How To Write a Digital Marketer CV in 8 Steps (With Example)

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Updated 23 January 2023

Published 29 September 2021

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Digital marketing is a constantly growing industry as companies and individuals adopt more online platforms and programs for everyday use. Working as a digital marketer can be an exciting and fulfilling job that allows for creativity and critical thinking on the job. Knowing how to write a CV for this occupation can improve your chances of being invited for an interview and a potential job offer. In this article, we discuss how to write a digital marketer CV in eight steps and explore a template and example to help you get started.

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What is a digital marketer CV?

A digital marketer CV is a professional document for a marketing professional who specialises in forms of marketing that are published and distributed online. Much of a digital marketer's career focuses on building brand voice and awareness and generating interest in a company or brand. To do this, digital marketers can create content for platforms like social media outlets, company websites, online advertisements, email marketing and more. A digital marketer might oversee all elements of a company's digital marketing or create digital marketing strategies and materials for specific products or departments.

The CV helps to illustrate these competencies and qualities. Digital marketers also usually conduct market research to develop a strategy that best serves the market they operate in. This might involve conducting consumer surveys or researching purchasing trends in the industry. When creating a CV, it's essential that the information provided concisely details your most important tasks and responsibilities.

Why is it beneficial to use a CV for digital marketing?

A CV for someone who wants to work as a digital marketer is beneficial because it compiles all of your best academic and professional capabilities into one complete document. Having so much useful information in one document makes it easier for the recruiter to assess your qualifications and eligibility for the position. With advancements in online social platforms, it's become easier than ever to share your document with an employer and receive quick feedback on whether your candidacy is worth an interviewer. A well-written CV can make you a more appealing candidate.

How to write a CV for a digital marketer in 8 steps

Follow these eight steps to help you write an impactful CV for digital marketing:

1. Include your personal information

The first step to writing a CV is to input your personal and contact information as a header at the top of the page. This ensures that the employer can immediately locate how to contact you for further discussion. Include basic information, such as:

  • Full name: Input your first name and last name. It's common to have your name as the largest piece of text in the document to give it more prominence.

  • Phone number: Just below your name, include your telephone number. Whether this is a personal or work phone number, ensure it's the number you use most frequently.

  • Email address: Include your email address and ensure that it is professional. To ensure that your email is appropriate, it's simple to use your name in the email or a numbered variant if your exact name isn't available.

  • Location: Though not explicitly necessary, it's common to include your home address. This is to ensure that the employer can send you important materials regarding your application or the company.

  • Professional website: If you have a professional website, then you can include the link to it. You might also use a link to your online professional social media profile so employers can have even greater access to information about you.

2. Write your objective or professional summary

Include a succinct objective or professional summary below your personal information. This describes the purpose of the CV in just a few sentences. You can briefly mention your experiences, skills and accomplishments as a teaser to the rest of your document.

3. Include your diverse skills relevant to digital marketing

Include your relevant skills and try to diversify your capabilities by including both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are abilities that you learn, like SEO optimisation and social media management. Soft skills are personality traits, like leadership and interpersonal communication.

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4. Add your professional work history

Create entries for each of your professional work experiences. You might title this section 'Experience' or 'Professional Experience' and use it to list jobs you have held in the past to highlight the skills and expertise you gained from each of them. For each entry in this section, you can include the job title, the company you worked for, the duration of your work experience and some of the responsibilities you completed on the job. In a digital marketing CV, you might choose two or five examples from your work history related to marketing or digital content creation.

5. Describe your academic or educational background

If you've earned any academic degrees or diplomas, include them in this section. Make certain to include the name of the school and the date when you earned them. You can also include qualifications you're currently pursuing as well.

6. Include your certifications and any additional qualifications you've earned

Make entries for any certifications you have or additional qualifications that can inform your work in digital marketing. When creating a section specifically for certifications, you might title it 'Certifications', but you can also use 'Additional Credentials' or 'Additional Qualifications' if you want to include awards, certificates or other honours that highlight your expertise. While certifications can be optional for digital marketers, many choose to pursue certifications anyway to enhance their careers and make themselves more competitive candidates for open positions. Here are a few certifications you might earn as a digital marketer:

  • Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing

  • Certified Agile Digital Marketer Certification

  • Digital Marketing Professional Level Certification

7. Proofread your digital marketing CV

After writing your CV, make sure that you spend some time proofreading it. Check for grammar and style errors or areas where you can improve your writing. Make certain that you use a consistent and professional tone throughout the entire document. Verify that all the information you have provided is accurate and verifiable. It's also standard to use 12-point font and avoid bright colours for a simple reading experience.

8. Revise your CV according to different job postings

Edit your CV based on the job posting for each position you apply for. Since there are many opportunities for work in different areas of digital marketing, it can be beneficial to revise the information you include on your CV so that your skills and experience most closely match those listed in a job posting. This might involve adding skills you see in a job posting that you have to your list in the 'Skills' section of your CV or changing which aspects of your previous work experience to highlight.

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CV for digital marketing template

Use this template to help you write a CV for digital marketing:

[Full Name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]
[Professional website]

Professional summary
[Include three to five sentences in this section to illustrate your relevant job experience, notable skills and other capabilities that make you a perfect candidate for the role. Also, describe how you're going to implement those qualities within the position.]


  • [Soft or hard skill 1]

  • [Soft or hard skill 2]

  • [Soft or hard skill 3]

  • [Soft or hard skill 4]

  • [Soft or hard skill 5]

  • [Soft or hard skill 6]

  • [Soft or hard skill 7]

Professional experience
[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company address]
[Month and year since you worked in this position]

  • [Duties, achievements and responsibilities completed in this position 1]

  • [Duties, achievements and responsibilities completed in this position 2]

  • [Duties, achievements and responsibilities completed in this position 3]

[Title of college or institution you attended,] [City]
[Name of the degree you achieved,] [Date you attended or completed the degree. Start date to 'present' if you're still attending.]
[Name of minor if applicable]


  • [Certification 1, date obtained]

  • [Certification 2, date obtained]

  • [Certification 3, date obtained]

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Digital marketer CV example

Here is a sample of a CV using the template from above:

Gregory Lipton
111 Manor Close, Dinnigton UK, NE13 6ZR

Professional summary
Experienced digital content marketer with three years of experience optimising client content marketing initiatives and customer outreach. Highly driven and creative, with the ability to implement detailed marketing strategies to improve customer traffic and client retention. Knowledgeable using a wide range of online platforms and electronic marketing software.


  • SEO and SEM knowledge

  • Video editing

  • Data analytics

  • Content marketing

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Leadership

  • Collaboration

Professional experience
Digital marketing consultant
Worldwide Digital Marketing Co.
Dinning, UK

Jan 2016-March 2019

  • Conduct market research for upcoming campaigns

  • Assist in the design process for marketing content and materials

  • Manage social media profiles for clients

Farrows University, Dinnington
Bachelor's of Marketing, 2011-2015


  • Certified Agile Digital Marketer Certification

  • Digital Marketing Professional Certification

  • Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing


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