifications, experience and background. Your header at the top of your CV is one exception, where using bold type or larger font is acceptable. Double-check that your contact numbers and email address are correct so someone can contact you.

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2. Write a professional summary

Underneath your header, consider adding a professional summary that briefly explains your skills, qualifications, experience and value. It's often a smart idea to tailor the summary section for each job you apply to, using keywords from job descriptions. This can help you appear as a more viable applicant and often helps get past automatic applicant tracking systems some businesses use to filter applications. For example:

'A studying electrician apprentice with two years of experience assisting in the installation, maintenance and testing of electrical systems in residential homes. Currently earning a level two diploma for electrical installation and a reliable and coachable professional dedicated to developing strong capabilities and experiences within the field.'

3. Add your education and experience

In these sections, add your education and experience in reverse chronological order. If you have extensive experience, consider placing it above your education or if you recently gained credentials or degrees, list that first. Internships and volunteer work often count, particularly if they included practical experience.

When listing your experience, select the most important aspects of your role and show how you added value to the position. For example, 'led a team of 12 as head electrician, guiding monthly training sessions and reviewing work schedules and invoices' strongly describes your responsibilities and experience in the industry and sounds stronger than 'served as head electrician.'

4. Share unique accomplishments

Highlighting unique achievements on your CV often gives employers a deeper outlook of what to expect from you as a potential employee, especially as it might relate to going beyond the basic responsibilities of the job. Consider using detailed examples to show your qualifications, experience and progress in your field. Use action verbs when possible to showcase your strengths and accomplishments. For example:

'Launched a training program for onboarding new electricians, focusing on proper installation techniques and safety protocols and successfully trained four new colleagues in the inaugural program.'

5. List your skill set

A strong skill set is important as an electrician and sharing a mix of hard and soft skills can help you stand apart from other job candidates. Share your technical skills, like wiring or blueprint reading, though consider including other skills that might help differentiate you as an applicant. For example:

  • Mentoring: If you help others in the industry, whether through volunteer work, in the workplace or through proper educational outlets.

  • Time management: How you handle multiple tasks per day or stay timely with residential appointments.

  • Leadership: If you lead people, teams or projects.

6. Add associations, certifications and licences

Include professional licences, certifications and groups or associations you hold or belong to on your CV. Ones related to your field are strongest, though it's okay to include others that might affirm other skills that make you a strong candidate, like leadership, public speaking or organisational skills, for example. Prioritise the most important first and list them in descending order.

7. Proofread carefully

This is an important step, even though it comes last. Review your CV for any grammar, formatting or punctuation errors. Consider running both a computer spellcheck program first and printing a hard copy to look over. Check that dates and contact information are correct and ask a friend to review the document, too. Consider carefully proofreading your CV every time you make an update or change, even if minor.

Electrician CV template

Here is a template to use to craft an electrician's CV of your own:

[First and last name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional summary
[A few sentences mentioning top qualifications and skills]

[High school, college or university name] | [Location]
[Dates attended]
[Degree] | [GPA?]

[Dates received] | [Certification or license title]

[Dates received] | [License title]

Professional experience
[Position title] | [Company or organisation name] | [Location]
[Month and year-month and year]

  • [Bulleted list of job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Bulleted list of job responsibilities and accomplishments]

[Position title] | [Company or organisation name] | [Location]
[Month and year-month and year]

  • [Bulleted list of job responsibilities and accomplishments]

  • [Bulleted list of job responsibilities and accomplishments]


  • [Bulleted list of related skills for the position]

  • [Bulleted list of related skills for the position]

Professional activities and organisations
[List of related clubs, associations or conferences]

Community service
[List of volunteer activities or contributions]

[List of names and contact information or statement about references]

Sample electrician CV

Consider using this sample of an electrician CV as inspiration for creating your own:

Marcel Woodley
Leeds LS3 1AB, UK
0113 555 5555

Professional summary
A licenced and dedicated electrician with seven years of experience handling installation, maintenance and testing of electrical systems in residential and commercial settings. A reliable professional with a deep understanding of safety laws, electrical legislation and new-build requirements and a passion for training fellow electricians in apprenticeship programmes.

Leeds College| Leeds, UK
Electrician scheme with modules in wiring, voltage and electrical installation

Leeds Academy| Leeds, UK
A levels in maths, physics and chemistry

2019 | Part P and domestic installer certification | Benchmark

2016 | Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card
2015 | Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) card
2015 | Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufactures' Association (PASMA) card
Full UK driving licence

Professional experience
Head electrician | Spark Electric Limited | Leeds, UK
January 2019-Present

  • Train, supervise and lead a team of 15 electricians

  • Guide quarterly training sessions, write work schedules and orders and review invoice write-ups and pricing guidelines

  • Carry out major lighting reconstruction on multilevel car parks in the city

  • Write electrical condition testing reports for city-owned community centres and health facilities

  • Serve as head electrician on annual volunteer trips to Caribbean countries, helping rebuild homes affected by hurricanes

Electrician | Lightyear Electricity LLC | Leeds, UK
November 2015-December 2018

  • Tested fuse boxes, wires and transformers for council housing establishments and replaced them as needed

  • Assisted head electrician in maintenance and electrical tasks on residential and commercial sites


  • Customer service and interpersonal skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Dexterity

  • Blueprint interpretation

  • AV and electronics repair

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Time management

  • Problem-solving and creative thinking

  • Thorough understanding of safety protocols

Professional activities and organisations
2018-Present | Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA)
2020 | Electrical Safety Council conference attendee

Community service
2019-Present | Homes for Haiti volunteer and UK coordinator
2016-Present | We Can Shelter England volunteer for home builds

Available upon request.

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