Alternative Ways To Say 'Please Find Attached My CV'

Updated 13 April 2023

When you're looking to inform a recipient of an attached document that requires their viewing, there are a few ways you can make the request. A proper phrase is best when it's professional, concise and clearly states a call to action. Learning how to ask the recipient to review your attached document can help to ensure that they open your CV and give it a thorough assessment. In this article, we discuss how to say 'please find attached my CV' and review when it's best to say it, including a few alternative phrases you can use as well.

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How to say 'please find attached my CV' in 5 steps

Follows these steps on how to include your CV and say 'please find attached my CV' in an email:

1. Verify the attachments have no bugs or viruses

It's common practice to verify your attachments are safe for delivery, but just to be sure, you can run them through virus scanning software before you send them. Hackers can sometimes implant viruses into your files without you knowing, for example, if you used an online CV building tool. To ensure that you protect yourself, your recipient and your employer's computer system, ensure that your attachments are virus free.

2. Adhere to the instructions on the job posting

Be mindful of the instructions that the employer provides you in the job description. Sometimes an employer requests that you send it through a specific online file transfer system, or they might ask you to send it by a predetermined date. Make certain you abide by these instructions, as it shows that you can pay attention to details and follow directions. Include a brief message in the body of the email to describe the purpose of the email and attachment.

3. Emphasise the attached documents

Once you finish setting up your email, attach your CV using the features of your preferred email system. Bring attention to the email you attached with a phrase that is professional, polite and brief. A common phrase you can use is 'please find attached my CV', which acceptably presents the call to action for the recipient without seeming too forceful. This phrase is easy to understand and a straightforward request for the recipient to complete a specific action.

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4. Make certain you've attached your documents properly

When you draw attention to your attachment, ensure that you've actually attached it to the email. It's perfectly normal for someone to refer to their document but forget to include it in the email before sending it. You can avoid this misstep and the need to apologise afterwards by remembering to attach your CV immediately after opening the email. This can help you avoid mistakenly leaving it off the email.

5. Check the formatting and size of your attachments

It's essential that your CV is easy for the recipient to open and small in size, so it doesn't take too much space and is easier to deliver. The size of your document is especially important if you're accessing it from a mobile device. If the size of the file is too big, then you may not be able to submit it through your email or within the employer's application interface. It might also cause delays and take a long time to populate. Use a file compression application to reduce the file size if necessary.

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When to say 'please find my CV attached'

Here are some reasons why you might say 'please find my CV attached':

When submitting a cover letter

The first time you might use this phrase is when you submit a physical copy of your cover letter to a recruiter. Mentioning your CV in your cover letter is a way of making sure your reader does not accidentally overlook or discard any additional documents you included with your submission. In the case of positions that might require a portfolio, it also draws attention to the fact that you dedicated time and effort to compile a comprehensive, multi-paged portfolio that provides a detailed overview of your skills and experience.

Including the phrase 'please find my CV attached' also encourages your reader to consider both your cover letter and CV together, which grants them a complete understanding of who you are as an individual and as a professional. Your cover letter and your CV both play an equally important role in earning you a job offer, so it's crucial that you provide both when enquiring after an opening.

When applying for a job by email

Another opportunity to use this phrase is when applying for jobs online or by email. In most situations, this involves sending a professional email to a company's recruiter or head of human resources. The body of the email can consist of one or two brief but informative paragraphs introducing you to the reader and directing their attention to the documents you have attached. In some cases, you might choose to type out your cover letter in the body of the email instead of attaching a secondary file, reducing the number of clicks your reader makes before accessing your key information.

Including the phrase 'please find my CV attached' ensures that your reader notices and reads your CV before making a decision regarding your qualifications. When recruiters are busy or pressed for time, it can be easy for them to accidentally overlook attachments when scanning incoming emails. Therefore, instead of assuming that they notice your attached CV, it's a good idea to include a simple sentence that politely invites them to open the file.

When responding to an invitation to interview

When you receive an interview invitation by email, it's a good idea to attach a digital copy of your CV to your reply. In many cases, several days or weeks may have passed since the recruiter last saw your CV, and it can be helpful for you to provide an updated copy. Attaching your CV also ensures that your interviewer has a current version of your CV on hand to help them prepare for the interview.

In this situation, be sure to mention that you are attaching the most current version of your CV and that you did so for the interviewer's convenience or to ensure they have an up-to-date copy.

When requesting an informational interview

Another situation in which you might use this phrase is when submitting a request for an informational interview. Informational interviews are informal meetings that you arrange with an established professional to ask them questions about their job and industry. The purpose of an informational interview is to gain valuable insight into a potential work environment and to broaden your professional network.

When sending a request for an informational interview, many individuals include a copy of their CV to validate their professional interests and to prove that they have the required skills and experience for the job. Drawing your interviewer's attention to your CV invites them to review your qualifications and provides them with your complete contact information. If the interview goes well, your interviewer might also pass your CV on to their recruiter or another associate in the industry.

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Alternatives ways to inform the recipient of your attached CV

Sometimes it's helpful to use creativity in your messaging and reword how you say the phrase to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Though it's subtle, it can subliminally impact the employer's perception of you. Consider these alternative ways you can say 'please find my CV attached':

'My CV is attached to this email for your review and consideration.'

This alternative phrase communicates the same purpose, but it offers a bit more suggestion. Without being too direct about telling the recipient where to get your CV, this method is more like acknowledging the CV's availability to the reader. Also, instead of telling the recipient to review and consider the document, this phrase instead turns it into an optional suggestion. This is a subtle rephrasing, but the purpose of it remains clear.

'Please look at my attached CV when you get the chance and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.'

This method adds cordiality to the statement. By using the word 'please', the phrase seems inherently more polite. Including that they can reach out to you for further discussion shows your eagerness and presents another call to action in a suggestive manner. By offering your contact information, you provide the recipient with the ability to give you a call or send you a message if they want to continue your application even further. Just make certain that the contact information you do include is active and updated.

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'I've attached my CV to this email as you instructed.'

This phrase is much more straightforward than the other variations. While it does convey the same purpose and intent, the approach is more matter-of-fact and remains formal. This type of response also indicates that the employer wanted you to send the CV in this manner, showing you follow directions.


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