How To Write an HR Manager CV Employers Will Notice

Updated 13 April 2023

Human resources (HR) managers provide valuable functions for companies like coordinating recruitment processes, overseeing workplace conduct and motivating employees. It's important to compose a CV that effectively communicates your skills, qualifications, achievements and experience to potential employers. Creating a well-written CV increases your chances of attracting the attention of hiring managers and moving forward in the hiring process. In this article, we list steps you can use to write a compelling CV, explain what an HR manager does, list qualifications many employers expect for the role and provide a CV template and example for you to reference.

How to write an HR manager CV

If you're seeking a position in HR management, here are some steps you can take to write an effective HR manager CV:

1. Include your contract information

At the start of your CV, list all your relevant contact information. Write your details using a professional font and text colour so that your information is accessible and easy to read. That way, hiring managers can locate your contact information quickly if they want to call you to schedule an interview. Be sure to include your name, your email address and your phone number in the heading of your CV. You may choose to include your physical address as well, but it's often optional and dependent on your preference.

2. Write a professional summary

Your professional summary is a brief description of your experience, skills and objectives. Directly beneath your contact information, write two or three sentences that give employers a better idea of who you are as a candidate. When writing your summary and objectives, consider using information relevant to the job you're applying for. If they're looking for particular skills or qualities, you can edit your information to show how you fit their description.

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3. Include your work experience

In the main body of your CV, include your previous roles and responsibilities in those positions, starting with your most recent job. When writing your duties beneath the positions, try to choose duties that reflect the qualifications your desired job is looking for. Showing you have relevant experience can differentiate you from other candidates. While you don't need to include information from every position you've held, including your more recent work history can show the skills and experience you possess.

You can also mention achievements or distinctions you think hiring managers would like to see. For example, you might list how the contributions you made at your previous job helped them reach their company objectives. When listing your duties and achievements, try to use quantifiable data. This makes it easier for potential employers to scan your CV and understand your direct contributions to your past jobs.

4. Provide your educational information

Mention your academic background in its own section. This can be a good place to list your relevant degree or field of study. Many HR management positions require candidates to have a degree in business administration, HR management or a similar field.

When including education, list the name of your degree, the institution you gained it from and the years you attended. If you have a graduate degree, multiple degrees or you attended multiple schools, list them as well. By including all the relevant education you think the employer would want to know about, you can ensure they consider the value of their academic background in their decision making.

5. List your skills

Compose a list of relevant skills you think relate to the position you're applying to. If the job posting listed specific skills they're looking for, you can include the applicable ones in this section. Including harder skills like legal competency and management show prospective employers you have the knowledge and experience needed to perform well in the position. Soft skills like adaptability, communication and organisation can also be worthy inclusions.

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6. Proofread your CV

Before submitting your CV, review it to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes and edit sections to make them clear and relevant to the job you're applying for. You can also ask a friend to look at your CV. Having someone else review your writing can help you identify any errors you may have missed.

What is an HR manager?

HR managers are human resource professionals responsible for overseeing a company's HR department. While the exact responsibilities of HR managers can vary depending on their specific role, they typically work to train and recruit employees, ensure companies are following internal and regulatory policies, monitor programmes and respond to employee concerns.

Here are some other responsibilities an HR manager may have,

  • Creating new hire resources and training programmes

  • Monitoring employee progress

  • Handling promotions

  • Planning HR initiatives

  • Coordinating the hiring process

  • Keeping up-to-date on industry trends

  • Understanding and communicating labour laws

  • Ensuring a positive and safe working environment for employees

  • Implementing changes to benefit plans

  • Directing work programmes for employees and managers

Qualifications of an HR manager

You can usually find a company's desired qualifications on their job posting for the position. Because HR managers typically fulfil more senior roles within companies, they often have to meet specific education, qualification and certification requirements. Meeting the minimum qualifications informs hiring managers you have the skills, experience and competencies required to perform your job well.

Here are some common qualifications required for HR management positions:

  • A degree: Most HR management positions want their employees to possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Some jobs may require more advanced degrees or specific degree types.

  • Relevant job experience: Many companies prefer their HR manager candidates to have a few years of previous management or HR experience. The skills they learn in these positions can qualify them to lead a department.

  • Analytical skills: Analytical and problem-solving skills can help HR managers respond to workplace issues effectively.

  • Conflict resolution skills: Sometimes HR managers need to help employees navigate a disagreement or conflict. Having conflict resolution skills can help them mitigate workplace disputes and keep the company's environment respectful and safe.

  • Communication skills: Communication and active listening skills and are often essential for HR managers. They can use these skills to assist employees, communicate benefit plan options or training topics and coordinate recruitment processes.

  • Certifications: Some HR management positions require certain certifications or accreditations. You can consider additional education opportunities in management or human resources to qualify for specific roles and increase your knowledge of industry best practices.

  • Motivational skills: Motivational skills can help managers encourage, educate and support their employees.

  • Computer knowledge: Many companies use specific HR management software tools to facilitate common processes. Learning to operate popular software can be a benefit to hiring managers.

  • Empathy: Empathy is an important skill for listening to and understanding employee concerns and feedback.

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HR manager CV template

When you're ready to create your HR manager CV, here's a template you can reference to help you as you compose your own:

[Full name]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Professional summary:
[Two or three sentences describing your strengths, experience and goals.]

Work experience:
[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company location]
[Dates employed]

  • [Work responsibility]

  • [Work responsibility]

  • [Work responsibility]

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company location]
[Dates employed]

  • [Work responsibility]

  • [Work responsibility]

  • [Work responsibility]

[Name of institution]
[Location of institution]
[Dates attended]


  • [skill]

  • [skill]

  • [skill]

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HR manager CV example

Here is a sample HR manager's CV using the above template:

Melinda Daniels
+447354 987456

Professional summary:
Experienced HR professional with extensive experience including assisting recruitment teams with talent analytics, streamlining hiring processes for improved department efficiency and increasing employee retention rates. Key skills include knowledge of HR practices, experience handling talent acquisition and excellent communication abilities. Seeking a high-level management position in HR.

Work experience:
Assistant HR Manager
Wavewood Textiles
Bristol, UK
June 2017-July 2021

  • Assisted the HR manager with the company's recruitment process, including performing data analytics to find talent, creating job postings and hiring new employees

  • Transitioned the company to a new benefits plan and communicated changes to employees. The new plan saved the company over $81,000 annually.

  • Conducted bonus and salary reviews and implemented strategies for motivating employees and improving company performance

HR Administrator
Cotton Peaks Infrastructure Solutions
Bristol, UK
October 2015-May 2017

  • Planned several popular HR initiatives like monthly prize drawing and the company annual picnic to boost employee moral.

  • Conducted surveys to ask for employee feedback and designed management reports and strategy suggestions for improving the workplace environment.

  • Implemented change management strategies during the company merger.

Bachelor of Arts in HR Management
University of Whitby
North Yorkshire, England
September 2012-May 2015


  • Level Five Certificate in Human Resources Management from CHRM

  • Strong communication skills

  • Expert in handling multiple HR management computer systems

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