How to write a job description template

Updated 28 August 2023

Having a job description template can streamline the process of writing a job description. Well-written job descriptions give companies the means of marketing themselves and attracting ideal applicants. Having an organised job description template can ensure that all job postings are accurate and include all of the most important information for each role. In this article, we review what a job description template is, how to form your template and will review both a template and an example for you to follow.

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What is a job description template?

A job description template is an internal document that provides an outline of how to format job descriptions for a company that can be reused for multiple job positions. A job description is a document that states the essential requirements for a position within a company. It lists the duties, skills and expectations of the position clearly. It explains the overall culture and mission statement of the company. A job description should give the reader an understanding of the company's work environment as well as the specifics of the position.

An effective job description balances details with brevity. They also explain the position's place within the company. It helps applicants determine if they are a fit for the position. It gives them an understanding of the work culture, company mission, salary and benefits.

Also, after the company hires the candidate, an appropriate job description holds them accountable if they are not able to follow those requirements. A job description template ensures that all the company's job descriptions include information about the company and the type of candidates it hopes to attract.

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How to create a job description template

Writing a job description is much easier when you have a clear job description template. Here are the steps to follow in order to create a good job description template:

1. Choose an accurate job title

The job title should be clear and use commonly understood language. If your company has a specific language that utilises company-specific terms, translate the titles into something more understandable. However, you want the job title to be specific, so use key phrases that describe the role. Grab the interest of the jobseeker. You should generally keep the job title short and concise at 80 characters or fewer.

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2. Write a clear description

The job description should explain the daily responsibilities of the position. Tell how the position contributes to the overall company mission. Include details about the general working environment such as location and hourly schedule. The job description should portray the company as an interesting and exciting place to work.

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3. Determine the responsibilities of the job

Write a detailed yet concise list of all the responsibilities applicants must perform. Emphasise duties that are unique to the organisation. Help the candidate decide if they have the qualifications to handle the role by listing the primary duties in a bullet list. The responsibilities will change with each job position, so leave blank bullets within your template.

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4. Explain the qualifications

The qualifications, or requirements section, covers education, experience, skills and abilities. Include hard skills such as technical proficiency and certifications. Soft skills consist of leadership and decision-making. Like the responsibilities section, leave blank bullets in your template.

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5. Describe the company's mission

This section highlights the company's mission and values. It will help explain why the applicant should work for the company. Make sure the explanation is thoughtful, intriguing and summarises the average working conditions.

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6. Outline salary and benefits

Salary and benefits are other elements that help your company stand out from similar companies. Possible benefits to list include working hours, remote work and annual leave.

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Job description template

Here is a sample template you can use as a starting point when creating your company's job description template:

Job: [Job Title]

Job description: [Job Title] contributes to [Hiring Company's mission] by [overall daily expectations].

Responsibilities: [Job Title] has the following responsibilities and duties in our company:

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

Qualifications: [Job Title] should have the following skills, education and experience:

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

  • [Qualification]

[Hiring Company's] mission: [Hiring Company] is dedicated to providing [unique product or service] to [target market].

Compensation: [Hiring Company] will provide the following compensation:

  • Salary

  • Healthcare benefits

  • Pension

  • Insurance benefits

  • Other benefits

Job description example

Here is an example of what a job description might look like:

Job: Manufacturing Engineer

Job description: Manufacturing engineers help grow the reputation and strength of Allied System Solutions by developing and leading improvement initiatives on existing products. They also work on the creation of new products. They must use PPI methodology and other techniques to deliver results to clients on time and under budget.

Responsibilities: A manufacturing engineer's primary responsibilities include:

  • Working in a team on multi-functional projects, occasionally taking the lead when necessary

  • Fixing manufacturing issues in a timely manner

  • Sharing best practices and knowledge with other team members across departments

  • Understanding metric analyses and how to use this data to improve future projects

  • Writing and performing validation of equipment

  • Working with clients and understanding their project specifications

  • Assisting and advising on the development of new products they are not directly responsible for

  • Recommending new equipment when necessary

  • Monitoring the skills of their team and recommending training when necessary

  • Mentoring other teammates and helping them develop and improve their skills


  • Minimum of 4 GCSEs, including Maths and English, along with a Higher National Certificate in Engineering

  • At least 1-year experience working in a machining facility

  • Ability to work to tight deadlines with minor supervision from management

  • Experience with CAD software such as SketchUp and AutoCAD

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Excellent communication skills, specifically with clients

  • Exceptional organisation skills and time management

  • The ability to work with a variety of people

  • Understanding of basic IT software

  • Ability to expose and solve problems in the manufacturing process

Allied System Solutions mission: Allied Systems Solutions is a rapidly growing company focused on excellence in existing manufacturing technologies. We aim to create alternative methods that set the standard for the industry. We want employees that are excited to grow with the company and find fresh ways to innovate every day. We are searching for talented individuals to help us in our mission, and the company will provide an exciting and challenging career path.

Compensation: Allied System Solutions provides the following compensation and benefits to its employees:

  • Company pension scheme

  • Starting salary of 32,000 GBP

  • Company car scheme

  • On-site gym

  • Generous annual leave allowance

Frequently asked questions about job description templates

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about job description templates:

How should I structure my job description template?

Make the job description template easy to scan and understand by dividing it into short sections. Utilise bullet points within these sections to improve readability. Make sure that the most important details of the company and the position stand out clearly.

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Can I use the same job description template for every position?

Use the job description template as a starting point for every job description. Make sections like the company mission statement and general benefits the same for each job posting. Closely review each section for accuracy as well as for common errors.

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How specific should the job description be?

Your job description should provide a clear and accurate description of the position. Just make it scannable for jobseekers. Break down complicated or lengthy descriptions into multiple bullet points for easy reading.

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How long should the job description be?

The job description should be between 300-700 words long. Any shorter and the job description may not provide enough information; make it longer, and it may be hard for jobseekers to quickly scan it.

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How do I make the job description attractive to applicants?

An attractive job description sells the job to applicants as a unique and exciting opportunity. You want to attract the best applicants. You can achieve this by focusing on the specific benefits, work experience and overall company culture the applicants will have by joining the company. If allowed by your company, you can also add photos that highlight the more personal aspects of the job.

Disclaimer: The model shown is for illustration purposes only, and may require additional formatting to meet accepted standards.

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