How to write an office assistant cover letter (3 examples)

Updated 17 January 2023

A cover letter is a great tool for securing new positions, including that of an office assistant. When written well, a cover letter further highlights your capabilities and suitability for a role alongside your CV. It's useful to have examples and structures to reference when writing your own cover letter to ensure you cover all the necessary points and use an appropriate writing style. In this article, we explain how to write an office assistant cover letter and provide a template with three examples to help you write your own.

How to structure an office assistant cover letter

Here's how to structure an office assistant cover letter:

1. Introduction

Start your cover letter by introducing yourself. Remember to highlight your interest in the position and why you're applying for it. You may also mention whether you found out about the job from another person or if an organisation recommended the vacancy.

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2. Mention your key skills

As you continue your cover letter, discuss your skills and attributes. Try to link these skills to the desired experiences of an office assistant and make sure to provide examples and evidence of your key skill claims. With each cover letter, consider looking at the job listing and pulling out buzzwords that you can reference in your letter, as this may help you pass any automated screening checks.

3. Close your letter

To conclude your cover letter, confirm again the value you bring to the organisation if given the office assistant role. Highlight again an important skill or attribute that makes you the ideal candidate for the job. Close your letter with a message of thanks and provide your personal details.

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Why are cover letters important?

Cover letters are important in any job you apply for, as they allow you to demonstrate your skills and attributes in a much more personalised way than what you might include on a CV. Not every job you apply for requires a cover letter, but it's always a good idea to include one if possible. Including a tailored cover letter alongside your CV confirms your commitment to the role and gives the hiring manager a better idea of your personality.

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A cover letter template for an office assistant position

Here's a cover letter template for an office assistant position:

[Your name]
[Your address]
[Your contact information]


[Name of the hiring manager]
[Name of the organisation]
[Organisation address and contact details]

Dear [Name of the hiring manager, including title and full name if you know it],

[In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and your reason for applying for the office assistant role. Mention where you heard about the position or if someone referred you.]

[Continue by discussing important skills, experience and qualifications that align with the role. Use short examples to back up your claims, such as technical or organisational skills.]

[In your final paragraph, sum up all your main points and confirm again what a suitable candidate you are. Share your passion and enthusiasm for the role and organisation. Finish by thanking the hiring manager.]

[Your signature, if needed]
[Your full name]
[Your relevant contact details]

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Examples of office assistant job cover letters

It's useful to research and study different examples of effective cover letters for office assistant jobs to help you obtain the role. Doing this ensures you don't miss out on any important points in your letter and may serve as inspiration. Consider these examples when writing your cover letter:

Example 1

John Jones
10 Sun Street
London, SW1 9FR


Ben Smith
Seaside Offices

Dear Ben,

I was hugely excited to come across your advertisement for the position of Office Assistant at Seaside Offices. As an experienced office worker over these past five years, it really feels like a position I can grow and thrive in. You're very local to me as well, so it would be great to work with a local business.

As mentioned, I have work experience in various offices spanning over five years. I'm currently employed by Paper Cuts Ltd as an Office Assistant for their stationery and paper business. My duties include ensuring the overall running of the office is smooth as well as answering the phone and dealing with enquiries. I have a passion for organisation and have recently helped to create a new system for processing invoices that makes the task much easier. I'd love to bring my initiative and positive attitude to your business.

My skills and experience in this field assure me that I'm a great candidate for this role. I'm looking forward to talking this through with you in the future, and I thank you for your time.

John Jones

Example 2

Karen Green
23 Church Street
London, SW1 9D9


Beth Marcus
Fross Finance


Dear Beth,

I'm so excited to be applying for the role of an office assistant with Fross Finance. Having worked in an office assistant capacity with my current employer, Richard's Accounts, for over nine years, I am certain that I would be a valuable asset to your company. I was referred to you by a previous colleague who expressed what a great place Fross Finances is to work and what an excellent work culture you have.

Before working at Richard's Accounts, I also worked in several other office roles. I love working in a bustling office with a great atmosphere. I thrive when working alongside and collaborating with others and assisting in the overall running of an office. One of the duties I enjoy the most in my current role is organising the office holiday and rota system.

Since taking on this task and adapting my own organisational methods, the process has been far more streamlined for all staff members. My line manager was extremely impressed by my initiative and organisational skills. I even won our office 'employee of the month award' as a recognition of my hard work. I'm a passionate and committed worker and truly feel I could make a difference within your organisation.

My many years of experience and teamwork ethic leave me with no doubt that I'm your ideal candidate. I have huge respect for your business and your huge growth over recent years. It would be an honour to be a part of your continued rise to success. Thank you for the time taken to read my cover letter, and I really hope we can discuss my suitability for the role in more detail in the future.

Karen Green

Example 3

Nadiya Khan
15 Blue Street
London, SW1 9K8


Keith Rich
Adler Accountancy

Dear Keith,
When I came across your job listing for an office assistant at Adler's Accountancy, I was thrilled. I have admired your company for years and have many friends that have worked with your business and can't praise your staff enough. Having worked in an accountant's office in an administrative capacity for many years, this opportunity seems like the perfect fit.

I'm currently employed by Jameson & Sons, an accountant's office in my local area. I have worked as an office assistant with them for coming up to three years now, since leaving school. My duties and responsibilities include supporting the accountants with administrative office tasks, keeping up the running of the office, and answering customer queries and phone calls. I am very used to a busy atmosphere and regularly manage multiple workloads.

This can be challenging, but I am highly organised and always ensure that I meet deadlines and communicate well with my colleagues to get the job done. I feel your office would benefit from my positive attitude and office management capabilities.

I want to close by thanking you for your time in reading my application, and I hope you agree that from my past office experience, I would be an excellent candidate for this role. If you have any further questions about my application or would like to discuss the role further, please feel free to contact me at the details provided. Wishing you all the best with the rest of your recruitment process.

Nadiya Khan


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