13 of the Highest-Paying Sales Jobs (With Salary Details)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 29 September 2021

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Sales professionals approach customers and potential customers with a company's product, talking them through its benefits and features, ultimately looking to persuade the customer to buy the product. They work to establish and maintain good relationships with clients, ensuring customer satisfaction and continued business with the customer. With many of the highest-paying sales jobs offering commission and other performance incentives on top of generous salaries, there is great earning potential in this sector. In this article, we examine 13 of the best paying sales jobs.

13 of the highest-paying sales jobs

Here are 13 of the highest-paying sales jobs (ranked from lowest to highest), with salary information:

1. Real estate agent

National average salary: £25,908 per year

Primary duties: A real estate agent helps clients with the buying and selling of property. They help prospective homeowners to find properties that suit their budget and personal requirements, organise viewings of the properties and communicate any concerns vendors or buyers may have throughout the process. Similarly, they assist vendors in finding a fair market value for their property, help to market the property effectively to prospective buyers and ensure that they communicate any concerns during negotiations.

2. Business development representative

National average salary: £26,857 per year

Primary duties: Business development representatives use their networking and communication skills to grow a company's client base. This may involve using their existing network to find recommendations for prospective new clients and following up on these or sourcing new clients through communication and marketing campaigns. This can often include sending speculative emails or cold calling businesses identified as possible clients and sharing information about the benefits of your company and any sales or promotions there may be.

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3. Account executive

National average salary: £29,095 per year

Primary duties: Account executives are responsible for the day-to-day management of client accounts for an organisation. This can include invoice processing and ensuring clients make payments on time, facilitating the delivery of products and services, keeping clients updated and generally ensuring client satisfaction. They are also responsible for periodically ensuring that the organisation's client information, such as preferred contact details, is up to date. Account executive roles, therefore, are well suited for people with both excellent interpersonal communication skills and strong organisational skills.

4. Car sales executive

National average salary: £30,319 per year

Primary duties: Car sales executives sell vehicles to customers. It's important they have a thorough knowledge of the products that they are selling to ensure they can properly market the vehicles and their accessory options. Effective car sales executives are able to use this knowledge when talking with prospective customers to find the vehicle that best suits their needs and so secure a sale. They also schedule test drives, help negotiate contracts with customers, talk them through any financing options that may be available and make sure all relevant paperwork is properly processed to complete a sale.

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5. Account manager

National average salary: £31,004 per year

Primary duties: Account managers foster and manage client relationships at a higher level than account executives. They are less involved with the basic day-to-day administrative functions and liaise with clients on their specific needs, communicate client needs effectively to other team members, monitor and discuss budgeting and spending with clients, prepare client reports and help colleagues to work through client agendas. Since they have more direct client interaction, account managers may be guest attendees at client internal meetings. In securing new clients, account managers may work with colleagues in marketing to prepare proposals and presentations.

6. Advertising sales representative

National average salary: £31,478 per year

Primary duties: Advertising sales representatives sell advertising space to clients. They typically work to quotas, with a set target of advertising spaces to sell in a given time. They can work across a range of advertising media, including television, radio, print publications and digital. A good portion of their work involves trying to source new clients, approaching companies and working to convince them of the benefits of buying advertising space. They also manage existing accounts with clients who have already bought advertising, ensuring that someone properly met their needs.

7. Medical sales representative

National average salary: £31,862 per year

Primary duties: Medical sales representatives sell specialist medical equipment and technologies to hospitals and other health care facilities. Given the specialised nature of this industry, medical sales representatives may have expertise or training in medicine or health-related sciences. They canvass prospective clients by cold calling and sending speculative emails and other communications. Medical sales representatives then talk through the client's needs and pitch solutions to sell to the client to meet those requirements, organising product demonstrations, providing quotations and ultimately negotiating sales contracts. They may also organise and schedule maintenance for devices following a sale.

8. Sales engineer

National average salary: £34,740 per year

Primary duties: Sales engineers work on the sale of technological or scientific products. They look to translate the technical definitions and benefits of these often complex products into a sales pitch that can be presented to prospective clients. As their role involves having a technical understanding of the products, sales engineers often have a background in science, technology or engineering. When approaching clients, sales engineers may work in close collaboration with sales representatives to explain the features, benefits and functions of the product or service being pitched and to field any technical questions.

9. Pharmaceutical sales representative

National average salary: £35,526 per year

Primary duties: Pharmaceutical sales representatives sell pharmaceutical products to doctors and other health care professionals. They approach these professionals with new products, educating them on the function of the products and the benefits of their use for patients. As they interact with medical professionals, it may be advantageous for sales representatives to have a technical understanding of the product they are selling. They also keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the medical products available on the market. As such, pharmaceutical sales representatives may have a background or training in biomedical sciences.

10. Manufacturer's sales representative

National average salary: £36,649 per year

Primary duties: Manufacturer's sales representatives work directly for a manufacturer, presenting and selling their product to prospective clients. They represent the manufacturer as they canvass prospective clients and make new connections via existing clients, cold calling, exploring business directories or attending trade shows and conventions on the manufacturer's behalf.

These sales representatives explain the features and benefits of the manufacturer's product, answer any questions clients may have, negotiate prices and secure sales. Representatives may work for multiple manufacturers, but given the advantages of having in-depth product knowledge, they may specialise in a specific product or product type.

11. Sales manager

National average salary: £38,447 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers are responsible for leading a sales team. They establish sales targets that the team works towards, analyse data on successful sales and client satisfaction, provide and manage training opportunities for team members, motivate the team and generally focus their activity for maximum efficiency. They are also responsible for managing budgets and strategically examining their team's activity to find ways to streamline or improve the sales process.

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12. Commercial sales manager

National average salary: £49,724 per year

Primary duties: Commercial sales managers work in a top-line, strategic way to ensure the growth of a sales business. They work to maintain positive relationships with clients and product vendors, oversee active accounts, manage procurement and hiring of new vendors and contractors and create quotations for prospective customers. Their overall responsibility is to increase sales, so they may question sales teams to get an understanding of their activity, provide guidance, consult on potential new products and make suggestions to increase sales activity.

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13. Sales director

National average salary: £72,083 per year

Primary duties: Sales directors have overall responsibility for all sales activities in a company. They monitor the performance of all departments to ensure that they meet company objectives. They monitor the activity of sales teams, motivating them to reach and exceed sales targets and have ultimate responsibility for the launch of any new products or services. It's also the responsibility of sales directors to draw up good practice information, guidance, policies and procedures and ensure that these are properly disseminated to sales staff.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.‌

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