How to Write a Sales Cover Letter (With Examples)

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Updated 8 September 2022

Published 19 July 2021

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Sales and marketing positions require an especially effective cover letter. As an individual who knows how to sell things to others, you must also know how to sell yourself to a potential employer. It's therefore worth taking the time to write as effective a cover letter as possible, as it can reflect on your ability to perform in a sales job. In this article, we explain the steps to writing an effective sales cover letter and provide you with a couple of examples.

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How to write a sales cover letter

Whether you're applying as a sales associate, sales executive, sales representative or for a customer service position, submitting a well-written sales cover letter is likely to increase your chances of securing the job in question. It must effectively persuade the recipient that you're the ideal candidate for the sales or marketing position you're applying for by communicating your relevant skills and experiences. To write a good sales position cover letter, follow these steps:

1. Do your research

Before you start writing the actual cover letter, do some research on the company you're applying to. Find out about their core values and priorities or if they are currently undergoing any changes. This can help you tailor your cover letter more effectively to their needs and expectations. Try to also find out who is going to be receiving your cover letter.

2. Address the recipient by name

If your research has revealed the name of the person who is going to receive your cover letter, you can start by addressing them by name. This is your first opportunity to display your diligence and seriousness. Moreover, it helps your cover letter to stand out from the many others that start with something more generic.

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3. Talk about why you want the job

Mention the job you're applying for within the first line or two of your cover letter. Getting straight to the point prevents the recipient from having to guess, as they are likely receiving multiple applications for different jobs. You can then convey your enthusiasm for the role and talk about why you're applying for this job in particular. Be convincing and honest and reflect on your understanding of the requirements of the job.

4. Talk about why you're an ideal candidate

Once you've convinced the cover letter's recipient that you want the job, you can talk about why they ought to hire you. Make sure you're well-acquainted with the job requirements and match your skills and experiences with those listed in the job posting. You can also talk about additional skills and attributes of yours that are not necessarily required for the job, but which would be useful to a customer service or sales position.

The primary purpose of your cover letter is to persuade the reader you're the best candidate for the position. You should therefore tailor your cover letter to both the job and the company you're applying to. Whenever you can, tie your skills to specific workplace examples to demonstrate your readiness for the position.

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5. Thank them for their time

At the end of your cover letter, thank the recipient for taking the time to read it and consider your application. You can add a final few words regarding your enthusiasm for the role and state that you look forward to discussing your candidacy further. Close the letter politely with your full name and leave your contact details if you have not yet provided them elsewhere in your application.

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6. Re-read and assess your cover letter

To properly ascertain how well you've written your sales cover letter, it's a good idea to take the time to re-read it. This can help you correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes and look for ways to improve your writing through formatting, the type of language used or the skills you decide to highlight.

If you feel like you could do with extra input, ask a friend or relative with relevant experience to read your cover letter and give you their feedback. Additionally, you can use the three-part checklist below. This covers the three chief characteristics of an effective cover letter. When assessing your sales cover letter, make sure that it's:


When you re-read your cover letter, try to adopt the point of view of a hiring manager. Ask yourself whether you would hire this person. If not, then determine which parts of the cover letter could do with improvement. Make any necessary adjustments and re-evaluate it. This is where help from a friend or relative can be most useful.


If you're applying for multiple positions, you might use a master copy or template to write your cover letters. This can be an effective way of ensuring that they are comprehensive and structured, as long as you provide that the final copy is sufficiently unique. If you think that your cover letter would benefit from greater differentiation from its template, then re-write the parts in question. Revisiting the job advertisement and company website can help you further tailor the cover letter to increase its relevance.


The final copy of your cover letter can be one page long at most, even if you use additional spacing. Make sure that your paragraphs are a maximum of four or five lines, and that your sentences are a reasonable length. Keep your language choices clear, straightforward and free of unnecessary wordiness or repetition.

Examples of sales cover letters

In the following section, you can find two examples of cover letters written for different sales or customer service positions. You can use these as general guides or templates for when you write your own. Remember to ensure that your final copy is unique by following the three-part checklist above. Consider these two example cover letters:

Example 1

This sales cover letter sample provides a potential template for you to use:

Dear Ms Tailor,

I am writing to you regarding the position of senior sales representative at Loughty Retail. I saw the job advertisement on the Indeed website, and I am very excited to submit my application. Having spent eight years working in sales for three different companies, I feel I have enough experience to progress to a senior position. Working for Loughty during its expansion would be very beneficial for my professional development and for the company's continued growth.

I also feel that I can bring a lot to the role. Over the years, I have excelled at creating genuine rapport with clients and managing relationships, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. I have been particularly adept at increasing customer retention, with the rate of return customers at my current place of employment increasing by 10 percent since I joined. I have also assisted managers and other senior-level colleagues with workplace and staff management, thereby developing both my communication and leadership skills. I have never failed to meet targets, and instead, regularly exceed them.

Recently, I received recognition for my hard work, earning an award for outstanding achievement in customer and client relations. I now wish to bring my skills and experiences to Loughty Retail, where I believe I can further develop as a sales representative.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you further.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Wright
0111 2222 333

Example 2

Review this example cover letter for another style option:

Dear Mr Roberts,

I am writing to you in response to the sales associate job that Twelvetrees Electronics advertised on Indeed. As a professional with the right skills and experience, I am eager to submit my application. Up until now, I have worked in sales for clothing brands, but I wish to bring my passion for electronics and digital devices to the sales field.

In my current position, I have proven to be a very effective salesperson. My friendly and approachable demeanour has helped me connect with customers quickly, and thereby discover what they are looking for. I have always made sure that I am intimately aware of our stock levels and the new items being introduced. This has helped me advise customers efficiently, and their feedback has generally been glowing.

I have personally bought many items from Twelvetrees Electronics and am very familiar with your product lines, including the new cameras and microphones introduced this month. I have always had a passion for electronics and I am sure this will help me greatly as a sales associate at your company.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Amy Greene

Disclaimer: The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.


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