14 Higher National Certificate art jobs to explore

Updated 10 October 2022

A Higher National Certificate (HNC) in art is a Level 4 vocational qualification that can give you a good foundation for jobs related to art and design. During your year-long HNC course, you can develop useful artistic skills and industry knowledge that you can directly apply to a creative career. Exploring some of the jobs you can pursue with an HNC in Art can give you ideas for where to apply after you complete your studies. In this article, we share a list of Higher National Certificate art jobs and explain their core responsibilities.

14 Higher National Certificate art jobs

Higher National Certificate art jobs include a range of positions related to design, fashion, photography and media. Having a HNC in Art can be a great foundation for many of these roles, although some jobs may not have specific education requirements. You can also seek additional qualifications after attaining your art certificate to enhance your application. Here's a list of jobs to explore after earning your certificate. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Production assistant

National average salary: £18,186 per year

Primary duties: Production assistants provide support to directors, producers and other creative professionals on a film or theatre set. They facilitate the production of movies, television and live theatre shows by completing administrative work such as organising equipment, making copies of scripts, coordinating transportation, answering phones and helping with errands backstage. Other responsibilities include helping the cast prepare for the day, maintaining the production schedule and communicating between different departments.

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2. Studio assistant

National average salary: £20,126 per year

Primary duties: Studio assistants provide support for artists, producers and musicians in studio environments across many creative industries. Studio assistants may work closely with a single artist or collaborate with multiple artists who use the same studio. They gather materials for a project, set up equipment, maintain inventories, order new supplies, schedule meetings and appointments, document the creative process of a project and facilitate communication with other creative professionals. Some studio assistants also help with basic errands, bookkeeping tasks and various administrative duties.

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3. Photo retoucher

National average salary: £20,812 per year

Primary duties: A photo retoucher makes adjustments to photographs using editing software to achieve a specific visual outcome. They can remove blemishes and stray hairs, adjust the lighting of a photo, change the colour or alter the photo's background. They identify areas of a photo that may require editing and make alterations that often appear natural and cohesive with the rest of the photo. Photo retouchers communicate with clients to determine how they want a photo to look, make edits, review client feedback and implement additional adjustments until they produce the finished project.

4. Marketing assistant

National average salary: £21,063 per year

Primary duties: Marketing assistants provide support to the marketing manager and other professionals in the marketing department, including administrative and creative tasks. Some of their responsibilities include writing reports, designing graphics for social media, organising and giving presentations, assisting with promotional events, compiling information into databases and meeting with clients. Marketing assistants distribute information internally within the marketing team to facilitate communication and follow-up with clients to confirm appointments or gather information to prepare for upcoming pitches.

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5. Stylist

National average salary: £21,569 per year

Primary duties: Stylists coordinate outfits, accessories and props to curate a specific visual aesthetic. They can work for individuals to support their personal style or provide styling services to production companies. Stylists select colour schemes, textures, fabrics, brands and other visual elements that can contribute to their client's style. They can select specific pieces, prepare outfits, consult on stylistic choices during photo shoots and advise on hair and makeup for models.

6. Photographer

National average salary: £24,867 per year

Primary duties: Photographers use cameras to capture photos for clients. They can take photographs for art projects, promotional materials and events. Photographers talk to their clients about their expectations for a photo shoot, prepare props and equipment, customise settings on their cameras to achieve special effects, direct clients on how to pose and implement a variety of photography techniques to capture specific shots. They can process traditional film in a darkroom or use photo editing software to enhance pictures taken using digital cameras.

7. Graphic designer

National average salary: £25,781 per year

Primary duties: A graphic designer produces visual designs to represent ideas for their clients to persuade or educate an audience. They meet with clients to review a project brief and discuss the kind of image they want, then produce initial sketches to communicate their ideas. After receiving feedback, graphic designers create a final design using traditional art techniques or digital design software. They can produce a variety of design projects, including logos, banners, posters and infographics.

8. Fashion merchandiser

National average salary: £26,819 per year

Primary duties: Fashion merchandisers determine what items to stock in clothing stores and decide how to present those products to consumers. They conduct market research to learn about fashion trends and use that information to identify brands and products that may sell well with their target market. Fashion merchandisers place orders for clothing, communicate with vendors and brands, design displays and create promotional plans. They also determine when to cycle out old fashion products for new items and adjust store layouts to improve the shopping experience for consumers.

9. Brand specialist

National average salary: £26,939 per year

Primary duties: Brand specialists develop ideas for how to present a company's identity to its consumers. They collaborate with managers, marketers, designers and other professionals to create cohesive messaging about the brand's values and mission. Brand specialists can consult on a company's visual design choices, such as their colour scheme, website and logo, and make suggestions on how to align their visual branding with their corporate identity. They can also guide social media posts, prepare brand guidelines and oversee any brand partners, such as sponsors or influencers.

10. Web designer

National average salary: £27,205 per year

Primary duties: Web designers create the visual layout and design of web pages for their clients. They prepare the initial concept for the aesthetic of a website including its colour scheme and interactive design elements. Web designers write code that specifies the appearance of the website such as the font size for text on the page and the size of any images. They develop and test user interfaces, create design specifications for other developers, implement updates and produce templates for future site development.

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11. CAD Designer

National average salary: £28,901 per year

Primary duties: CAD designers create designs, layouts, blueprints and other drawings using software programmes. They meet with clients to identify their specifications for projects, including measurements, budgets and project objectives. When producing their designs, they collect data, compile files of design elements and customise projects with different views, perspectives and cross-sections. CAD designers produce initial digital prototypes and make adjustments based on feedback from engineers, architects, manufacturers and other professionals.

12. Social media manager

National average salary: £31,785 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers run an organisation's social media accounts to increase brand awareness and generate leads. They typically either work for one organisation and manage their entire social media operation or oversee the social media campaigns for several smaller clients. Social media managers implement both social media and online marketing techniques to attract more traffic to their clients. They develop post schedules, track social media metrics, analyse audience engagement and create online content.

13. Interior designer

National average salary: £35,186 per year

Primary duties: Interior designers plan the decor and aesthetic of different spaces by selecting furniture, artwork, fixtures, paint and other design elements. They determine the ideal function and style of the space based on their client's preferences, then source decorative pieces or practical items to create a cohesive space. Interior designers prepare budgets, collaborate with vendors, review blueprints and oversee the installation of design elements in a room or building.

14. Technical artist

National average salary: £37,908 per year

Primary duties: Technical artists work on software and video game development teams to implement the visual design elements of an application. They research the appropriate software and technical tools to use for different aspects of designing the characters, environments and other design elements in a game. Technical artists test digital art files and develop tools to uphold the visual details of a computer programme, such as lighting, texture, movement and shading.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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