20 Side Jobs to Earn Additional Income

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 11 February 2021 | Published 25 August 2020

Updated 11 February 2021

Published 25 August 2020

You may consider additional employment if you are saving up for something special or looking to gain experience in a field of work that interests you. There are many areas you can start working in, sometimes with little prior experience. These are often called side hustles and are becoming increasingly popular with the UK's workforce.

In this article, we discuss 21 different side jobs you could pursue to generate additional income.

What is a side job?

A side job is a job you can do in your spare time. This could be at night when you come home from your regular job or during the weekend. You can fit this additional work in and around your everyday life, using your downtime to make some extra cash. Some side jobs can allow you to work from home and follow your own schedule. Others are based in shops or offices but often offer flexibility on when you need to work.

Popular side jobs for additional income

By researching what others are doing and by taking a close look at your own skills and interests, you will be able to find the perfect way to make additional income. By choosing something that fits into your current lifestyle and schedule, you enable yourself to gain greater professional experience and make a little extra cash. These are just a few of the many side job options that are available:

1. Cashier

Average Salary: £7.55 per hour

Job Duties: Cashiers work in shops. They handle purchases, exchanges and refunds in a quick and efficient manner. They ensure that items bought by customers are in good condition, and they are responsible for keeping their cash drawer accurate and stocked.

Requ**irements:** Success as a cashier requires basic mathematical skills and the ability to handle money in an organised, responsible fashion.

2. Personal shopper

Average Salary: £7.97 per hour

Job Duties: A personal shopper assists customers by guiding them through the shopping experience, providing feedback, recommendations and information about various products. While many work for department stores or companies, others are freelance and set their own schedules.

Requirements: Excellent communication and customer service skills. You should be knowledgeable about a variety of products and brands and feel comfortable offering your opinion on them.

3. Babysitter

Average Salary: £8.50 per hour

Job Duties: Babysitters are responsible for temporarily watching over and caring for children. Some responsibilities might include taking kids to and from school, cooking meals and providing entertainment.

Requirements: You should have a reliable form of transportation and positive references, along with CPR or First Aid certifications.

4. Delivery driver

Average Salary: £8.76 per hour

Job Duties: You can be a delivery driver for a large company where you drive on assigned routes working with dispatchers. You could also work individually through delivery apps or takeaways to bring groceries or restaurant orders to the houses of customers.

Requirements: Delivery drivers need a valid driving license, reliable form of transportation and strong customer service skills.

5. Cleaner

Average Salary: £8.78 per hour

Job Duties: Cleaners ensure all areas of a house or place of work are tidy and maintained. Some duties might include laundry, sweeping and cleaning windows.

Requirements: Cleaners should have good customer service skills and the ability to work efficiently and with attention to detail.

6. Lifeguard

Average Salary: £8.83 per hour

Job Duties: Lifeguards monitor designated beach areas or swimming pools to ensure the safety of swimmers. They might also be responsible for opening and closing the establishment and treating the pool with chemicals on a regular basis.

Requirements: First Aid and CPR certifications, the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) and the ability to pass a pre-employment practical skills test in the water.

7. Transcriber

Average Salary: £9.00 per hour

Job Duties: A transcriber translates an audio recording into a typed document. There are some specialty roles, like medical transcribers, that might require additional training.

Requirements: A transcriber should be able to type at a minimum of 70 WPM with attention to detail and minimal errors.

8. Valet attendant

Average Salary: £9.33 per hour

Job Duties: A valet typically works for a restaurant, hotel or events venue parking cars and bringing them back to customers when they are ready to leave.

Requirements: A valet attendant needs a valid driver's license, along with strong organisational and customer service skills.

9. Dog walker

Average Salary: £9.54 per hour

Job Duties: Dog walkers are responsible for taking one or more dogs on a lengthy walk, ensuring they are well exercised on a regular basis and cared for under their supervision.

Requirements: Dogwalkers need strong communication skills, an understanding of different types of dogs and their behaviour and the ability to walk for long distances and handle multiple dogs at a time.

