How to Write a Sales Assistant Cover Letter (With Examples)

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Updated 31 October 2022

Published 19 July 2021

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Submitting a well-written cover letter with your sales assistant job application is key to securing an interview. A good sales assistant cover letter informs your potential employer of your best skills and attributes, and persuades them that you're the right candidate for the position. It is therefore worthwhile to learn about cover letters and how to write an effective one. In this article, we explain the essential characteristics of a good sales assistant or retail associate cover letter, along with the steps to writing them and some examples.

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How to write a sales assistant cover letter

When applying as a sales assistant, also commonly referred to as a retail sales associate or retail assistant, a well-written sales assistant cover letter is the ideal supporting document to your CV. A cover letter actively persuades potential employers that you're the optimal candidate. In your cover letter, you can give the reader an idea of your personality, your priorities and your work ethic. It's also your chance to show how enthusiastic you are about the position advertised, and the letter ought to be tailored to the job in question. To write an effective cover letter, follow the steps below:

1. Research the company

Being well-informed is one of the best ways to ensure that you tailor your cover letter to the position and company in question. Prior to writing anything, go through the company's website and any social media accounts. Try to learn about their priorities and goals. You can also try to find the name of the hiring manager, or whoever is going to be receiving your application for additional information.

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2. Address the recipient by name

In the previous step, you may have been able to identify the name of your cover letter's recipient. In this case, you can address them by name at the beginning of the letter. This can show them you've been diligent in your research, which further shows how serious you are about the job. Moreover, it helps your cover letter stand out from the many others which start with something more generic, like "Dear Sir/Madam".

3. Express your interest in the job

Within the first line or two of your cover letter, specify the sales or retail position you wish to apply for. As hiring managers often receive many applications for various jobs, it makes their job easier to know the cover letter's purpose from the beginning. You can also add that you're enthusiastic about the position and stipulate where you saw the job advertised.

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4. Talk about why you're the ideal candidate

Your cover letter needs to effectively persuade the reader that you're an excellent candidate, and that it is worth asking you to come in for an interview. First, go through the job advertisement and mention the required skills and experiences that you possess. Then, you can go into detail regarding your additional skills and attributes relevant to the job, which include the soft skills that are vital to any position in retail. This part of your cover letter must be as unique as possible, and it is usually preferable to convey this information through stories or examples.

5. Conclude the cover letter

After you've finished making the case for your candidacy, briefly thank the reader for their time and consideration of your application. You can also restate your enthusiasm for the job and say that you look forward to the opportunity to discuss your application further. You can then politely close the letter and leave your name and contact details. If you've already provided your contact information at another stage of the job application, then just leave your full name at the end.

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6. Proofread it

Proofreading your cover letter ensures your writing is free of common grammatical errors and the language flows well. You can also check that your sentences and paragraphs are reasonable lengths, with around four to five lines being ideal for the latter. You can also assess how persuasive the cover letter is. If you think it could be better, rewrite the parts you feel could improve.

If you know a friend or relative with relevant experience, you can also ask them to read your cover letter and give feedback. To help you with the assessment of your cover letter, you can review the three-part checklist below of the important aspects of an effective sales assistant or retail associate cover letter. When proofreading your cover letter, ensure that it is:


Your cover letter ought to generally be free of any unnecessary language or repetitiveness. Ensure paragraphs and sentences are reasonable lengths and easy to read. Remove any language that is too informal or too technical. Once finished, your cover letter can be a page long at most, even with additional spacing.

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This is the primary purpose of your cover letter. Try to adopt the standpoint of a hiring manager and read your cover letter from their perspective. Ask yourself if you would hire this person, or whether you would at least be interested enough to interview them. If not, then review and rewrite it until you feel it has effectively conveyed your suitability for the job.


Relevance and persuasiveness mutually reinforce each other in a cover letter. If you're struggling to make it persuasive, try to assess how relevant your sales assistant cover letter is to the job and the company. It must address the specific requirements listed in the job advertisement. Conducting some additional research can often help if you're trying to make it more relevant.

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Examples of sales assistant cover letters

Below, you can find two examples of effective sales assistant cover letters. They're written based upon the steps and guidelines above, and you can adapt them as you see fit or use them as a general template. If you do use these as a template, make sure that your final cover letter is sufficiently unique:

Example 1

This first example is specifically for a retail sales associate:

Dear Ms Davies,

I am writing to you to submit my application for the retail sales associate position at Jack and Trade, which I saw advertised on the Indeed website. I am very excited about this opportunity, as I believe I am an ideal candidate for your company.

At present, I am in my third year as a retail assistant with my current employer, Hobsons. I have consistently provided excellent customer service to all our patrons, which has included helping them with choosing the right items, answering their questions and even assisting them in fitting rooms. I am intimately familiar with the needs of customers, and I have developed excellent listening and communication skills. This has helped me to consistently exceed sales targets, which has earned me recognition from my employer on several occasions.

I always bring abundant enthusiasm and attentiveness to my work. When dealing with customers, I am approachable and friendly, which serves to help them relax and make better purchasing decisions. I also have considerable experience dealing with merchandising and inventory taking. My organised mindset has been very helpful in this regard.

I very much look forward to being able to discuss my candidacy further. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jessica Smith
0111 2222 333

Example 2

This example is for a retail assistant position:

Dear Mr Johnson,

My name is James Campbell, and I am excited to apply for the retail assistant position recently advertised at Greens and Greys.

I have just over seven years of experience in retail sales across different types of shops. At my current place of employment, I assist customers browsing the men's section in selecting their purchases and in the fitting room. I also deal with their queries and check stock levels when necessary.

Over time, I have become very well acquainted with the needs and priorities of the retail industry. I have a very friendly and approachable demeanour that puts customers at ease. My attention to detail and diligence are reassuring to customers who are still considering a decision. This has contributed to my higher-than-average sales numbers. I thoroughly enjoy helping customers through the entire shopping process, and it shows.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further, and I would like to thank you for your time.


James Campbell


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