How To Write a Recruitment Consultant CV (With an Example)

Updated 23 November 2022

A curriculum vitae (CV) is an essential tool for recruitment consultants to showcase their qualifications and accomplishments. You can highlight your professional experience, education, skills and other credentials on your CV. If you're applying for recruitment consultant positions, it's important to understand how to create an impressive CV. In this article, we explain how to write a recruitment consultant CV, and we provide a CV template and example that you can use to write yours.

How to create a recruitment consultant CV

You can follow these six key steps to create your next recruitment consultant CV:

1. Design your CV header

The first section of an impressive CV is a header that highlights your personal and contact information. This can help you ensure that recruiters know how to connect with you regarding job openings. In this section, consider including details like:

  • name

  • phone number

  • email address

  • professional profile

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2. Write a recruitment consultant professional summary

After you create your CV header, write a recruitment consultant professional summary. A professional summary is a brief statement that concisely highlights your top qualifications in a few sentences. You can also include what types of positions you're looking for. For example, your recruitment consultant professional summary could say, Experienced recruitment consultant skilled in screening candidates to find individuals who meet clients' unique needs. Open to positions in the Ashford, England area.

3. Detail your professional experience and work history

The next section of a great CV is the professional experience section. In this section, you can detail your work history, focusing on the most relevant experiences. For each position, include the company's name, your dates of employment and a bulleted list of your top responsibilities and accomplishments. Try to start each bullet point with an action verb to make your CV more compelling and action-oriented. Detailing your duties and results can give recruiters insight into your tangible experiences and abilities in your career.

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4. Add your educational information

After your professional experience, be sure to add your educational information. This can show recruiters that you meet the basic educational requirements of the jobs you're applying for. Be sure to include the name of your educational institution, your degree and the years you attended. You can also add any relevant activities or leadership positions.

5. Highlight your top skills

You can also create a CV section that highlights your top skills as a recruitment consultant. Be sure to include both hard skills and soft skills, as employers value both. Some important skills for recruitment consultants to list in their CVs include:

  • Communication: Recruitment consultants need to communicate effectively with both their clients and job candidates. They may be responsible for writing emails or messages to candidates, meaning they need strong communication skills.

  • Organisation: Recruitment consultants organise a variety of candidates' information and may work with multiple clients at the same time, making organisation skills crucial.

  • Applicant tracking: Applicant tracking is a key component of recruiting, so it's important for recruitment consultants to know how to use applicant tracking systems to find and document job candidates.

  • Candidate screening: It's important for recruitment consultants to know how to screen job candidates so they can find the individuals who best match their clients' needs. They may need to complete screening methods like completing interviews, reading cover letters and conducting skills assessments.

  • Networking: Recruitment consultants often use their professional networks to find candidates for their clients, so it's important for them to have networking skills to build an effective, useful network.

  • Negotiation: Negotiation is a fundamental aspect of the recruiting process, and recruitment consultants need negotiation skills to create mutually beneficial agreements for their clients and their job candidates.

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6. Create an activities section

The activities section of a CV is optional, but many employers appreciate it when candidates include this information, as it can reveal your personality and character. If possible, try to include activities related to your career field to demonstrate your dedication and expertise. In this section, you can also consider including activities and hobbies like:

  • professional associations

  • volunteer experience

  • musical instruments

  • creative hobbies

  • sports participation

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Why is a recruiter CV important?

A recruitment consultant curriculum vitae (CV) is important because creating this document can allow you to showcase your qualifications and accomplishments in your career. This can help you connect with potential employers and clients. Infusing personality into this document can help you show potential employers how you could fit in with their culture, making you a more valuable job candidate.

Recruitment consultant CV template

Here is a recruiter CV template that you can use as a guide to writing your own:

[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional Summary
[Summary of your top qualifications or career objective.]

Professional Experience
[Dates worked]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

[Dates worked]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

[Dates attended]


  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]


  • [Activity]

  • [Activity]

  • [Activity]

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Recruitment consultant CV example

Here is an example CV based on the template:

Maya Townsend

Professional Summary
Dedicated recruitment consultant that is skilled in applicant tracking and candidate screening. Seeking recruitment consultant positions in the London, England area.

Professional Experience
Camden Employment Solutions
Recruitment consultant
May 2020–Present

  • Work with three large-scale clients to fill open positions

  • Use applicant tracking systems to identify clients who best match the needs of clients

  • Use candidate screening methods like interviewing and skill testing

  • Coordinate interviews with candidates and client companies

The Chelsea Agency
Human resources intern
January 2020–May 2020

  • Created and maintained employee files

  • Coordinated recruitment plans and identified candidates for key company positions

  • Facilitated the hiring of 11 new employees in multiple positions and departments

  • Managed cross-company communications regarding company policies and news

Camden University
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
August 2016–May 2020


  • Applicant tracking

  • Candidate screening

  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Critical thinking

  • Professionalism


  • Volunteer pianist at London Hospital

  • Member of Human Resources Association

What is a recruitment consultant?

A recruitment consultant is a professional who works for a consulting firm to help client businesses find the best candidates to fill their open positions. They use applicant tracking systems to find job candidates and screen candidates to identify the individuals who best match their clients' requirements. Recruitment consultants can also be responsible for coordinating interviews and job offers.

Tips for writing your CV

You can use these tips to help you write your CV:


One essential tip for creating your CV is to take the time to proofread it. Make sure to carefully review each line of your CV to check for typos and grammar errors. You can proofread manually, use an online proofreading tool or ask a peer to review your CV. This can help you ensure you catch any errors and make a professional and accurate CV.

Quantify your accomplishments

Another CV tip is to quantify your accomplishments in your professional experience section. To do this, identify numbers or metrics that you can use to describe your results in past positions. For example, a bullet point in your work experience might say, 'Facilitated interviews and job offers to hire 15 new employees.'

Customise your CV for each application

You can also increase the effectiveness of your CV by customising it for each job that you apply to. Each time you prepare your CV for a new application, be sure to review the job description you're applying for. This can allow you to tailor your CV to match the requirements of the job, which can help strengthen your value as a candidate.

Include keywords

Another tip for creating an impactful CV is to incorporate keywords throughout the document. This can make it easier for potential employers to find your CV in a large pool of job candidates. You can find keywords by identifying important terms or phrases in the descriptions of jobs that interest you. Then, you can naturally weave these terms into your CV. For example, if you're interested in a recruitment consultant job that includes 'candidate screening' in the description, be sure to include this phrase in your skills section or professional summary.

Disclaimer: The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.


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