40 Aon interview questions to prepare (with sample answers)

Updated 20 March 2023

As one of the world's largest insurance brokers, Aon provides many different roles and opportunities for jobs. When applying for work at this company, hiring manager or managers may invite you to an interview. If you're applying for a job at Aon, learning about the questions the interviewer can ask you during the recruitment process can help you prepare your answers and improve your interview quality. In this article, we list 40 hypothetical Aon interview questions, including general and in-depth questions, plus sample answers to help you prepare.

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General Aon interview questions

A hiring manager may start with general Aon interview questions to learn about you. Your answers help the interviewer learn more about your reasons for applying for a job with them and whether you're the candidate they want in the position. Here are 12 general questions you might hear to prepare for the first part of your interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. Why did you apply for this position at Aon?

  3. What do you know about Aon and the industry?

  4. What attracts you to work in risk management and the financial services sector?

  5. Do you prefer to work independently or do you enjoy working as part of a team?

  6. Are you available to work in the evenings or on weekends?

  7. What attracts you to this role?

  8. Why are you a strong candidate for this job?

  9. What are your strengths?

  10. What are your general career aspirations?

  11. What motivates you?

  12. Why do you want to leave your current job and work at Aon?

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Questions about your experience and background

The interviewer is likely to ask about your work experience and educational background to learn your skills, qualifications and training. Aon has many different positions, and whether you're applying for a job as a claims executive, a senior health risk consultant, an actuarial model developer or an apprentice, your experience and background are crucial elements of the application process. Here are 12 experience and background questions you may encounter during your Aon interview:

  1. Do you have experience with customers?

  2. Do you have experience working with large data sets?

  3. Do you have experience working with accounting software?

  4. What experience do you have with spreadsheet applications?

  5. Since this role requires someone very organised, can you describe how you organise schedules and monitor your tasks at work?

  6. Are you familiar with financial modelling for insurers and reinsurers?

  7. Do you feel your degree is relevant to this role at Aon?

  8. Tell me about the latest training you had in risk management.

  9. How many years have you worked in the pensions industry, and what attracts you to this sector?

  10. Tell me about your experience working with data analysis and reporting.

  11. Do you have any project management experience?

  12. Have you produced and presented reports for a broad audience?

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In-depth Aon interview questions

Interviewers ask in-depth questions to assess your suitability for the role and discover how you may respond to various situations at work. During your Aon interview, the interviewer may ask about your knowledge of the company's history and its operations. They may also ask you more specific questions about why you want the position at their company. Here are 10 in-depth questions to practise:

  1. Can you tell me about your most recent training?

  2. What is the most challenging aspect of working in risk assessment/health solutions?

  3. If your supervisor assigns you multiple tasks, how do you prioritise and manage these projects?

  4. As a transition analyst, you may work with teams from many different business sectors. What is your approach to teamwork, and can you describe what teamwork means to you?

  5. This role requires managing large data sets to deliver insights and client solutions. How would you protect data as a cyber broker specialist?

  6. We provide credit risk protection and act as a point of contact for clients. What are the primary skills to use when developing a good working relationship with a client?

  7. Can you tell me about your experience with industry IT systems to provide good client service?

  8. If a client makes a complaint about you, what do you do to resolve the situation?

  9. As a cyber underwriter, how do you record risk data accurately?

  10. What are the main points to consider when negotiating renewal terms with a client?

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Aon interview questions with sample answers

Below are six questions you may encounter during your interview for a position at Aon, with an explanation and an example of how to answer each of them:

1. What attracted you to apply for a position at Aon?

This question is your chance to explain your reasons for applying for a job with Aon and to demonstrate your enthusiasm. While preparing for your interview, research the company's mission statement, read through the website and look at Aon's goals and values. You can then use this information to guide your answer.

Example answer: ‘I applied for this position with Aon because I am passionate about working with people and helping businesses to flourish. In my last job, I managed a portfolio of commercial claims and developed important client contacts. I enjoy this type of work and would love to do more of it, along with the opportunity to work on other types of insurance claims.'

2. Can you tell me about your long-term career goals?

An interviewer may ask this to find out how motivated you are and whether you have a career plan. Try to answer in a way that shows you've thought about how you want to grow in your career. You may want to talk about where you see yourself five years from now.

Example answer: ‘In the long-term, I want to become a senior project manager with a top Fortune 500 business. This role fits perfectly with my goals because it can provide me with valuable project management experience and add to my knowledge of risk and compliance processes. I also want to build my experience with change methodologies, so this role is ideal.'

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3. What are the most important skills for a successful consultant?

If you're applying for a consultant position at Aon, hiring managers may seek to establish whether your idea of a successful consultant matches the company's. Your answer is an opportunity to highlight your skills and match them closely to the job description's specifications.

Example answer:I believe a successful consultant is a great communicator and a good team player. They work with people from all different backgrounds and build good client relationships. They're also very organised, know how to multi-task and work quickly to complete projects on time. Strong leadership is another key skill for a successful Aon consultant. Identifying a client's needs, providing consistent updates and ensuring client satisfaction are important parts of the job.'

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4. How do you manage angry clients? Can you tell me about a time a client complained and what you did to resolve the issue?

The interviewer may ask this question to learn if you have appropriate customer service experience. They want to see how you might react if an Aon customer was unhappy with their service. This question checks that you can diffuse challenging situations.

Example answer: ‘In my last role as an insurance broker, a client once called the office because they were upset the cheque they expected to arrive was late. I listened carefully and let them speak, and then I apologised for the inconvenience and checked the system to see when the payment would go out. I explained that the underwriter was issuing the cheque and I would follow up and let them know as soon as it was ready. The client said they understood, and they were glad I took the time to explain everything.'

5. Can you recall a time where you had to show integrity at work?

Being responsible and honest are key traits for candidates who work at Aon. To answer this question, try to think of a time when you had to make a decision, you may have chosen something that appeared to be unethical, but instead, you picked the ethical choice.

Example answer: 'A client once asked me if the bespoke insurance I had found for them could be cheaper elsewhere. I told them the insurance policy may be less expensive if they went directly to another company, but I also told them that our bespoke service meant that we were offering a far more personal service because we understood their business.'

6. What are the most important trends in the insurance industry?

This question helps the interviewer discover your industry knowledge and whether you keep up to date with changes. You may use your answer to discuss your interests.

Example answer: 'I believe one of the most important changes is the huge increase in cyber insurance policies. Many organisations don't have their cybersecurity up to date and are leaving themselves vulnerable. I know that Aon is a cyber risk specialist and manages ransomware threats, data breaches and other risks. I'm really interested in this field and would love to work in custom cybersecurity insurance policies.'

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