Senior manager cover letter samples (plus how to write)

Updated 7 November 2022

A well-written cover letter can help you get the hiring manager's attention and secure an interview. You can use these documents to highlight your competitive skills and show the employer why you're the best candidate. To learn how to write a solid cover letter, you can start by reviewing examples. In this article, we explain what a senior manager's cover letter is, discuss how to write one and provide two senior manager cover letter samples.

Why are senior manager cover letter samples useful?

Reviewing senior manager cover letter samples can help you to write an effective one of your own. A senior manager cover letter is a document you can submit alongside your CV to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. They often outline your most competitive expertise and discuss why you fit the managerial position. You can also send them to enquire about potential job openings at organisations where you want to work. Several hiring managers review the cover letter first before reading the CV. Because of this, you can use them to make an excellent first impression.

Below are a few benefits of checking out samples and producing an effective letter of your own:

  • gives you a perfect chance to market yourself to the employer

  • outlines how previous jobs prepared you for the position

  • allows you to explain how you plan to succeed in the role

  • shows you researched the job

  • demonstrates your written communication skills

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How to write a senior manager cover letter

When writing a senior manager cover letter, customise it for the opening's requirements. Review the job specification, identify the requisite skills and include them in your cover letter. Employers often prefer candidates with strong leadership skills. Because of this, highlighting your leadership certifications and experiences can enhance your competitiveness. Below are eight steps on how to write a senior manager cover letter:

1. Research the company and the job's requirements

Review the company's portfolio to identify its brand voice, culture and values. You can also read the job's description and specification to determine its mandatory skills, educational qualifications, experience levels and expertise. Next, customise the cover letter to match the organisation's voice and the position's requirements. This approach can show the employer you're serious enough about the job to research its prerequisites. It may also indicate a genuine interest in the position and help your CV pass the ATS stage.

Applicants tracking system (ATS) is a program hiring managers often use to identify CVs with the correct keywords. If you optimise your cover letter with the requirements in the job specification, it's likely to pass the ATS stage and catch the employer's attention.

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2. Use a straightforward salutation

Identify the hiring manager's name and include it in the salutation. Doing so can prove you researched the company and show that your cover letter isn't generic. Using the hiring manager's name instead of standardised greetings like Dear Sir/Madam can make your cover letter more prominent. Crosscheck to ensure you've spelt the name correctly and used the correct titles. Several organisations post hiring managers' credentials on their official websites. If not, you can call the company's human resource department and ask for guidance.

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3. Begin with a powerful opening statement

A strong opening statement can help you make a positive first impression. Below are a few tips to create a solid opening statement:

  • Discuss your love for the organisation by outlining a few of its products or congratulating it on its recent achievements or awards.

  • Mention a mutual contact, such as the company's past or current employee or client, who told you about the opening.

  • Identify aspects of the company that you like and match your interests.

  • Recount a relevant incident that sparked your interest in the company.

4. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph

Describe yourself and explain why you want the senior manager's position. You can include a review of your leadership experiences and skills. Ensure every background you mention relates to the job. For example, when applying for a senior manager position in a telesales company, you can discuss your experience in leading sales teams. If your work experiences don't relate to the opening directly, you can discuss other examples of how you applied the position's essential skills.

Besides your professional and academic qualifications, the hiring manager may also want to learn about your personal life. You can mention your aspirations and relate them to the opening. For example, saying that you're passionate about helping others can show that you're a good leader.

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5. Explain why you're suitable for the position

A cover letter's objective may be to persuade hiring managers you're the best candidate. You can achieve this by discussing your relevant leadership experiences and showing them why you're suitable for the managerial position. List your leadership skills, certifications and experiences. You can list your leadership qualifications and compare them to the job specification or description to identify the most relevant ones. If possible, use the STAR method and outline your work experiences as examples.

This technique involves highlighting the situation or challenge, listing the mandatory tasks, discussing your actions and outlining the results. You can also mention the lessons you learnt from your experiences and how they prepared you for the opening. The approach can help you organise your experiences in easy-to-follow formats.

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6. Explain how you can help the company

In the next section, you can discuss why you want to work for the organisation and your potential contributions. Before writing this section, review the company's products, operation modules, expansion plans, specialisations, brand voice and value. Identify the company's aspects that relate to your interests and mention them in this paragraph. Alluding to the firm's culture and comparing them with your aspirations can help create a rapport with the hiring manager. Next, you may state how you plan to use your expertise to help the company improve its operations or address pressing needs.

7. Conclude with a strong call to action

A call to action (CTA) is the last part of the cover letter, persuading the hiring manager to consider your application and inviting them to read your CV. You can also use the CTA to ask the employer to call you for an interview, state your availability and reiterate your expectation to work with the company.

Close the letter politely and inform the hiring manager you hope to meet them and discuss your candidacy further. If you haven't submitted your contact information in the other application states, you can end the cover letter by writing your full name, email address and phone number.

Senior manager cover letter samples

You can review samples to help you learn how to write a solid senior manager cover letter. Below are two examples:

Example 1

Here's a sample of a senior manager cover letter for a professional applying for a position in a sales company:

Dear Mr Cooper,

I was excited to learn about a senior manager opening at your company from a mutual contact, Johnson Olivia. I previously worked closely with Johnson on several projects, and I trust her views. Having worked with your organisation for the last four years, she has always described you as an excellent employer. Johnson assured me I could be a perfect fit for the position and advised me to apply.

I've worked as a sales manager at Foster's and Co. for the last two years. In this position, I've led several projects with different timeframes, budgets, team sizes and scopes. Last year alone, I helped the company close three of its largest all-time deals.

While I love my current job, I believe it's time to move to a larger organisation like H&J Solutions. I've been following your organisation and adore your client-centred approach to sales. I plan to use my strong negotiation skills and negotiation proficiency to help you close more deals.

Please review the CV I've attached to learn more about my qualifications. I'm available for interviews whenever it suits you. Thank you and I'm looking forward to your response.

Nigel Walker
0111 2222 333

Example 2

Here's a cover letter sample for a professional applying to a senior manager position in a coffee shop:

Dear Mrs Charlotte Johnson,

I'm excited to apply for the general manager position at Coffee-Fresh. Mr Clarke, one of your current employees, informed me about the opening and assured me I was a suitable candidate. Clarke and I have been colleagues for over twenty years. Because of this, I trust his judgement and positive views about your company.

I've been a human resource manager at Higgs's coffee shop for the last three years. The position has taught me several valuable lessons about coffee making and culture. I believe it's time to look for new challenges and this position is a perfect opportunity. I plan to use my extensive industry knowledge to help your organisation attract and keep more customers.

Please consider my application. I've attached my CV which you can review for more information on my qualifications. Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Sofia Flores

Disclaimer: The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.

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