Real estate agent cover letter (With template and example)

Updated 13 April 2023

Real estate offers a rewarding career for full-time or part-time employees who are excited to work in a changing environment. Working for an agency can provide stability and ease of access to referrals and prospective clients. A well-written cover letter can make your application stand out and may earn the attention of a job recruiter or hiring manager for a real estate agency. In this article, we discuss how to craft a real estate agent cover letter and how to best market yourself to real estate agencies.

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What is a real estate agent cover letter?

During the application process, your real estate cover letter can catch the attention of job recruiters and hiring managers of agencies. Real estate agents assist their clients with the intricacies of a fluctuating housing market, whether the client wants to sell, buy or rent. They use a network of real estate listings to provide options that meet the client's preferences within their price range. Their specialised training and experience equip them to draft proposals and contracts as they navigate the process of mortgage applications, offer or counteroffer negotiations and complete the closing on the sale of homes or commonholds.

While real estate agents work primarily off of commission, working with a real estate agency can offer agents knowledge and assistance as well as a network of potential clients. Your cover letter can help you introduce yourself to prospective employers and give you the opportunity to expound on the qualifications listed on your CV. This letter is a unique opportunity to explain your working habits, past successes and your personality to the prospective agency. It serves to provide a context for the content of the application or CV and may increase your chances for an interview.

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How to write a real estate agent cover letter

While your CV lists all relevant skills, experience and training for the position, your cover letter can highlight the most significant ones and reveal your understanding of the industry. Real estate agents understand how to find an array of prospective homes, commonholds or flats based on the client's preferences and can present these options to the client in an engaging manner that allows them to eliminate options and optimise their list of residences to view. They take the initiative to learn about the surrounding area and describe and address any amenities, features or concerns.

Address any specific requirements the agency lists in their job posting and explain how you can strengthen the team as a whole. List any specific software or networking techniques you use as an agent and describe the qualities that make you approachable and sociable with your clients. This is also a great opportunity to express your individuality within the role and properly define your professional interests and goals within the field. As you craft your real estate agent cover letter, follow these five steps:

1. Create your header

Reference your CV as you create your cover letter to ensure similar formatting between the two documents for your application. Write your full name, address, email address, phone number, link to your professional profile or portfolio and the date. List them in the same font and size as the contact information in your CV so hiring managers or job recruiters can easily recognise the two documents as professional and uniform. Put this contact information above the body of your letter, in the top-left corner of the page.

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2. Provide a professional greeting

Find the name of the specific job recruiter or hiring manager who manages the application process if possible. Look for this information on the job posting itself or the agency's website if the representative hasn't contacted you directly. Address your letter to a specific person to stand out for that person as they review applicants. This may give you a unique opportunity to introduce yourself to them and address the qualifications listed on your CV or application. Address your letter to the agency's name or to the 'hiring manager' if you cannot find their name.

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3. Express your interest in the role

Cite the specific title listed on the job posting or agency's website, such as 'estate agent,' 'sales negotiator' or 'estate manager.' Research the agency itself to show your interest in this position instead of other similar real estate positions or agencies. Discuss the job description listed and what most interests you about joining the agency's real estate team. Reference the qualifications and benefits that are listed on the posting or website and show your attention to detail and teamwork capabilities. Detail your skills and work experience on your CV that shows your proficiency in the industry.

4. Provide a work-related story

Your cover letter's second or third body paragraph should provide an anecdote or story from your working history that demonstrates your understanding of industry standards. Add your own working personality and style into the story to properly introduce who you are and how you work. Show your ability to artfully navigate the complexities of specific processes or methods of the closing or negotiation process.

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5. Offer your appreciation and salutation

Close the document with a final summary of what makes you a great asset to a real estate agency and thank them for reviewing your application documents. Reiterate that you are interested in the position and in learning their agency's policies and procedures. Remain professional and amiable as you wish them well and express your excitement for the opportunity. End your letter with a professional salutation like ' Warm regards' or 'Sincerely' and your name.

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Cover letter template

Customise the experience and skills on your cover letter to the agency's open job title. Address all preferences and qualifications requested on the job listing, including CV and cover letter styles or formatting. Similar to using a CV template, use the following cover letter template to write your real estate agent cover letter to exemplify what makes you the best candidate for this agency:

[Full name]
[Email address]
[Phone number]
[Add professional profile or portfolio links if applicable]


Dear [name of job recruiter or job hiring manager, if possible],

[Body paragraph one: Express your interest and provide qualifications and relevant work experience.]

[Body paragraph two: Offer a related story that displays your understanding of the housing market.]

[Body paragraph three: Reiterate your interest, provide directly related skills to the position, and express your excitement to speak with the job recruiter or hiring manager further about the open position.]

[Full name]

Cover letter example

Personalise the above template to create a cover letter to attract the attention of any agency's job recruiter or hiring manager. Double-check your documents to ensure the information presented is specific to this agency or job listing. Consider the following example while you craft a professional real estate cover letter:

Richard Roe 123 Low Road, Wembley, UK
23456 789101

15 October 2021

Dear Joseph Public,

The housing market is booming. Home interest rates are at an all-time low. Buyers and sellers alike are looking for a compassionate real estate agent who is willing to walk them through the process of finalising their home sales while increasing their capital gains. I've been a real estate agent for more than seven years. I enjoy the excitement of my clients looking at beautiful properties while closing the sale for their dream homes. I look forward to serving your clients and implementing my knowledgeable expertise in real estate sales at Generic Real Estate.

I graduated from Basic University with a bachelor's degree in real estate management. In my previous position, I developed my skills in negotiation, communication, property closing and business solutions integration. I obtained my real estate license after graduating from Basic University. Since that time, I've sold more than 500 homes. In 2018, I produced a 15% increase in sales from the previous year and made top salesperson of the year for my company.

One of my most desirable duties as a real estate agent was designing and maintaining the company database of available homes. I was able to effectively market aesthetically pleasing homes to the company's client base while providing substantial opportunities for investors with distressed properties. After I was promoted to real estate supervisor, I trained brokers in the entire sales management process and closing paperwork viability. I made sure that the client was well-versed in the process, from the initial deposit sales transaction and the entire closing process to finding that next ideal property.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my qualifications for your Real Estate Agent position. I'm eagerly expecting to advance my career and provide superior results for your organisation. I highly anticipate learning more about the position and look forward to our next interaction. It is my supreme goal to effectively serve our community with grace and efficiency.

Richard Roe

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