10. Library assistant

Average Salary: £9.75 per hour

Job Duties: A library assistant helps librarians with organising and stocking books as well as maintaining inventory on computer systems. They may be required to assist with visits from local schools or community groups to the library.

Requirements: Library assistants need basic computer and organisational skills and strong literary ability.

11. Call centre representative

Average Salary: £9.87 per hour

Job Duties: Call centre workers answer incoming customer calls regarding billing issues, product problems, service questions and general client concerns. They impact the company's bottom line by problem solving and turning frustrated clients into repeat customers.

Requirements: Call centre representatives should have good communication and computer skills and the ability to handle difficult client conversations with empathy and understanding.

12. Telemarketer

Average Salary: £10.50 per hour

Job Duties: A telemarketer makes calls to the public or other businesses to sell products or distribute information for a company. They often use scripts (with necessary adjustments) to ensure consistency of a sales program. Telemarketers also answer potential clients' questions about products or goals.

Requirements: A successful telemarketer needs strong phone manner and articulation, composure in a busy work environment.

13. Rideshare driver

Average Salary: £11.00 per hour

Job Duties: Rideshare drivers set their own schedules, providing transportation services to the public in their area. Most of the time, you should be able to work whenever you have free time for as little or as much as you'd like.

Requirements: You will need a valid driver's license, access to a mobile phone with GPS and a reliable form of transportation.

14. Virtual assistant

Average Salary: £11.46 per hour

Job Duties: Virtual assistants help customers with various tasks like organizing schedules, writing communications and keeping track of calls and emails. They could also maintain social media accounts and update web pages. Most communications with the customer are conducted virtually.

Requirements: Virtual assistants need excellent organisational, time-management and customer service skills, along with access to a reliable internet connection and computer.

15. Marketing assistant

Average Salary: £13.50 per hour

Job Duties: Marketing assistants suggest product positioning approaches for new offerings, contribute to content marketing and offer brand awareness efforts. They also prepare marketing and advertising materials based on a client's brief. They often create and contribute to social media accounts for clients, and they advise clients on content marketing campaigns and product positioning logistics.

Requirements: While not always required, marketing assistants are often expected to have an undergraduate degree in marketing or related field. Experience executing successful marketing campaigns.

16. Freelance writer

Average Salary: £13.77 per hour

Job Duties: A freelance writer works on their own schedule, providing paid services to customers for a particular skill or ability. Freelancers can complete a wide variety of writing projects depending on their client's preferences.

Requirements: Freelance writers need strong writing and customer service skills and the ability to work alone and provide assignments on a deadline.

17. Translator

Average Salary: £16.36 per hour

Job Duties: A translator helps people communicate in different languages by being able to speak and understand both languages. They act as a mediator, translating one language into another for the audience. They may also be required to translate written documents.

Requirements: Translators need strong communication skills and fluency in at least two languages.

18. Tutor

Average Salary: £16.49 per hour

Job Duties: Tutors go over homework assignments with students in applicable subject areas. They might ask students about specific topics that are giving them trouble or might warrant further exploration. In addition, tutors review recent test scores and work through problems or questions that the student did not answer correctly.

Requirements: Tutors should have excellent communication skills, a reliable form of transportation and an established subject matter proficiency. Some clients may also prefer that a tutor has a teaching certificate.

19. Driving instructor

Average Salary: £25.00 per hour

Job Duties: Driving instructors teach the required skills needed to drive safely on every road. This includes operating a car, the laws and regulations of the roads and preparation for the driving test. Driving instructors can also provide refresher courses and teach advanced skills to experienced drivers.

Requirements: Driving instructors need to pass the approved driving instructor part 1 and part 2 exams, a calm and patient nature.

20. Personal trainer

Average Salary: £30.48 per hour

Job Duties: A personal trainer helps people achieve their fitness goals through a carefully created fitness and nutrition plan. They assist their clients through developing exercise routines and keeping up their motivation.

Requirements: A personal trainer needs good fitness levels and a Level 3 Personal Training qualification.

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