13 high-paying tech jobs with no experience (plus salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 9 November 2022

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Finding high-paying tech jobs with no experience may be challenging, but it's not impossible. The tech industry is growing rapidly, continuously opening up to IT professionals with no experience. Understanding the various job opportunities that require no experience is crucial in choosing the right career path. In this article, we discuss 13 types of tech jobs that require no experience and list their duties and responsibilities.

What are high-paying tech jobs with no experience?

Here are 13 types of high-paying tech jobs with no experience:

1. Computer technician

National average salary: £21,115 per year

Primary duties: A computer technician is a professional who identifies, resolves and troubleshoots computer problems. Their duties vary depending on the employer, but their primary responsibilities include setting up hardware, installing software and performing computer repairs. They also maintain internet connectivity, run diagnostic tests and maintain servers and computer systems. Some computer technicians also create user documents and provide training on computer systems. They work for corporations in IT departments to set up, maintain and repair computer systems for employees. Computer technicians use various tools such as cable testers and data recovery software to repair and maintain computers.

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2. Customer support representative

National average salary: £22,498 per year

Primary duties: A customer support representative interacts with customers on behalf of a company or organisation. Their primary duties include generating sales, managing incoming calls, identifying customer needs and meeting sales objectives. They walk customers through basic troubleshooting and setup processes and resolve problems with their accounts. Customer support representatives also handle returns, refer customers to supervisors, provide information about products and services and record details of customer contacts. Some customer support representatives may process orders and modifications and escalate complaints across communication channels. They work in utility and telecommunication companies to help customers with service problems such as outages.

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3. Digital marketing manager

National average salary: £27,016 per year

Primary duties: A digital marketing officer is a professional who maintains a brand's online presence and sales by working on marketing campaigns. Their primary duties include researching, planning campaigns, analysing metrics and creating content for successful campaigns. They develop, implement and oversee long-term digital marketing campaigns and short-term advertising techniques. Digital marketing managers are adept at driving traffic to company websites, enhancing brand awareness and generating sales. Some digital marketing managers may oversee marketing teams and provide support in several departments.

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4. Web designer

National average salary: £29,300 per year

Primary duties: A web designer is a professional who is responsible for designing the visual appearance, usability and layout of a website. Their primary responsibilities include coding webpages, meeting with clients to review website templates and running tests to preview website features and layouts. They use design programs to create visual elements. Web designers utilise user interfaces to build websites that are easy to navigate, use and understand. They also adhere to design standards and specifications. Web designers usually work with web developers to ensure proper and hassle-free implementation of websites.

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5. Content marketing managers

National average salary: £29,414 per year

Primary duties: A content marketing manager is a professional who plans, implements and develops content strategies for companies. They manage the creation and production of offline and online marketing content to increase web traffic and brand awareness. Content marketing strategists create shareable content, measure results of marketing traffic and distribute content on platforms. They manage content marketing operations and the overall success of marketing initiatives. Content marketing strategists also facilitate ongoing content planning, guide content marketing strategy and edit, promote and report on the results of initiatives.

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6. Web editor

National average salary: £31,032 per year

Primary duties: A web editor is a professional responsible for developing and managing website content and images. Their primary duties include proofreading, editing, analysing readership data and developing content strategies. They work with creative editors, writers and designers to create website content and editorial plans. Web editors use design and editing software to plan, programme and publish new materials. They work in media, advertising and marketing to organise, modify, verify and update existing content. Web editors also represent organisations at launches, meetings and press events. Some web editors may produce videos and write articles for publication.

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7. Social media manager

National average salary: £33,080 per year

Primary duties: A social media manager is a professional who oversees company interactions with the public by implementing content strategies on social media platforms. Their main duties include identifying trends in customer interactions, planning digital campaigns to build community online and analysing engagement data. They produce high-quality content to advertise campaigns and drive engagement. Social media managers communicate with stakeholders to identify their needs and products. They facilitate customer services, ensuring respectful and appropriate engagement. Social media managers also engage with relevant influencers on social media platforms to increase brand awareness. They coach employees on effective content creation practices.

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8. Data analyst

National average salary: £33,663 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst is a professional who gathers, cleans and studies data sets to help solve problems and answer questions that help businesses make decisions. They normally use their technical and analytical skills to identify trends and patterns. Data analysts convert numbers and figures of data into narratives that answer questions. They prepare graphs, reports and diagrams to share findings with stakeholders. Data analysts also assess questions stakeholders pose and determine which types of data help answer them. Some data analysts may specialise in marketing, financial and operations of data.

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9. Web developer

National average salary: £36,854 per year

Primary duties: A web developer is a professional who uses client-server models to create World Wide Web applications and websites. They analyse consumer needs to ensure they're creating content that's accessible and useful. Their primary responsibilities include identifying issues on web pages and correcting them, using script languages to design webpages and converting files into compatible formats. They write and edit webpage content and use research from surveys, testing and user feedback to improve web pages. Web developers also work with graphic designers and programmers to create websites that fulfil the technical and design needs of their clients.

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10. Web content manager

National average salary: £36,886 per year

Primary duties: This is a professional who ensures the content of websites is well-structured, easy to find and meets user needs. They develop, manage and create engaging content that aligns with brand strategies and addresses the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders. Web content managers work with writers, graphic designers and videographers to develop content strategies that promote internal and external user engagement. They use editorial skills to develop and manage editorial calendars and collaborate with design and marketing teams. Web content managers also use web metrics and digital technology to maximise search rankings, analyse user engagement and optimise content.

11. Technical writer

National average salary: £38,309 per year

Primary duties: A technical writer is a professional who creates documentation for products, processes and services. They prepare, outline and develop instruction manuals, journal articles and how-to guides to easily communicate complex and technical information. Their main duties include reviewing and editing content, researching user groups to ensure content effectiveness and writing precise technical content. Technical writers work with subject matter experts and other writers to draft accurate content. They work in various industries, such as engineering and finance, to create diagrams, showing users how products work. Some technical writers may construct documents, such as reports, briefs and press releases.

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12. Digital project manager

National average salary: £40,707 per year

Primary duties: A digital project manager is a professional who oversees the tracking, planning and deliverables of tech-centred projects that happen online. Their primary responsibilities are designing and managing online campaigns, improving user experience and identifying and resolving issues. They work within budgets to develop digital marketing campaigns and web applications, identify risks and write detailed plans and reports. Digital project managers liaise with clients, stakeholders and contractors to deliver quality products on time. They also use digital tools like emails and word processors to oversee projects from inception to delivery.

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13. Digital analyst

National average salary: £42,700 per year

Primary duties: A digital analyst is a professional who examines marketing data to spot trends, weaknesses and opportunities in online marketing. Their primary duties include developing digital marketing strategies and reports, presenting findings to marketing managers and searching for marketing analytics data. They prepare campaign results, create data visualisation and track campaign performance. Digital analysts work in marketing firms and advertising agencies to enhance and develop marketing strategies. Some digital analysts may maintain records, update databases and participate in digital marketing efforts.

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