How To Write an Efficient Web Developer CV (With Example)

Updated 19 April 2023

A well-written CV highlights the skills and abilities that make you a desirable candidate in a highly competitive field. An excellent CV for a web developer catches the attention of the recruiter and sets you apart from other candidates. Learning what goes into a web developer CV can help you during your next job application. In this article, we explain what to include in a CV, provide a web developer template to follow and give an example of a well-written web developer CV.

What to include in a web developer CV

As you create or add to your web developer CV, here are some sections to include:

Contact information

Your contact information is the first thing listed on your CV and helps the recruiter associate a name with the accomplishments and skills found in the rest of the CV. Include your full name, email address, phone number and address. Some people include social media profiles and websites. This last part is up to your discretion. If it seems like a company that would appreciate these extra details, include them.

2. Objective

Next, write a one or two-sentence objective explaining who you are and why you are applying for this position. This brief statement mentions your experience, along with the type of position you want to obtain within the company. After reading this section, the recruiter has a good idea of who you are, what you offer as an employee and your future career goals. You may also title this section:

  • about me

  • summary

  • profile

  • introduction

3. Relevant work experience

Dedicate much of your CV to explaining your work experience and how it makes you an excellent candidate. Starting with your most recent position first, each entry stating the name of the company you worked for, your job title, the location of the company and the dates of employment. Under this information, include bullet points of your responsibilities and duties, along with any promotions you received or major projects you worked on.

Use strong action verbs when explaining your work experience. Make your bullet points concise, clear and paint a picture of your responsibilities and role within the company.

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4. Education

Next, create a section that describes your education. Start with your most advanced degree or diploma and include the name of the institution that awarded it to you. If you were a member of any relevant clubs or organisations while attending school, you can include that information in this section as well.

5. Technical skills

Technical skills are an extremely important aspect of the job. Include a list of all the major programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and your skill level for each, along with any software programmes in which you are proficient. Some other soft and hard skills you can mention include:

  • knowledge of computer operating systems

  • thorough attention to detail

  • analytical thinking skills

  • general maths knowledge

  • the ability to use your initiative

6. Relevant certifications

Many certifications are available to web developers. If you have earned any relevant certifications, list these along with the organisation that certified you. Some certifications available to web developers include:

  • HTML & CSS certification course

  • web design and development

  • professional certificate in coding: full-stack development with MERN, MIT

What is a web developer?

A web developer creates and maintains websites that are safe and functional. Employers or clients work with web developers to create a site that meets the needs and requirements of their company. Web developers use a combination of graphic design techniques and coding languages to create the website. After they create the website, they continue to monitor the site in order to troubleshoot any problems and update when necessary. Web developers are always looking for ways to improve their website creation techniques as technology changes and develops.

Why are CVs for web developers important?

A CV outlines the work experience, skills and abilities of a person working in the development of software and websites. An effective CV highlights what makes the candidate a desirable employee. Some of the key skills and abilities include problem-solving, good communication, attention to detail and the ability to develop software and websites through the use of programming languages. A well-written CV includes all this information in a layout that is clear, professional and appealing to the recruiter reading it.

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Web developer CV template

Email address
Phone number


A clear summary outlining why you are applying for this position and what makes you a desirable candidate.


Include your most recent positions in reverse chronological order and include employment dates, company name, company address and job title. Under this information, include a bulleted list of your primary responsibilities within the company.


Include the most recent degree or diploma first, along with the name of the educational institution, the dates you attended and school location.

Technical Skills:

Create a bulleted list of your main technical and soft skills. Include software programmes and programming levels along with your proficiency level.


Provide information about any web development-related certifications you earned.

Web developer CV example

Here is an example of how to utilise the above web developer template:


Linda Svalt
07971 123654
110 Goldstone Road, Hove BN3 3RG


Web developer with over six years of experience seeking a full-time development position in a fast-paced and growing company.


Smith & Co. Technologies
Brighton, UK
Web Developer
July 2018-Present

  • Worked with clients to create unique and innovative websites that fit their needs

  • Revised website security, reducing attempted hacks by 22%

  • Trained junior-level developers in various software applications

  • Ran website backups on client website

  • Researched new technologies to keep clients up-to-date with trends and changes in the industry

Pink Panda Startup
Sheffield, UK
Junior Web Developer
February 2016-June 2018

  • Helped build UI and web layouts using React software

  • Worked with senior developers to improve skills in Java, C++ and Python

  • Tracked and communicated code changes using GIT

  • Communicated and maintained a relationship with clients

  • Implemented new server that increased functionality by 50%


Computer Science BSc, The University of Sheffield

Technical skills:

  • Expert: Java, C++, Python, ColdFusion

  • Proficient: Wordpress, Adobe Creative Cloud


ACE Web Specialist (Adobe)
Microsoft Developer (MTA & MCSD)

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Tips for writing a CV

Here are some tips that can make your CV stand out from the rest:

Mention skills listed in the job description

Read the job description thoroughly before writing your CV. If the job position requires certain skills and abilities, make sure your CV includes these skills and shows your proficiency in them. Highlighting these keywords can prove that you read the job description carefully and that you are an ideal candidate for the role.

Keep it simple

A CV has to be well-organised, brief and easy to scan. Recruiters often receive hundreds of CVs for a position, so having a CV with high readability is crucial. Keep your CV one page long and make sure your sentences are clear and concise.

Choose the correct format

Along with keeping the language of your CV simple, you also want to make sure you format it in a clear and professional way. Since a CV reflects your professionalism and abilities, make your CV as precise as how you design your websites. Choose a font that is classic and easy to read, such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. Use one-inch margins and lift-align your content. Delete any unnecessary details or anything that can distract the reader from focusing on the most important aspects of your CV.

Be aware that many companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to streamline the hiring process. This software sorts through the CVs of everyone who applies for a position, then decides which CVs are the most relevant and easy to understand, which are then sent to the recruiter. Having a well-formatted CV can ensure that it passes through the ATS software and into the hands of a real person.

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Proofread your CV

Once you have read through and adjusted your CV, read it again. Proofreading is an extremely important part of writing your CV. Your CV reflects your work and if you have a CV that is full of mistakes, a recruiter may think that your coding abilities may be full of mistakes as well. Also, have another person read your CV, preferably someone who works in the web development industry and may comment on any content errors they see.

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