How to write a landscaping CV (With template and example)

Updated 13 July 2023

A landscaper is a professional who works to design, plan and implement the process of landscaping. Landscapers are typically responsible for making sure all of your plants are in their proper place, with enough room and sunlight exposure for growth. As a landscaper, you make sure any trees or shrubs are properly pruned so they remain healthy and beautiful throughout the year. In this article, we look at what a landscaper is and how to write a landscaping CV.

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What is a landscaper?

Landscapers are professionals who specialise in the creation and maintenance of lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces. They may also specialise in certain types of plants or lawn care. Landscapers work with clients to determine what kind of landscape they want to create and then advise them on which plants work best for the environment and weather conditions. They also consult with customers about how often they're expected to water or fertilise their lawns and when to trim their bushes and trees.

Landscapers also maintain landscapes by removing weeds and dead plants, mowing grass and trimming shrubs and hedges. The landscaping industry is a broad one and there are many different types of jobs you can do within it. Some landscapers focus on large-scale projects, like building new parks or installing new irrigation systems, while others focus on smaller jobs, like installing plants in someone's garden. Most of these jobs require that you have some sort of training, but some do not.

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How to write a landscaping CV

Steps for how to write a landscaping CV include:

1. Insert your contact information

When writing a landscaping CV, it's necessary to include your contact information. This is so potential employers can get in touch with you to discuss your CV further if they decide you may be a suitable fit for their landscaping role. To make this easier for employers, it's standard practice to make it the first section on your CV. This is because it stands out to employers, making it easier for them to contact you. This section typically includes your name, phone number and email address.

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2. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is a short, one or two-sentence statement that highlights your skills and experience. It's typically used as an introduction to your CV as its purpose is to get the recruitment manager's attention. This means you want to make sure it succinctly describes why you're a great fit for the position. When writing a landscaper's professional summary, you want to keep it short, but you also want to focus on your accomplishments. For example, if you have won any gardening awards or have worked under an established landscaper, you might want to mention this here.

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3. Write the work experience section

When applying for a job in landscaping, your work experience section is important. This is because you want to make sure it's not only accurate and detailed but that it also highlights the skills and traits the company is looking for. For example, when listing past jobs, focus on the skills gained and how they relate to the role you're applying for now. You may decide to briefly mention how you worked with plants native to your area and what type of soil conditions they need. Such knowledge may stand out to an employer that commonly uses these plants.

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4. Write the skills section

A landscaping skills section is a great way to highlight your experience and demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to be successful in this industry. A well-written skills section can be the difference between landing an interview and getting rejected by a recruiter. When writing a landscaping-specific skills section, make sure every skill is relevant to landscaping by using keywords that relate to landscaping. Such buzzwords immediately jump out to employers, which gives them the interest needed to move you on to the next stage of the recruitment process. It shows them how you relate to the role.

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5. Write the education section

Landscape design is a highly skilled profession that requires knowledge of horticulture, architecture and engineering. The type of landscape design work you do depends on your level of education and experience. This means when you're applying for a landscaping job, you want to ensure your qualifications are succinctly conveyed to the employer as this can help you stand out as the ideal candidate for the role. To do this, start by listing your most recent qualification and follow this with the institution you previously studied at and the time you were there. Repeat this step for all relevant qualifications.

Template CV for a landscaper

One of the most effective ways for you to produce a compelling CV is to use a template. Templates provide a guide for how and where to place your information in a CV. You will find a template below:

[First name] [Last name]
[Phone number] | [Email address] | [City]

Professional summary
[Two to three sentences that highlight years of experience, relevant skills, education or certifications and achievements as a professional.]

[Job Title] | [Employment dates]
[Company Name] | [City]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Job Title] | [Employment dates]

[Company Name] | [City]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]

[Degree and specialisation], [Name of school or university]

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Example landscaping CV

When crafting your CV, make sure to consider the role you're applying for. Tailor the contents of your CV to match the requirements of the role, as this indicates that you're a good candidate. Here is an example of a landscaping CV:

Jane Smith
07577777777 | | Liverpool

Professional summary
During my eight-year career, I have been able to successfully plan projects from start to finish whilst learning how to manage people and resources so they're used efficiently. As every project is unique, it's important that those who work on them be flexible enough to adapt their approach accordingly. This includes being able to adjust their methods based on weather conditions or other factors that might affect their work. I believe these skills are valuable assets as they allow me to work independently while still maintaining excellent communication skills with clients and other team members.

Landscaper | February 2021–Current
Green Landscaping | Liverpool

  • creating a plan of what a potential landscaping job would look like ahead of a client consultation so that a client can review/make changes as this can help with communication

  • keeping them informed and ensuring that they're happy with the final result

  • pruning trees, bushes and shrubs to ensure they aren't and that they don't grow out of control

  • educating clients on how best to look after certain flowers so they can maintain the look of their garden

  • cleaning up any messes

Assistant landscaper | September 2017–February 2021
Green Fingers | Liverpool

  • trimming overgrowing hedges in line with a landscaping plan so that the client's garden looks more manicured

  • mowing lawns and trimming grass edges according to the plan as this gives the landscape a distinct look

  • following up with clients to ensure that their needs are correctly met to maintain job satisfaction

Landscape and maintenance | Mowing lawns | Weeding gardens | Planting flowers and vegetables | Building retaining walls | Installing sprinkler systems

Level 3 Diploma Horticulture, Landscaping University
Level 2 Diploma in Land and Environment, Landscaping University

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Disclaimer: The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.

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