How to write a CV personal profile (with 14 examples)

Updated 12 April 2023

Recruiters receive many CVs and cover letters on a daily basis. You can use a strong personal statement to grab their attention and show them you're a suitable candidate for the role you're applying for. Your CV summary can be a shorter version of your cover letter and summarise what you can offer the company if successful in securing the role. In this article, we consider what a personal profile is, how to write one for your CV, what to include in your profile and examples of the best profiles for different sectors.

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What is a CV personal profile?

A personal profile, also called a CV summary, CV statement or personal statement, is the first item on your CV. It's a brief introduction to outline your attributes, qualities and work experience. Since it's the first section on your CV that a recruiter sees, it's essential to utilise it effectively to convince them that you're an excellent candidate for the position.

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How to write a CV personal profile

Your profile may be the first item on your CV, but it's best to write it last. Once you've updated your CV, start writing your CV statement by following these steps:

1. Tailor your statement for the role

Review the job description to see the skills and years of experience required for each position you want to apply for. Some companies use software to analyse your CV to assess whether you're a good fit for a particular role. You can pass the software's criteria by including keywords from the job advertisement in your personal statement.

2. Keep your CV statement short

Keep your CV profile to one paragraph comprised of three to six sentences. A hiring manager scans your CV for key terms to determine if they want to interview you for the role. Use simple sentence structures to ensure they can easily understand the message you're trying to convey.

3. Choose your words wisely and include figures

Since your statement is short, avoid including general phrases that other candidates may include on their CVs. Instead, it's best for your CV profile to incorporate specific information, such as receiving a particular award or increasing sales by a specific percentage. Focus on providing critical data from your CV without being repetitive.

4. Proofread your profile

Carefully review your statement to ensure it's easy to read and without errors. You may wish to read it out loud to identify possible mistakes. It can also be useful to ask a family member or friend to check your profile for spelling and grammar mistakes.

What to include in your personal statement

The best items to include in your personal statement are:

A brief description of yourself

Give a succinct description of where you are in your career path. For example, indicate if you have practical experience or are a recent graduate. If you're currently unemployed, mention your previous employment. If you're a recent graduate, you can include relevant details about your degree.

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Your abilities and skills

Think about the job description in the advertisement and consider your strengths and abilities. Based on this information, mention why you think you'd be a good fit for the position. You can also include any relevant work experience and the skills and knowledge you gained from it.

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Relevant qualifications and work experience

The role may have specific educational or experience requirements. If you meet these requirements, mention them in your personal statement. Since the CV profile is the first item on your CV, a recruiter can immediately see you meet the position's requirements. Also include details of sectors you've worked in and job titles you've held. You may mention products and processes you've worked on that could be useful for the position.

Your career goals

Companies want to employ people with an investment in them. Mention why and how you'd commit to the company if your application for the position is successful. This includes providing details about your career goals. For example, you may mention that although you're applying for a junior job, you hope to grow and develop to become a manager at the company.

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Examples of personal statements

Here are 14 examples that can help inspire you to write your profile:

Example 1: Engineering profile

I'm a qualified engineer with over nine years of experience. I'm looking for a role that uses my skills and develops them further. I have excellent organisational and planning skills. I'm flexible about working hours and can work shifts.

Example 2: Media profile

I'm a talented, motivated and experienced camera operator. I can use a variety of technical equipment, such as professional cinematography camcorders. I have considerable experience working on several television and theatre projects, demonstrating my ability to follow creative direction. I can film on location and outside the studio and have work experience in live broadcasting.

Example 3: Healthcare profile

I'm a dedicated, compassionate and friendly physiotherapist who loves helping people. I have work experience supporting a range of patients, including children with developmental problems to adults and the elderly recovering from movement disorders. I also have strong verbal and written communication skills.

Example 4: Writer profile

I'm an eloquent, assertive person who enjoys challenges and working under pressure. My most vital skills are my research, communication and writing skills. Over the past ten years, leading magazines, websites and newspapers published over 100 of my essays and articles.

Example 5: Science profile

I'm an enthusiastic pharmacologist with five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I've designed and conducted experiments, tested drugs, researched scientific literature and written technical reports. I have exceptional analytical and communication skills and a focused approach to working in a structured working environment. I'm looking for an exciting opportunity within the science sector.

Example 6: Teaching profile

I'm a passionate teaching assistant with over six years of experience. I have extensive experience as a positive mentor for multiple students. I'm also a skilled researcher with two published books. I'm looking for a stimulating position to help me develop my mentoring and teaching skills further.

Example 7: Graduate profile

I recently completed a degree in digital marketing and an internship in the retail industry. I have a keen eye for detail and assisted with several global marketing campaigns during my training. I'm looking for a challenging position to further my digital design skills.

Example 8: Joiner profile

I'm a joiner with over five years of experience. I have experience in concrete finishing and steel fixing. During my career, I've worked as a skilled labourer to support other trades. I'm keen to resume my career after completing a period of training to broaden my skills.

Example 9: Insurance administrator profile

I'm an experienced insurance administrator. My best skills include outstanding time management and excellent communication. I'm resourceful and skilled in negotiations which allows me to achieve beneficial agreements for all parties. I'm always eager to undertake new challenges.

Example 10: Business manager profile

I have a logical mind with a pragmatic approach to solving problems and a determination to see things through to a positive conclusion. I have several years of work experience leading teams across different sectors. I have a keen interest in business management and helping companies become more successful.

Example 11: Information technology (IT) profile

I'm an experienced IT professional with a record in managing and networking databases. My strong technical knowledge and outstanding interpersonal skills enable me to interact with a wide range of clients. I'm eager to learn, grow and improve my skills. I enjoy using my technical knowledge to the benefit of organisations.

Example 12: Student profile

I'm a motivated and enthusiastic individual with a strong interest in the logistics industry. At present, I'm in my third year of studying for a bachelor's degree in logistics at ABC University. I have outstanding communication skills and can communicate effectively with a wide range of people. I'm looking for a part-time position to utilise my knowledge and experience.

Example 13: Customer service profile

I'm a hardworking customer service advisor with a desire to provide excellent customer service on a consistent basis. I've resolved over 100 customer issues in my current position by focusing on the customers' needs and the organisation's reputation. I've managed customers' enquiries and complaints telephonically, face-to-face and via email. My strong customer service and communication skills, combined with my work experience, make me an asset to any organisation.

Example 14: Operations professional profile

I'm a junior operations professional with over six years of experience. I've worked within the marine, manufacturing and commercial markets within leading organisations. I'm qualified in change management and continuous operational improvement and hope to achieve a more senior role in the future.

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