How to write a part time job cover letter (with example)

Updated 24 November 2022

An effective cover letter is a key part of any job application process, and this applies to both full-time and part-time positions. Alongside your CV, a cover letter helps to highlight your skills and attributes. Learning how to tailor your cover letter to a part time job may give you a significant advantage over candidates who don't submit one. In this article, we cover why part-time job cover letters are important, review the structure of a cover letter, offer tips for writing one and provide both a template and example.

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How to structure a part-time job cover letter

When writing a part-time job cover letter, a solid structure allows your message to flow well and look put-together and professional. Follow the structure of a typical business letter. This means including your name and contact detail and addressing the persona receiving the letter in a polite and formal manner. Find the structure of a part-time job cover letter below, with details on each section:

1. Introduce yourself

At the beginning of your part-time cover letter, introduce yourself. This means including your specific interest in the position and reasons for applying. If someone referred you to the job, be sure to mention this in the first paragraph, including their name. This can build immediate credibility with the potential employer. It also may benefit the referring party.

2. Highlight your skills and qualifications

In the midsections of your cover letter, go into further detail about your skills and qualifications. Highlight why they align with the role and why you're a suitable person to fill the role. Remember to back up your claims with specific and detailed examples of previous work experience.

3. Close the cover letter

When closing out your part-time job cover letter, reiterate your value to the company you're applying to. Confirm that you're the ideal candidate due to your experience and qualifications. Finish the letter with thanks to the hiring manager and your personal details.

Tips for writing a cover letter for a part-time job

There are certain steps you can take to improve your cover letter overall. This means your application is far more likely to stand out to recruiters and lead to more interviews and role positions. Find below some tips to consider when writing a cover letter for a part-time job application:


It's essential to proofread and check your cover letter prior to sending it. This is to ensure it reads well, is grammatically correct and error-free. Sending an error-free cover letter creates a good first impression with a potential employer. Make sure to read your letter thoroughly before attaching it to a job application. You may even elect to ask a seasoned friend or mentor to double-check it for you.

Examine the job application carefully

Some job applications are long and detailed, meaning it's easy to miss specific requirements. Read through a job application carefully and multiple times to ensure you understand the role as a whole. This means you can be as detailed and specific as possible in your cover letter. It also makes sure you definitely want the role you're applying for and are completely aware of what duties the job involves if you choose to accept it.

Opt to send one

Not every part-time job requires a cover letter. Many times, a copy of your CV is all that employers request from you, but it's beneficial to send one regardless. This is because it makes you stand out from other candidates in the application process. It demonstrates to hiring managers that you're a candidate who puts in extra effort beyond the standard expectations. Including a cover letter in your application grabs the attention of recruiters that's more likely to lead to further interviews.

Keep it short

Hiring managers have potentially hundreds of applications to sort through for some part-time job roles. They don't have time to read long and drawn out cover letters and are likely to cast those applications aside. Ensure your cover letter is concise and to the point. This grabs a recruiter's attention and is more appealing to read. Make sure your cover letter is no more than a few paragraphs long.

Mention your availability

A lot of people with young families take part-time jobs for their flexibility. if you have a strict schedule that you keep to, it's best practice to mention this in your cover letter. Highlight the days and hours that work for you and your personal availability.

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Provide examples

Always remember to back up your work and experience claims with real-life examples. This further demonstrates your suitability for the role and your core skills and attributes. Consider a few valuable instances that you can summarise in a concise and effective way.

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Template cover letter for a part-time job

Cover letters are most effective when they're adapted and changed for every individual job role, meaning a cover letter changes regularly. This is why having a core cover letter template to adapt to each role is a good idea. It helps to save you time when applying to multiple roles and is easy to reference. Find below a template for a cover letter that you can fill with relevant information.


[Your name]
[Your address]
[Your contact information]

[Name of the hiring manager]
[Name of the company or business]
[Company address and contact information]

Dear [Name of the hiring manager, include Mr/Ms and surname if appropriate],
[In the first paragraph introduce yourself and your reason for applying for the part-time job role. Discuss how you heard about the position and if someone referred you, if relevant.]

[In the mid-paragraph(s) highlight key skills, experience and qualifications relevant to the job role. Select a few brief examples to include and demonstrate your capabilities.]

[The final paragraph summarises your main points and reiterates your suitability. Confirm why you're a suitable candidate for the role and your passion and interest in the company. Thank the hiring manager for their time and mention how you look forward to hearing from them in the future. Close the cover letter with a formal salutation and your name and contact details.]

[Your signature]
[Your full printed name]
[Your contact details]

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Example of a cover letter for a part-time job

It's recommended that you research and study effective cover letters before writing your own. This helps you know what to include and gives you inspiration for your own writing. Find below an example of a full cover letter to reference when writing your own:


John Smith
10 Church Street, London, SW1 9A7

Ann Clark
Baker's Delight

Dear Ann,
I was very excited when I came across your position for a baking assistant and Baker's Delight. I have had a passion and skill for baking for as long as I can remember and have pursued it as a career ever since I left education. I am a personal customer at Baker's Delight and am a huge fan of your selection of cakes and pastries, so this role felt like the ideal fit for me.
I have worked in various bakeries for over 10 years and am currently employed by Sweet Treats bakery. In my role, I prepare baked goods and assist with serving customers who visit the shop. I'm an experienced baker and have a diploma in catering. I thrive in any kitchen and love crafting new sweet recipes. My variety of new cupcake flavours has proved a hit with the customers at Sweet Treats. I would love to bring my initiative with baked goods to your company.
My skill and passion for baking assure me that I'm the best fit for the vacant position within your team. I would love to discuss this more with you in the future. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
John Smith

Why cover letters are important in job applications

Cover letters highlight your skills and suitability for the role at hand. Not every position requests one, but it's always advantageous to send one to stand out to hiring managers. An effective and thought-out cover letter confirms to the recruiter your seriousness about the job and a level of professionalism.


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