How to write an excellent office manager CV (with example)

Updated 18 April 2023

Office managers are highly-valued professionals who play a key part in achieving proper organisation within a company, by ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Being an office manager can be quite a rewarding role, as you encourage high quality and lead the company to success. If you're interested in the position of office manager, crafting a compelling CV can help you secure this role. In this article, we discuss the steps you can follow to create an efficient office manager CV and provide an example to guide you when writing your own.

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What makes a good office manager CV?

A well-written office manager CV can make you noticeable to the hiring managers. Typically, hiring managers may only have time to scan through your CV and cover letter, since there are several other candidates applying for the same position as you. Your CV can represent the first impression you make on the recruiter. This may influence whether the employer chooses you for the next stage of the application process. Your CV may include:

  • Your past accomplishments: You can mention this in the section that covers your education level and work experience to show the employer what roles you've had and what duties you've handled before.

  • Your future goals and aspirations: You may show this through your professional summary, in which you can describe both the short term and the long term career trajectories and goals you have. It's important for the employer to be aware of what you want to achieve, as it may help them identify growth opportunities for you.

  • Reasons why you are a good fit: You can show this through the section that lists your skills and assets. You can reflect all this by writing that you possess all the necessary personal qualities and abilities this position requires you to have and by saying exactly why you're a great fit for the company.

How to write a compelling managerial CV

The process of creating your CV for a role in management can be quite demanding. By following a list of key steps to take to craft your CV really well, you can easily succeed. Here are the steps you can follow to write an impressive managerial CV:

1. Choose a simple format

Make sure you use a traditional design for your CV to make it look professional. You could do an online search for such CV formats by checking several websites. The best thing to do is to set your CV to have one-inch margins and to include different sections that cover your education level, work experience, key skills, career goals and references. Pick a standard font that is easy to read and bold your section titles for clarity.

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2. Mention valid contact information

Create a section that contains your full name and contact information, such as your home address, phone number and email. Ensure that this information is listed at the top of your CV. This section can help potential hiring managers to reach you if they wish to invite you to an interview.

3. Highlight your key management skills

Right below the header, insert a section that contains your key skills to show your managerial aptitudes. Since you're applying for a management role, try to present a variety of leadership skills, as that may prove you can manage teams and motivate employees to finish challenging work projects. Shape your CV to a position in the management field by describing ways in which you can coordinate with team members and help them to increase their work quality.

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4. Create a profile and make it look professional

Just below the skills section, put together a profile summary to provide potential hiring managers with a concise depiction of all your relevant qualifications and expertise. This section can offer the recruiter all the reasons why you applied for this position. It's essential for your profile summary to showcase your capability to work as an office manager and to make the employer understand exactly what makes your CV distinctive. A profile summary is always kept short and concise, so writing between five and eight lines may be enough.

5. Add details when describing your expertise

Below your profile summary, you can add another section that provides details regarding your work experience. Your expertise in the field you're applying for is generally highly valuable for hiring managers, as they want to find a suitable candidate for the role. Write the section in reverse chronological order, which means you start with your latest position and move on to the ones you had before it and finish with your very first role.

Remember that it's always best to make your work experiences match the job description. Attempt to emphasise your achievements by using bullet points. Include strong verbs to highlight the impact of all the experiences you choose to list.

6. Include education details and certificates

Towards the end of your CV, you could provide details regarding your educational background. In case you've graduated from university, include information such as the university's name, what you majored in and the year you graduated. List all the professional credentials you have that are relevant to this position. These include all the certificates and licenses you've earned. Note that a sales manager role may require you to have a CSE, while a restaurant manager one could ask for a different type of qualification.

7. Finish by including references

At the bottom of your CV, mention the applicable professional references you can get from past employers to prove your excellent work ethic and to demonstrate you possess all the qualities of a great manager. Strong references may allow you to look more serious and professional by adding credibility to your CV. They can also reveal that you're confident in your employee track record.

If you wish for the recruiter to take your references into consideration, ensure that they showcase your efficiency, time management and punctuality. Make sure that they also validate your suitability for this position. Include the full names, job titles, workplaces, phone numbers and emails of all the references you provide.

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8. Proofread and revise

After you've finished writing all the sections of your CV, remember to take your time and proofread it thoroughly. Carefully review your work and make all the necessary revisions. You could benefit from printing your CV on paper and reading it a few times to catch all the typing errors, grammar errors and misspellings.

Try to identify inconsistencies and do your best to correct them. Think of this process as a way to practise and improve your managerial skills, by paying a great deal of attention to details. Consider asking a friend or a family member to take a look at your CV before you send your application.

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Office manager CV example

Note that each managerial position demands something else and has different requirements. As a result, it's essential to make your CV match the job description of the role for which you're applying. Keep in mind that you can choose to emphasise either your expertise or your aptitudes. Here's an efficient CV sample to guide you in the process of writing your own:

Chloe Morrison
Preston, United Kingdom
+44 (0)7833642897

Key skills

  • Leadership

  • Team management

  • Recruiting

  • Strong verbal and written communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Great organisation

  • Persuasion

  • Sales and marketing strategy

  • Negotiation

Profile summary

Marketing and sales professional who has four years of expertise and is looking for office manager positions. Possesses aptitudes such as leadership, team management, communication and problem-solving skills. Shows commitment and dedication, is consistent, meets high standards and performs quality work by ensuring significant growth in sales. Ambitious nature with a positive mindset and goals of exceeding sales expectations.



  • Sales associate (2012-2013)

  • Sales manager (2013-2015)

Duties and notable achievements

  • Handled toy sales for TGH in the northern region

  • Was promoted to sales manager from sales associate after showing consistency, improvement and making an impact on the business

  • Guaranteed a 14% sales increase every year


Certificate in Management (LBS)


Bachelor's Degree

Business Management, University of Management, 2006-2010

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