12 best-paying delivery jobs (With salaries and duties)

Updated 9 February 2023

If you want a part-time job to fund your studies or are looking for a new career, working in a delivery role might interest you. These positions involve transporting food or various goods to consumers and businesses. Reviewing examples of well-paid delivery jobs can help you determine whether any of these align with your professional goals and if this is a vocation you'd like to pursue. In this article, we list 12 of the best-paying delivery jobs, including the salaries and duties of each role.

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12 best-paying delivery jobs

Best-paying delivery jobs refer to positions in delivery service organisations that offer either a good salary or a competitive hourly rate alongside numerous company benefits. Usually, professionals in this field work for larger businesses and provide delivery services in various industries, such as food, e-commerce, construction and healthcare. These positions require a driving licence, a clean driving record and, depending on the role, an additional licence to operate commercial vehicles. Here are 12 of the highest-earning delivery occupations, alongside their respective national average salaries and primary duties:

1. Pegasus Couriers delivery driver

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National average salary: £11.73 per hour

Primary duties: Pegasus Couriers delivery drivers are self-employed individuals who complete multiple drops daily. They receive full training before they start and a fuel card to cover their fuel expenses. These professionals either use their own van or hire one from Pegasus Couriers, which they can keep at home overnight. They complete set routes and, due to the provided technology, require no knowledge of their delivery area. Depending on their work performance, drivers may also be eligible for service delivery bonuses.

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2. Regulux Transport delivery driver

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National average salary: £12.11 per hour

Primary duties: Regulux Transport drivers deliver parcels to customers on behalf of large global online retailers. They work on a self-employed basis and distribute multiple packages to businesses and homes within a specific area. These drivers have pre-determined routes and aren't required to load the vans themselves. They don't have timed deliveries and can take the vehicle home with them after finishing their shift. These professionals work shifts split across five or six days a week.

3. AO delivery driver

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National average salary: £12.23 per hour

Primary duties: AO delivery drivers work on either a full-time or self-employed basis. They deliver various electrical goods to customers and perform installations. These individuals work alongside an assistant and receive weekly payments. In addition to their standard salary, these drivers earn bonuses for providing exceptional customer service. Self-employed AO delivery drivers choose when they work by submitting their availability via a company app, and, rather than an hourly rate, these individuals earn a fixed rate that varies depending on the length of the route they complete.

4. Dreams delivery driver

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National average salary: £12.49 per hour

Primary duties: Dreams delivery drivers transport sofa beds, mattresses and bed frames to customers. Due to the weight of the items, they work alongside assistants. They also assemble bedroom furniture for their clients. These professionals typically work 38.75 hours a week from Monday to Saturday.

5. Royal Mail delivery driver

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National average salary: £12.63 per hour

Primary duties: Royal Mail delivery drivers transport letters and parcels across the country. They visit the organisation's distribution centres and safely make deliveries to and from these locations after receiving delivery instructions. They also collect parcels from customers directly. To ensure a full delivery service, these individuals often work evenings and weekends. Their final drops are typically local, meaning they can easily return home when working late. These professionals can expect good career development opportunities, extra holidays for long-serving staff, corporate discounts and access to Royal Mail's well-being programme.

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6. UPS delivery driver

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National average salary: £12.80 per hour

Primary duties: UPS delivery drivers are permanent employees who safely and efficiently deliver packages to and from commercial and residential properties using either a van or a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). These individuals directly represent the company and provide excellent customer service when interacting with recipients. Additionally, they plan their own delivery routes and complete vehicle checks before and after deliveries. They typically work 40 hours a week but have the option to work overtime if they wish.

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7. Stuart delivery driver

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National average salary: £13.38 per hour

Primary duties: Stuart delivery drivers are independent couriers who deliver parcels from businesses to their customers. These individuals work flexible hours at competitive rates. They receive weekly payments based on the time spent doing deliveries or the number of successful drops and gain various perks and rewards for completing these. These drivers may make deliveries on any day or time of the week and can choose to complete their deliveries by bike, car or moped.

8. Ocado Group delivery driver

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National average salary: £13.57 per hour

Primary duties: Ocado Group delivery drivers work on either a full-time, part-time or flexible basis and deliver groceries to customers. To ensure efficiency, they complete planned routes and aren't involved in loading the vans beforehand. They frequently use their teamwork skills to collaborate with moped riders, bike riders, HGV drivers, shift supervisors and vehicle maintenance technicians. Due to the business favouring internal promotions, there are excellent career advancement prospects available. These individuals have access to company discounts, a pension scheme, the opportunity to buy additional holidays and a cycle-to-work scheme.

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9. Yodel delivery driver

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National average salary: £13.92 per hour

Primary duties: Yodel delivery drivers are either employed or self-employed individuals who deliver parcels within their local area for household customers. The latter can set their own workload while still gaining company support. These individuals may work as couriers or delivery partners. Drivers employed by Yodel operate either vans or HGVs. They follow mapped routes and have access to the latest technology to improve delivery efficiency. These drivers have numerous company benefits, including discounts at other businesses, a pension scheme and monetary incentives.

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10. LLG NW delivery driver

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National average salary: £14.44 per hour

Primary duties: LLG NW delivery drivers are self-employed individuals who work for a medium-sized logistics company that delivers on behalf of online shopping and home delivery companies. They collect parcels from the supplier's delivery depot, arrange the parcels in their van, drive to their designated area and complete the deliveries by following the directions on the supplied phone app. These professionals can hire vans from their employer without providing a deposit or committing to a contract. They receive weekly payments, a fuel card, flexible hours, early start incentives and excellent career advancement opportunities.

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11. Laundryheap delivery driver

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National average salary: £14.89 per hour

Primary duties: Laundryheap delivery drivers focus on transporting clothes to and from customers for laundry and dry-cleaning purposes. They're employed delivery partners who work whenever it's convenient for them. These individuals receive weekly payments on an hourly or completed-task basis. They may also get bonuses and tips for fast deliveries and excellent customer service. When they need support, they can access online resources and a community of other drivers.

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12. Deliverwize delivery driver

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National average salary: £15.48 per hour

Primary duties: Deliverwize delivery drivers are self-employed individuals who deliver packages to businesses and homes within a designated area. They complete drops according to set routes and their employer doesn't expect them to complete any packing or route organising so they can focus on efficiently completing deliveries. They work on a flexible, rota basis up to a maximum of six days a week. These professionals receive their first payment after three weeks and then weekly thereafter.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location. Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.


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