How to write a housekeeping CV (with template and example)

Updated 13 April 2023

When you're looking for a housekeeping job, having an effective CV can be a great way of clearly outlining your suitability to prospective employers. Housekeeping CVs typically include sections that mention the candidate's cleaning abilities and housekeeping experience to indicate that they're qualified for this position. Understanding how to write a housekeeping CV can help you to gain an interview for housekeeping roles and better your chances of securing a new role. In this article, we discuss what a housekeeping CV is, outline how to write one and look at a template and example.

What is a housekeeping CV?

A housekeeping CV is a professional document that outlines a housekeeper's skills, education and experience, which candidates send to prospective employers when applying for housekeeping jobs. The aim of these documents is to clearly demonstrate to potential employers that the candidate has the necessary requirements to work as a housekeeper. These cleaning professionals typically perform cleaning and laundry duties and can work in a variety of environments, such as hotels, homes and commercial buildings. When applying for housekeeping roles, prospective housekeepers usually submit a cover letter to accompany their CV.

You typically find the following information in a housekeeping CV:

  • contact information

  • professional summary

  • work experience

  • education

  • skills

How to write a housekeeping CV

Below, you can find out how to write a housekeeping CV:

1. Include your contact details

When writing your housekeeping CV, first, include your contact details. A good way of doing this is to set these details as the document's header, which can help you to save space. In the CV's header, include your full name and then below this your telephone number, email address and location.

It's also good practice to write your name in bold and to separate the contact information with either commas or pipes to make it easy for the potential employer to skim read the document. By completing this first step, prospective employers can easily find out how to contact you when there's an update with your application.

John Smith
0712345678 | | Leeds

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2. Write a professional summary

Once you've included your contact details, write a professional summary directly under it. This is a short statement that summarises your relevant housekeeping experience and skills, alongside your career ambitions. When writing this section, tailor it to the job you're applying for by reviewing the job description and mentioning the skills you possess that are also specified in this document. Effective professional summaries are typically a couple of sentences long, so try to keep this section as concise as possible.

Professional summary
Highly motivated and organised housekeeping professional with seven years of housekeeping experience in a commercial setting. Currently looking to apply my organisational and cleaning abilities to improve the cleanliness of people's homes.

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3. Outline your work experience

Next, outline your work experience. In this section, ensure that you mention all the experiences you've gained in cleaning and housekeeping. For each listed experience, state the job title first, followed by the name of the employer and location, the start and end dates and then a bulleted list of your responsibilities and key achievements.

When listing your responsibilities and achievements, aim for a minimum of five points for your most recent role and three for your other roles. Alongside this, start each point with a verb and write about your current role in the present tense and your previous roles in the past tense.

Work Experience
Westernshire Accounting Ltd, Leeds, July 2021–Current

  • Clean offices and report safety hazards to management

  • Restock toilet supplies

  • Report cleaning inventory issues to avoid running out of cleaning materials

  • Perform laundry duties

  • Clear rubbish left in communal areas

4. Mention your educational background

Some employers may want to see your school grades, such as your GCSEs and A-levels, but not all do, so check the job description first before mentioning this information. While not essential, it can also benefit you to complete a relevant certification or diploma in housekeeping before pursuing a housekeeping role. This can help you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. When mentioning your qualifications or certifications, mention the name of the institution and location, the qualification type, the grades you achieved and the dates when you completed the qualification.

Diploma in cleaning and housekeeping, pass
The Clean Easy Academy, Leeds, 2018

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5. List your skills

Finally, list your relevant housekeeping skills. As this is a CV for housekeeping roles, it's vital that you focus on skills you'd typically use when performing housekeeping duties. You can also include several transferable skills in this section, which are the skills that can benefit you in almost any other role.

Similarly to when you created your professional summary, refer to the job description when listing these skills. You can then tailor your CV effectively for these roles by identifying the skills you have that are also mentioned in the job description and including them in this section of your CV. As with the first section, it's also a good idea to split each skill listed with a comma or pipe to make it easy for potential readers to skim read.


Communication | Cleaning | Attention to detail | Organisation | Laundry

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Tips for writing a housekeeping CV

Below are some helpful tips that can help you to write an effective housekeeping CV:

  • Proofread your CV before you submit it. To improve your chances of success when applying for housekeeping roles, it's essential that you proofread your CV before sending it to prospective employers. By doing this, you can ensure that your work is free from basic grammatical and spelling mistakes.

  • Ensure that you include keywords and phrases. Some prospective employers include keywords and phrases in a job advert, which they look for when scanning through CVs. Including these words and phrases can better your chances of gaining the employer's attention, alongside allowing you to bypass any automated checks.

  • Research the role beforehand. Before you write your housekeeping CV, it's a good idea to thoroughly research the housekeeping role. This includes looking at the job posting and the hiring organisation's website to ascertain what their values are and the skills they're looking for and then adjusting your CV so that it's tailored to the role as much as possible.

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Housekeeping CV template

Below is a housekeeping CV template, which you can use to create your own:

[Your full name]
[Phone number] | [Email] | [Location]

Professional Summary
[Write a short paragraph, of approximately two sentences, about your experience, skills and career plans.]

Work Experience
[Current or most recent job title]
[Name of current or most recent employer, location and employment dates]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

[Former job title]
[Name of previous employer, location and employment dates]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

  • [Responsibility/achievement]

[Name of the qualification and grade]
[Name of the institution, location and date achieved]

[Housekeeping skill] | [Housekeeping skill] | [Housekeeping skill] | [Housekeeping skill]

Housekeeping CV example

Below is an example of a housekeeping CV, which you can refer to when creating your own:

Chloe Mayer
0125300871 | | London
Professional Summary
A professional housekeeper with several years of experience in laundry logistics and hotel housekeeping work. Highly organised, knowledgeable about cleaning practices and possesses strong attention to detail. Seeking an opportunity to apply my commercial housekeeping experience to a domestic work environment.
Work Experience
Wilkinson Hotels, London, January 2020–Current

  • Respond to guest queries and issues

  • Lead a team of housekeepers on busy weekends

  • Create more effective solutions to housekeeping issues

  • Perform cleaning and laundry duties

  • Gain feedback on cleaning performance from management and act on it

Westernshire Law Ltd, London, July 2018–December 2019

  • Cleaned offices after employees finished for the day

  • Informed management when cleaning supplies were low

  • Restocked toilet supplies

Diploma in housekeeping management, merit
The Flymouth Academy, London, 2019
Customer service | Knowledge of cleaning products and techniques | Professional and adaptable | Meticulous attention to detail | Organisation | Communication

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